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Saturday, 29 November 2008

First things first:  the turkey was delicious.  I made bleuberry and pumpkin pies, pea salad and calico beans.  My in-laws made the Turkey, the potatoes, and the stuffing.  There was much rejoicing.  Rocky and I took a moon-light walk along the lake with the dog.  We also went for a day-light walk along the lake with the dog and Grasshopper.

I climbed out on a tree over-hanging the lake.  Grasshopper reacted thusly:  "MOM!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!  That's stupid, and crazy and DANGEROUS!  I wanna do it!"  So he did, of course.  That's the WHOLE POINT of bringing kids up to the countryside, so they can get a taste of the crazy, stupid and dangerous stuff that kids are supposed to do. 

 We were up north-ish visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving.  I sort of miss the small-town life sometimes.  I somewhat miss being able to just jaunt on down to the gravel-pit and shoot some cans, or being able to build a bonfire just however frickin’ big you want to build it without the pesky fire-marshal getting involved…not having to mess around with tricky, arbitrary ordinances whenever you want to do a bit of home-improvement or build a garden shed or a pole-barn or whatever.

 But then I occasionally have occasion to interact with people who live in said small towns, and I say “Oh yeah…” and my madness is cut short.

Well, like I said, we were visiting my in-laws, and we were in Rocky’s hometown because his mother loves a parade.  In particular, she loves to see her grandkids at a parade jumping up-and-down and getting excited about the floats, and running out to grab candy, etc etc.

 Some of you know that my Mother-in-law isn’t well.  She’s fighting cancer and related ailments; but she is tough and determined to get every bit of fun and joy out of life that she can. 

 This parade we were going to is a “fish-house parade”  It happens every year, the day after Thanksgiving, and it has become a bit of a family tradition for us to go see it.  It is a gloriously goofy, kitschy, hick sort of event.  People turn their fish-houses into floats, and dress up and do all sorts of silly stunts.

For instance, the area volunteer fire-fighters were pulled along a parade route in a hot-tub filled with ice-water.  They were wearing water-proof suits, but still…whoa.  That had to be cold.

 Anyway, we showed up early and snagged one of the handicapped parking spots, as my mother-in-law cannot spend a lot of time in the cold, or standing on the street.  She really needs to stay in the vehicle.  We got pretty much the last spot.  It was the same spot we’ve had the last couple of years, right near the beginning of the route.

 I saw a couple of chairs sitting on the side-walk, but didn’t think anything of it.  That part of the street had been designated as Handicapped parking.  Any reasonable person, when they realized their mistake, would move somewhere else.

 Silly me.  Naturally, the guy that the chairs belonged to felt the need to stand right in front of my in-laws van with his brood, obstructing my Mother-in-Law’s view.  The guy’s three kids were aggressive little urchins who scooped up every scrap of candy thrown their direction, and then, they ran down the way and also tried to snatch up all of the candy thrown toward Grasshopper.  Not that I was worried about Grasshopper getting candy, ‘cause lord knows, we can buy him plenty of candy…but it’s the fun of getting it that is the important part.

 My Father-in-law asked the guy politely twice to move out of the way so that they could see the parade, but the guy kept drifting back in front of their line of sight…and he was holding the youngest of the kids so that he was an extra obstruction.

 Finally, I asked Rocky if he would go and ask the guy to move down toward the back of the van, rather than standing in front of it.  The guy bristled like he was going to start something, but just as he started to realize how big Rocky is, Rocky’s Dad got out of the van.

“Is there a problem?”

The guy started to get up in Rocky’s dad’s face yelling about how he parked right in front of his chairs.  Anyone who’s ever met my father-in-law could have told him that was a bad idea.

You know how some people are just QUIET?  Like, the stiller and more focused and more quiet they get, the more you feel a certain need to be on the correct side of them?  Well, apparently this guy didn’t get that.

It took several minutes longer than it would take someone with half a brain for the guy to realize he was out of his depth.  My Father-in-law was calm, laser-focused, and exuded a steely confidence that you really, really shouldn’t ignore.

The redneck idiot was all-over the place, twitching and shifty-eyed, leaning forward, off balance, his physical movement and posture betraying no sense of discipline or training, or even a shred of mental focus...

 “What are you going to do about it?”  I heard the man ask.

“Well, for one thing, I’ll call the police, and they can sort this out.”

“I’ve got a cell phone right here”  Said Rocky, pulling it out and handing it to his dad.

“Well.  I’ve got one too.”  Says the redneck.

“Go ahead and use it.” Says Rocky,  “It should be interesting to see what happens.”

“This spot is designated for handicapped parking,” I say, “you don’t have any grounds.”

 Rednecked idiot has decided that he’s not getting anywhere with the big dude, or the old dude, so he decides to get up in my face next:

 “I don’t care, you got it?  I DON’T CARE.”

 I just smirked at him.  I can see there’s not even any sense in pointing out that the facts don’t change whether he cares or not.  He’s wrong.  He can care or not care, but if he pushes this, he’s going to lose.  I guess I was a typical liberal elitist, looking down on the poor stupid guy who just wanted to wish away inconvenient truths like Handicapped Parking signs.


 I watched the reality sink in as he watched my Father-in-law on the phone, though.

Rednecked idiot slunk away, and took his ill-mannered brood with him.

 The saddest thing is, though, I think the whole thing spoiled my mother-in-law’s enjoyment of the parade.  She put a good face on it, but it made me sad, too.  Because there ARE some fun things about small town life, but for every wholesome, fun, family event, there is some ignorant, self-centered, anti-handicapped-parking redneck asshole who wants to shit all over it.

And worst of all, here I am with just a little bit of an edge from being ready to get my fight on, and Kung Fu has been cancelled for Thanksgiving weekend.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

So I was over a Pharyngula reading a very entertaining piece that handed Deepak Chopra, the rap master of woo, his butt.  (again)

I was reading the comments and enjoying the science-nerd pile-on when suddenly THIS lept out at me:

"Hmmm... Now I know where the really bad, sciency sounding dialog for the character Mohindar Suresh in Heroes comes from."

Dan misses some very important points in this comment:


1) Mohinder Suresh is smokin' hot (see exhibit "A"), and Deepak Chopra is NOT (see exhibit "B").


2)  Mohinder Suresh is a fictional character in a story that specifically suspends the laws of science so that the world can work very differently than it actually does...and to that end there is a need to supply enough technobabble to drum you into a state we call "suspension of disbelief"...whereas Deepak Copra is a real person that is creating a story that specifically suspends the laws of science so that the world can work very differently than it actually does, and to that end there is a need to supply enough technobabble to drum you into a state we call "suspension of disbelief". This will cause you to pay lots of money for him to tell you his pretty pretty story about how you can live forever and be healthy the whole time.

3)Until recently, Mohinder Suresh was a character of unfailing moral fortitude selflessly working to redeem his father's life-work, discover the truth, and benefit all of humanity...and Deepak Chopra writes lots and lots of stuff about what he thinks science doesn't know, and provides PZ Myers with many, many opportunities to point out that just because Mr. Chopra doesn't know how something happens, that doesn't mean that SCIENCE doesn't know how it happens.


4)  Mohinder Suresh's use of eyeliner is organic, subtle, and alluring.  Deepak Chopra's use of eyeliner is heavy, harsh and scary.


5) So, in summation:  LEAVE MOHINDER ALONE!  Thank you, and I rest my case.


Exhibit "A":

(Image from here)

Exhibit "B":

(image from this site)

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Monday, 24 November 2008

Hah!  In yer face Ronin!  You flat, featurless, thoughtless lump of of lumpy manliness!  Now, if you want an Earth girl, go out and get a personality.



'cause Rodney schooled you!



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Sunday, 23 November 2008

When self-lobotomized educated people clash with people who never developed their brains at all:

I'll never be able to respect Ben Stein again...but at least he can still be entertaining:



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Saturday, 22 November 2008

OK, I'll concede that John Shepard is esthetic enough...



But sexy? Nah... McKay has some off-putting features, but he's much MUCH more interesting. His flaws have become endearing. I realize, that I havn't always felt that way. On his own, I'd say he's got potential...But...slashed with Shepherd?? Pleese. 


But then there's Carson:  Rowr.  He wins my sexy award for the Atlantis male cast.  Too bad he's more-or-less dead.



And then there's "the kiss"...seems I'll have to wait in line...



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Friday, 21 November 2008

I think the Ori have slipped one of their Priors undercover as a Democrat in the Oklahoma government...


Here's what she's up to...

But to be fair, that is probably a really bad picture, and she has now claimed that she was just woolgathering when she made the comments. And there's no evidence I can find of her preaching Origin...

[Update:  She says it was a joke.]

(Hat Tip: Erudite Redneck)

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Are the Democrats really going to give the Chairmanship of the Homeland Security Comittee to Joe Lieberman?


This Joe Lieberman?





While I admire Sen Lieberman's comittment to and passion for the safety and security of one of our long-time friends and allies...I question his judgement and the form that comittment and passion are taking (the Lieberman stuff starts arouond 5.25)

Then again, maybe the lingering creeping sensation oozing it's way up and down my spine is just a reaction to the liturgical dancers - *shudder*.

Update:  Doh!  Rocky tells me that he already HAd the Comittee, and they decided to let him keep it (yesterday).  Oh well.  Lieberman still weirds me out, and the idea of him running that committee creeps me out a little.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

To come up with an unimaginable litany of corruption from the Bush administration...

But Roxeanne de Luca predicts that an Obama presidency will far exceed even our current level of what we consider to be imaginable corruption.


Let's play a fun game.  Let's list all of the corruption we can think of in the Bush administraion, just so we can know where to set the bar for Obama. 

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Monday, 17 November 2008

If nothing else, Obama has made it easier to be an American overseas.

Rocky and I were just in Spain.

From our hotel window on the 10th floor of the AC Barcelona on Diagonal Ave, we could see this:

(although, from that angle, it looked like a characature of Richard Prior...this is a much better perspective)

Here's the story:

If you read it, you will see that originally, it was intended to question the out-sized expectations and exceitment that is Obamamania.

You will also see that the creator of the piece is an Obama "fan"...but a cautious one.  Remembering that he is just a man.

The right has tried to inflate him to some out-sized anti-Christ, saying somehow he will march down our streets and collect our guns and Bibles, and have his Kenyan relatives put a witch -curse on us.

Some in the left seem to have forgotten that most of his campaign promises came with a "we will" in front of them, not an "I will".

But for one week I enjoyed walking around in Spain getting friendly smiles and thumbs-ups from strangers saying "Obama!".  Having strangers tell me over beer that America has a history of doing things that no other country would do, and now once again, we have done something that no other country would do, and it is good.

It was described to me as a return to greatness, a rise in the moral mandate of America in the world...a leader (America) showing the way into a better future.  It could have been the beer, but this recent election was spoken of with admiration and happiness to me by British, Norwegian and Spanish people.  They couldn't stop telling me about how great America was (and is), though they were a little worried about us for a while there.

A waitress with no English at all tried to give me a newspaper with Obama on the cover, announcing his election.  Everywhere I went, people asked me how I voted.  Even though Obama was not my first choice way back at the beginning, I was happy to be able to say I voted for him...but when the hype dies down, I hope that people remember how he talked about how this was going to be difficult, and not everyone would be happy with every decision, and how we were going to have to do it together, and something would be asked of all of us, and it would be more than just "take a trip to Disney World" or "buy yourself a flat-screened TV for Christmas."

(BTW, does everyone remember when the conservative perscription to fix the economy was "go out and buy stuff"...and now suddenly it's the liberals' fault that people were buying too much damn stuff?  What is up with that?)

Update #1 courtesy of Alan:

Speaking of going forward and not going back, vote with your wallet!  You can go here to find out which businesses and business owners contributed money to pass "Proposition 8".  In this way, you can then decide if you want your money to go to a business that will take some of the profits and turn it into funding for a divided, unequal America.

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Friday, 07 November 2008

Thought this would be good...


So you can use the comments here as an open thread.  Keep it clean (ish).  Don't hurt people. 

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Given the chest-beating going on over in Russia right now...I thought a little distraction would be nice:

Roxeanne had a contest over at Haemet.  The idea was to do a summary of that would happen in a Barak Obama presidency using the two cows” economic model.

You know(quote from Haemet follows in italics): 

Democrat: You have two cows.  Your neighbor has none.  You feel guilty for being successful.  You push for higher taxes so the government can provide cows for everyone.

Republican: You have two cows.  Your neighbor has none.  So?

Socialist: You have two cows.  The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.  You form a cooperative to tell him how to manage his cow.


            Mine was a little long, so I trimmed it somewhat over there.  I’m not happy with the shorter version though so I thought I would post it here and invite you to come up with your own.  Also, you could do a “Palin” model (McCain’s probably would have ended up being fine, he would have gotten some sensible advisors and not done any of the hair-brained things he said in the campaign…until they killed him to make her president)


American capitalism actually seems to work a lot more like this:
You have two cows, but the distributer for your area doesn’t want to do business with low-volume suppliers anymore, so they tell you that you’d better increase your herd. In order to do so, you issue an IPO and sell stock in your cows, use it to increase your heard (using the bull method would take too long).
Through hard work and careful management, you build up a modest farm that is able to compete.
But then one day you endorse a candidate that some right-wing bunch of nuts doesn’t like, and they organize a boycott. Your board forces you to resign, as well as probably forces you to sell your stock, and you walk away without your cows. You have to get a crappy plumber job working for a guy named Joe who can’t stop telling you how great it will be when he finally is making a quarter of a million dollars and can finally benefit from the Bush tax cuts (it's working for Joe that makes the job crappy...not the actual work which is essential and respectable).

(at least, that’s what happened to this guy…well, not the working for Joe the plumber part):


Under a Barak Obama presidency, you have two cows. You get a tax cut that helps you re-invest on your own and build up your herd. The much larger competitors and the distributor who were getting enormous tax breaks get their tax breaks rolled back, and have to pay a little more. They decide that they should pare down their business overhead somewhat, because they were using their tax breaks to maximize short-term profits and move as much of their operations as they could out of the country rather than actually investing in the stability of their businesses (or hiring workers) and now they want to trim the fat a little.  You are able to buy more cows from them at an advantageous price. You are beholden to no one and can make your own business and personal decisions.

Your competitors don’t mind too much, because their overseas businesses profits are safe from taxation in an account in the Canary Islands and they just have to wait until they get a Republican president in the White House again to declare another “job-building tax amnesty” when they can bring that money home tax free and use it to pay the expenses of “repositioning” more jobs and assets overseas…and buying a few nice things here for themselves.

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Thursday, 06 November 2008

Do you guys realize that the wacky fundies various anti-gay-rights-people of California (and the checkbooks of people around the country) may (I don't know at this point if Prop 8 passed or not for sure) have put their courts (which they don't trust at all) in charge of defining gender?


Marriage is to be defined as "between a man and a woman".  This is something that cannot always be said to be easily determined...even by genetics.


Messy.  Very messy.  True, it's not a large percentage of the people affected...but it DOES affect people, and adds a degree of difficulty that frankly, I don't really think they need.


For instance, between 1 in 500 and 1,000 people are affected by Klinefelter's syndrome. (xxy chromosome)


Turner syndrome affects about 1 in 2000 people. (only one x Chromosome, lacking the second, completely or partially)


The state of Minnesota defined gender for deer by simply stating that if it has horns, it's a matter what it's sex organs are.  And Im sure that's all very well and good if you are merely filling out a tag on a game animal.  After all, the whole point of the "it's got horns, its a buck" definition is a matter of convenience and expediency.  It is easier to spot horns through a scope at a distance over the grass/brush than it is to try to spot determine plumbing which is difficult to spot even when not obscured by groundcover.


Such simplistic expediency-based judgements on humans are not acceptable in a legal setting dealing with people, and their legal ability to enter into a socially supported contract of love and fidelity.


With people, I think we should be a little more careful...and it is staggering to me that something that used to be a matter of subjective perception so basic to identity is likely going to be a constitutional matter in California...and all just to deny marriage equality.


More info:

Does having a "Y" chromosome make you a man?

What does intersex have to do with the marriage equality debate?

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Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Now that we have all come together, Democrats, Moderates, Independents, and elected a president that speaks to is time to decide to stay united.  To commit to it, and to realize who benefits when we fight amongst ourselves.

Take a listen to David Duke addressing his faithful followers about the Obama presidency. (you have to click on the "MP3") He says that it is "time to stand up and fight, now."

Between Joe the Plumber howling about how Obama is the assured destruction of Israel...and David Duke howling about how Obama is the servant/tool of Israel...

You can hear the truth.  Neither of these guys (Joe or Dave) want a secure Israel at peace with her neighbors.  To them, Israel is not a potential partner in peace someday, a friend whose prosperity we can celebrate when the goal of peaceful co-existence is finally realized.

It is a tool to them.  A wedge, a threat, a bludgeon, a cudgel…or worse in the cases of the apocalypse-ready like Palin and her crowd…an important pawn in the endgame of the total destruction of the world.

I hope that Obama sees Israel as I do…as a nation that has problems to solve and a hard road to walk towards a peace that seems sometimes like it’ll never come…but something to strive for.

It’s on that ever-shrinking list of things we say we believe is possible, but don’t really think will ever happen…

…you know, like the cold war ending, the Berlin wall crumbling, an African-American president of the United States.

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, maybe not in the next four years, but…

Yes, we can!

And David Duke can pull his Nazi arm-band out of the closet, dust it off, starch it real good, fold it until it is all sharp corners and…well…

Update:  Roxeanne's not too happy either...and if the Obama/Biden ticket in my reality bore any resemblance to the Obama/Biden ticket in her reality...I wouldn't be either.  Fortunatly, my reality doesn't rest on a few cherry-picked facts shown with the lights off and a flashlight tucked under their chins.  And fortunatly, in my world, a gain in equality for one person is a gain in equality for all.  (plus, I don't recall any black people whining about how women were being jumped ahead of when the first major-ticket female VP candidate was put forward before any major-ticket black VP candidate.  there may have been some, but I didn't hear about them)

The timeing of milestones might be different, but the gains are of benefit to all of us.  Squabbeling over order is petty.  And feeling sorry for Hillary Clinton is like feeling sorry for the Eagle that missed the fish.

In the mean-time, we've got more work to  A couple of days to celebrate and yell that America is great is not too much to ask.  Yes, we have more to do.  Prop 8 is waiting for our attention, for instance.

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Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Dear Barak,

Great kid!!!  Don't get cocky!!

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Monday, 03 November 2008

CEO forced out of position with gun company that bears his name.

Basically, the guy made a donation to Obama and publically supported Obama, so a bunch of nutty gun-wackos organized a boycott of his company to force him to resign as CEO and possibly, he might have to sell his shares to save the company and protect his employees.


Sure, he has a right to endorse whoever he wants, and the mob of goons has a right to organize a boycott if they don't like who he chooses...

...but WTF?  Why the heck SHOULD they?  It's just useless meanness.  Obama's record on guns is OK.  It isn't perfect, he's soft on assault rifles.  So I can see if you really, really, really want to have an assault rifle and you don't want to have to have a collector's license in order to own one, it matters to you if he gets elected.  Seriously, is it worth threatening a whole company, a guy's livelihood, and the livelihoods of nearly forty people because you don't want to have to buy a collector's license to own an assault rifle?

It's just senseless, stupid, mean, herd mentality.

The fact that many sportsmen scorn no-skill-half-wits who need an assault rifle to bring down a deer has made them anathema to the gun lobby.  The NRA and related thug operations have been cutting the nose off of second amendment defense to spite its face, and they are eventually going to pay the penalty.

Sensible people with guns are leaving them or being thrown out.  And eventually, they'll be out in the cold where they belong...and good riddance.

Oh, and the company that asked Cooper to leave?  Apparently they put up a statement claiming that he also gave money to McCain, and only gave money to Obama to defeat Hillary...but then took it down later.  The article says there is no indication that Cooper gave any money to McCain.  Lovely.  Anyone want to take bets on the longevity of a company with that kind of leadership at the helm?

They'll be regretting turning on Cooper before the shouting is over about this election, I'll bet.

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Talk about unhinged...

American Flag
At an Ohio campaign stop last week Obama gave a speech with a background of American flags which is quite common. However, if you look closely some of the flags are not American flags. The blue field has been changed to show an Obama seal. Yes, there are also stars but have no pattern and they do not add up to 50.

With Obama making his own seal and now this it looks like maybe he is putting some credence to the recent article by Stanley Kurtz in the National Review. Is he planning on creating an African county within the US.

I think the presence of these flags should be viewed with alarm. And I don't want to hear any looney left comments that they are only decoration. They ARE a modification of the American Flag.


Yes...let's not hear any excuses from the "loony left" about how these flags are not a sign that Obama is planning to create an African nation within the US...I guess the "Real Americans" over at have us over a barrel guys.  They have exposed the ancient liberal plot that is Ohio...



We can haz votes now?

(Hat Tip:  Majikthise, and Erudite Redneck)

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This is pretty much what I hear when I hear Coleman, Franken, and Barkley debate:



Coleman:  "Franken, the things I say you'll do as U.S. Senator are despicable!"

Franken:  "Coleman, the things you did as U.S. Senator are despicable!"

Barkley:  " negative."


Coleman:  "You made mistakes on your taxes!"

Franken:  "You've got some donor problems!"

Coleman:  "Leave my wife alone!"

Barkley:    "Tut-tut.  You'll excuse me while I sit here and smirk."


Me:   "AAARrgghhh!!   Shut it off!  Shut it off!"



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Sunday, 02 November 2008

Apparently, the NARN have radio...and they are allies of the Ori.

Actually, it sort of figures.  The Narn always were overly religious and overly drawn to power.

What next?  The BORG?  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry...there's a whole lot of TV you'd have to watch in order to figure it out.)


So in other news...

Fashion tip:  The crazy "pisseth against a wall" preacher's wife disses Michelle Obama for wearing a sweats outfit.  Apparently, the Dems should spend $150,000 playing dress-up-Barbie like the Republicans...instead of trying to lead the country.

This from a lady who will marry and reproduce five times with a man who will yell the word "piss" from the pulpit...and who thinks God cares if your knees are bent or not when you pee...ooooh  THAT'S gotta burn.

Make a note people...the Ori do not like knit fabrics.

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Saturday, 01 November 2008




The little girls making the racist Monkey comments are especially "REAL AMERICA"



Asked if a woman should have to pay for her own rape kit, the crowd responds with "She should die!" and "She should pay double!". Also, they yell "Get a job" at the Obama supporters...which is hilarious, unless all of the McCain/Palin supporters are on the McCain payroll...



Check out American Gothic chick...


And remember its not about racism...they just think he's a monkey.



Those FOX news commentators are SOoooo Funny...haa haa assassination, isn't that so funny?



Update:  Actually,  The lady above DID offer a public apology, and it seems sincere enough, so there is that.  I just wish that more poeple could do this.




It's very easy, in the heat of things, to say something glib in a moment of hyperbole and not realize it's full import until later.  I can respect that she can come back and recant her words.

Update 2:  Joe Biden says we have to "reach out" to these people.  Jesus.  He's right.  That sux.  OK, Joe, I'll try.  At least when they bite me on the hand, I can be assured of health care.


Update 3:  A Small Penguin brings a video of Muslim and Christian McCain supporters (peacfully) confronting bigoted jerk-wads.  The bigoted jerk-wads decide to leave.




Then again, some people are just jerks...the lady has a right to give candy to whoever she wants...but geeze...that's just plain ugly...





(Hat TIp:  Jason Bock and other places)

Saturday, 01 November 2008 23:49:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [5] | #

Attention Gamers!!


Christian Children's Fund does NOT WANT YOUR money.  So don't send it to them.


Gamers at GenCon raised $17,000 for Gary Gyax's favorite charity, and it was turned down.


Now, we want to be socially concious, open-minded liberals here, and we wouldn't want to insult or demean Christian Children's Fund by giving them any dirty gamer money without their knowing it.  It just wouldn't be right.


I've heard from people that Oxfam is an excellent charity that also helps children around the world, and they would probably take money from you, even if they knew you were a gamer.  In case you were wondering what happend to the money rejected by was accepted by Fisher House   a charity that helps millitary families by providing "Ronald McDonald"-style houses for families to stay in while their loved-one is hospitalized in a VA or other millitary hospital.


I wonder if the good folks over at Christian Children's fund have ever had to have a blood transfusion and had to live with the creeping horror that they might have recieved demonic blood from one of the millions of pints of blood donated at fan conventions over the years?


Alternatively, I suppose you could be subversive and still send to Christian Children's fund, and then later send them an anonymous card saying that you are a gamer, and they should pray over all of the checks they get to figure out which one has the devil in it and needs to be rejected...but DON"T just send them a card and no money but lie and say you did...that would be wrong.  Even dirty gamers know that. 


The upside would be that you would still be able to give money and help the children who rely on CCF and should not be punished for the "morals" of their supposed benefactors.


Update #1:  Plan USA has also been recommended, and they have a similar "child sponsorship" program to CCF.

Update #2:  It has been implied that my post is a call for communism.  So I'd just like to point out that it isn't communism to inform people that a charity they might be contributing to as part of their identity as gamers actually spits on that identity and finds it so objectionable that it won't take their money if it becomes public knowledge that they were the source.

Well..unless my history professors skipped the part in the Communist Manifesto where Marx said that access to information in private giving is communist...

Update #3 Is anyone else getting dizzy trying to keep up with the various things that have suddenly become "Communist" in the past eight years?

(Hat TIp: Pharyngula)


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