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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ben is back and blogging!  Whoot!

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Tuesday, 07 July 2009

James Linzey: "Stomp Them Out!" from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.


But that's not the best of it.  You gotta read the article below.  Amazing.  The man has a head full of NutterButters.


James Linzey:  Firehose of crazy.



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Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Pat Buchanan offered some old creationist chestnuts up again for the consumption of the gullible masses. (link found at Pharyngula)


1)      He claims that Karl Marx loved Darwin.  Here’s a good treatment of that claim.
(link found at

2)      He claims that Adolph Hitler loved Darwin.

This is an interesting claim, since the only references to “evolution” in Hitler’s writings are clearly in opposition to Darwin, and instead embrace Paley (distinct species created at the beginning of creation, and only able to modify a small amount, but no speciation) Lamarck (inherited acquired traits, along with purposeful striving for higher forms) and Linnaeus (the assumption that more complex forms have a higher moral value, and are judged “worthy to exist”).  If Hitler loved Darwin so much, how come his every use of the term “evolution” rejected Darwin’s mechanism, and instead embraced the mechanisms of Darwin’s defeated predecessors?  How come he mocked ideas based on Malthus and Darwin as the ideas of a “dear little ape-god” who would be punished by God for such unnatural ideas? 

3)      He also claims that Darwin stole his ideas from Wallace.  Here is what Wallace has to say about that.   (link found at Pharyngula)

4)      There’s a whole bunch of other claims mopped up at Pharyngula if you want to go through the whole tedious litany of creationist dishonesty.

But what I find funny is Buchanan’s attempts to paint his political opponents as Nazis.  Seems to me that Buchanan had some things to say about Nazi David Duke in the ‘90’s...lesseee, what was that?

Oh yeah:

1991: "David Duke is busy stealing from me. I have a mind to go down there and sue that dude for intellectual property theft."

- Manchester, NH Union Leader, December 15, 1991

"Take a hard look at Duke's portfolio of winning issues and expropriate those not in conflict with GOP principles, [such as] reverse discrimination against white folks." (syndicated column, 2/25/89)

I guess that Pat Buchanan, the guy who opposed hunting down Nazi war criminals, the guy who is notoriously anti-Israel, who edges ever-closer to Holocaust denial every year, whose nativist screeds are practically a translation of Mein Kampf into middle American English, and the guy who has repeatedly made admiring statements about Hitler and who pals around with American Neo-Nazis, talks on their radio shows, and shares most of their issues has a problem with Darwin.  Not surprising, since Hitler hated Darwin too.

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