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Monday, 11 January 2010
Because of constant admonishment that I don't properly understand the "Tea Party Movement" from one of my conservative friends, I continue to read tea party sites and look at tea party videos, and just get more confused.


Here is one of the Tea PArty Hero guys, Sheriff Arpaio. If you read the tea party sites that support him, you will learn that he is a Tea Party Hero because he will stop at nothing to rid our country of the communist Mexican invasion conspiracy that wants to give us swine flu, take our jobs, guns, and bibles, and leave us with nothing but piles of brown babies on Welfare. (for my tone-deaf liberal friends, that is sarcasm)

He won't let the commie pinko liberal nazi atheist Maoist conspiracy that says he abuses his power stop him. Yeay Teabagger power! W007!

OK, so then you have another Tea Party Hero, the Reverand Steven Anderson. Shepherd of the flock at Faithful Word Babtist Church in Tempe AZ. Anderson stands up for "real" men who stand up to pee as God dictates in his holy word, the Bible, and also prays that Barak Obama (who, he mentions will be in town the next day, in case anyone missed it) will die and go to hell soon, as God says he deserves.

But that's not why Anderson has been invited to speak at Tea Parties, and is the focus of numerous Tea Party

Anderson is a Tea Party Hero because he "stood up to" the liberal fascist commie nazi pinko power structure, and he won't let tools of the liberal fascist commie nazi pinko athiests like Arpaio push him around*.


Yep. Exactly.

But obviously, the reason I don't understand how one upstart movement that represents the sane majority of Americans can be it's own enemy, is because I am a commie liberal nazi fascist pink atheist who wants to take away guns and Bibles and give you the swine flu.
*I have to reiterate here what I have said numerous times on my Face Book page.  that what happened to Pastor Anderson should never have happened to anyone. I have compassion for his wounds and for the indignity and violence that he suffered, and nobody should have to suffer that way. I'm glad that he can go to court and get recourse from the same government that he claims denies him freedom and justice.
I also oppose his message that in a biblical nation homosexuals would be "killed like animals", and the same compassion that says he should not have been tased and beaten requires me to oppose him when he preaches that his fellow citizens should be dragged into the street and stoned to death beacuse they violate his religious beliefs.
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