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Sunday, 31 August 2008

So today I went and waited in line to get signatures.  I don't usually do that, 'cause it just isn't my thing.


I know that Bob would like a signed photo of Nathan Fillion, and my kids would like to get a picture of Alan Tudik.

So I stood in line and when I got to Nathan Fillion, he looked at the slip of paper which told him who to personalize it.  He asked "Where's Bob?"

I said:  "He's in Minneapolis Minnesota."

Nathan said "Why isn't BOB here?"

I said "He's got stuff to do."

Nathan:  "On a Sunday?"

Suffice to say that Nathan kept asking questions 'til he basically had a summary of Bob's life story as far as I know it.  He wishes you well, Bob.  And there's a nice signed photo of Nathan on it's way home to you.

I told Alan Tudic the story of how Grasshopper needed to take a few minutes alone in his room to collect himself after viewing Serenity.  He was really gracious and sweet.

I expected that they would be pleasant and polite but efficient and keep the line moving.  I never expected them to take extra time to draw someone out and have a real converseation.

It was nice.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

While I am busy having a non-stop life, here is something for you to chew on from over at Pharyngula.

The first part does not surprise or bother me.  The Interfaith Alliance is a big warm-fuzzy circle-jerk of ecumenical self-congradulation, whose sole claim to identity is that it is made up of people who all believe together, different seperate things.  The core is that they BELIEVE.  It is not surprising that they would refuse to allow someone to speak who does not share their belief in the power of non-falsifiable primary assumptions.

They've got a private club with one rule.  The fact that there is only one rule makes that rule the most important.  You can't join their club if you violate that one rule.  Seems simple and straightforward enough.

Stupid, but straightforward - and perfectly within their rights.

I have to say, I like the Interfaith Alliance.  Whenever the local interfaith alliance takes the stage at local public gatherings, it brings a smile to my face.  Only in America can so many different people from so many different traditions get together in public and form what looks like a hobbeling, ever-mutating amorphous, multi-legged blob.  It's fun to watch them all shuffle aimlessly in the same direction with a genial, collegial air of friendly irrelevance.  More fun than watching their counterparts slaughter each other in other parts of the world.

But let's face it, it's cute and all, but what thinking person would want to join it?  And honestly, who would get all worked up about not being allowed to join it?

The second part is troubleing, but also not surprising if anyone has been following law-enforcement issues in the state of Colorado.  What?  Fascism in Denver?  Tell me something new.

The DNC is getting the heat for this, but frankly, there's nothing going on in Denver with the DNC there that wouldnt be happening if they weren't.  The only difference is the scale.

A little housekeeping:  I am aware that I missed P.O.M.M. this week, and haven't announced the winner from last week.  I've been swamped with travel and out-of-town guests.  I'll catch ya next week.


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Friday, 22 August 2008

One of the fundie blogs I read had a link to this article.

Here, the author uses a single article (which does no original research) to conclude that The vaccination against the HPV is not only not necessary, but also very likely ineffective.  The person then implies some unspecified dark and foreboding threat to the effect that “the left” (apparently, we’re organized, would someone please send a copy of our agenda to our politicians in Congress?  They seem to have lost theirs.)

First, about the implications of a dark and lurk-y agenda on the left for inoculating all girls by age 12; AND the objection that it won’t do anything about the virus spawning new forms of vaccine-resistant virus.

The second objection answers the first.  The virus can only create mutated versions of itself if it reproduces.  It can only reproduce if it infects someone.  If there is no-one to infect, viola!  No new forms of the cancer-causing virus.  Small pox is an example.  Eradication techniques were not limited to reaching critical levels of herd immunity, but it was the center piece of the effort.

Another objection (#3)is that the vaccine might not provide life-long immunity.  In other words…you might need a booster shot.  HORRORS!  I guess we should eliminate all shots where you need a booster from the mandatory shot list.

Another objection (#4)is that there are several strains of the virus, and the strains that this vaccine covers  might take over its ecological niche, and become cancer-causing and ubiquitous.

Well, if we are going to allow the fact that some other virus might eventually come to make us sick if we treat the ones that are making us sick right now, we might as well just give up on all of them.  There’s always another virus.  Where are all of the fundamentalists railing against flu shots?  You have to take one EVERY YEAR to benefit, after all, and sometimes you still get the flu.

Objection #5 is that it is expensive.  You think a shot is expensive?  Try cancer.  A good friend of mine has recently completed a fairly modest and standard treatment for breast cancer (lumpectomy, radiation, Tamoxifen).  She has insurance, but the costs that she was still responsible for would have wiped out many families.

Cancer is incredibly expensive in terms of individual expenses, lost worker productivity, and as a burden on the health system (no matter if it is a public system or a private system, the cost is ultimately born by all of us…weather we all pay for everyone, or if we price ourselves out of our ability to pay through competing for available resources).  It is very resource-intensive to treat.  If we want to make it affordable to treat the people who WILL get sick, we have to first stop people getting sick wherever possible.

Objection #6 isn’t in this article, but it has come up in some others: women will stop getting pap smears.  That seems unlikely.  Pap smears are a standard part of the yearly exam, which also includes a manual check for breast cancer, and ovarian cancer, among other things.  Both of these are amply scary enough to keep women coming back year after year.  Not to mention that the yearly exam usually includes non-reproductive general health checks.  Do people think that just because women lower their risk of cervical cancer by a significant margin, they will think their heart is just fine too? Bah, humbug.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

If more or even most gun-defense stories ended this way, I'd be more pro-gun-defense.


The gun owner was responsible, restrained, and lucky.


Notice that she ended up having to walk right past the intruder to get the gun.  If he allowed her to walk right past him, she could just as easily have left and gone for help.  To me, probably the only people vigilant enough to have the gun with them at all times (and thus, when they need it) are likely not going to be the calm, responsible, sane people you want as gun owners.  As far as I can tell, that level of preperation takes real paranoia.


She was lucky that she was able to get the gun before the intruder found it, and she was lucky that the presence of the gun didn't escalate the situation.


Nobody died; because nobody paniced, because nobody over-reacted, and because there were no accidents, and because the gun-owner didn't just blow the kid away because she felt she had a "right" to (which, under a Casstle Doctrine, she would have had the legal "right" to do so).

Now, hopefully the kid will learn from his mistakes to stop breaking into houses.  Hopefully, he will NOT learn from his mistakes to beat the little old ladies into submission so they can't go get their guns...or to bring his own gun along to his future break-ins.


If the people yelling about the right to keep and bear arms, and the importance of self-protection didn't seem so prone to paranoia and panic, didn't seem so eager to kill, and pushed safety and judgement training as much as they pushed "freedom" legislation...I would be a lot more comfortable supporting them.


To me, freedom means the freedom to be responsible, not the freedom to shoot without consequences.

(Hat Tip: Cat)

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Or does Bill Donohue give other people a jumping case of the creeping wiggins too?

Doesn’t Bill Donohue have anything better to do than to troll the internet looking for bloggers who offend him and then release his hoard of minions upon them?

He claims the mantel of defender of the faith.

Huh.  Seems to me that nothing defames a group with quite as much panache as does treating them like a flock of flying monkeys.

Winner of the “Bill Donohue nose-out-of-joint award” (so far) the story is from 2007:

My personal favorite is Cosimo Cavallero,  a Christian and a Catholic, who decided to sculpt Christ in the most treasured and loved substance in the Western world.  A substance synonymous with love:  Chocolate.    Donohue sicced his raving hoards of lunatics against this man.  Apparently, chocolate does not symbolize the same thing for Donohue that it does for Cavallero, but Donohue isn’t able to let it go at that.  He PROJECTS his thoughts and ideas into Cavallero’s head, and judges Cavallero by his own sick standards.

You might have argued that Cavallero could have thought it through and realized that a small segment of his audience would take the long and twisty road to offense…but why?  If you are not setting out to offend, if that’s not where your head is, why would you think that casting Jesus in a substance you associate with sweetness, love, childhood comfort, Easter, etc  would at all make people think you were inviting people to fillate Jesus?

Cosimo says that he wanted to evoke in people the sensation of sweetness as they viewed his chocolate Jesus.  To give them a sensory response to the idea.

You should actually follow the link and read the transcript of the interview with Anderson Cooper, to get an idea of what we are dealing with;  violent, childish, mean, tantrum-throwing school-yard bullies bludgeoning people with religion.  And over a Chocolate Jesus.

It’s quite plain in this interview that it’s not about Jesus.  It’s not about religion.  It’s about power.  It’s about “what I can do to you” and “how I am better than you” and about “you have no power to defend yourself”. 

Particularly at the end:

C. CAVALLARO: I got to tell you something, there's more filth that comes out of your mouth…

DONAHUE: Is that right?

C. CAVALLARO: Yes — than I have seen…


DONAHUE: Look, you lost. You know what? You put your middle finger at the Catholic Church, and we just broke it, didn't we, pal?

C. CAVALLARO: No. You're wrong. You're wrong.

DONAHUE: Yes, we did. You lost.

C. CAVALLARO: I have a lot of believers.

DONAHUE: We — we won. You're out of a job.

C. CAVALLARO: And I'm a Christian. And there's a lot of people like me, who are opposed to what you're doing, because you made a big…

DONAHUE: Yes? But I got a job, and you don't.

C. CAVALLARO: You made a — "I got a job, and you don't"?


C. CAVALLARO: You're acting like a 5-year-old.

DONAHUE: I got a job, and you don't.

C. CAVALLARO: You're talking — you're acting like a 5-year-old. And I feel sorry for you.

COOPER: All right. We're going to — we're…

DONAHUE: Well, I won on this, and you lost, didn't you?

COOPER: Well, let's — let's leave it there.

You both expressed your opinions.

Bill Donahue, appreciate you being with — and, Cosimo Cavallaro, appreciate it as well. Thank you, sir.

C. CAVALLARO: Thank you, Anderson.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Me:      "So, is it true all the things I hear about the Muslims taking over Britain?"

Guest:  "Not so much.  It's more the Poles, really."

Me:      "Huh.  I heard it was the Muslims."

Guest:  "No, the Poles."

Me:      "Huh."

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Political outrage Mad Lib Monday. Please write down the following parts of speech. Then, go to the main body of the post, copy and paste the story into the comments, and fill inyour parts of speech. 1)Name of Male politician 2)political party opposite male politician 3) negative adjective 4)name of party of male politician 5)adjective 6)noun 7) adjective 8) verb ending with an "S" No peeking, and if you would, please keep it clean.
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[Gary and Isa visit: Day 1 Here]

The trip to the air show was low-key.

Gary was really “chuffed” to see a B-17 bomber, and get to take a tour inside.  Also, he was like a little kid when he got to see it take off.

The boys talked to several WWII veterans, and were at their most polite and attentive.   They asked good questions.   They talked to a guy who had been a ball-turret gunner, and had flown 28 missions.  He had copies of the bomber’s mission logs, and photos of the damage taken in every mission.  Also, he had dummies of the sorts of shells that were used in the aircraft-to-aircraft fighting.

They talked to two guys who flew with Doolittle, and a guy who was the co-pilot in a B-24.  They got an autographed copy of the book that told the story of the two Pacific Theater pilots.

Oh yeah, and an astronaut.  Gary and Isa purchased an autographed copy of the astronaut’s photo to donate to a charity auction for their local fan convention, and a mission patch.

The WWII veterans seemed surprised and pleased when my boys shook their hands and said “thank you”.

The nice thing about the Eden Prairie air-show is that it is very poorly attended compared to some of the bigger shows.

Then we went to see the Star Wars animated movie.  It is cute and fun.  It probably didn’t deserve to get the savaging that it got from the critics…but if it was anything other than issued by the Star-Wars franchise, it probably would have been released direct-to-video.

Then, the big news.

We went to a BBQ dinner.  The part that makes it the big news was that the BBQ dinner was being hosted by the parents of a girl that Adventure Boy met at Convergence.  She’s a really nice girl.  Cute as a button and a total fan-girl.

They, her brother, and Grasshopper disappeared into the basement to play Ecofluxx.  We visited with the parents and their friends.  Nice people.  Gary and Isa had a good time.

On deck for today, Tim will go and practice in the Marching Band all day, Rocky will work on his next book, and Gary, Isa, Grasshopper and I will go to the Minnesota Zoo.

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Gary and Isa are here from Britain!  Grasshopper is home from orchestra camp!  Jay-the-dog is about to turn himself inside out.  Today, we are taking Gary and Isa to a good old-fashioned pancake breakfast and an airshow.

Last night we went to a party thrown by a friend/neighbor.  We left, but not until after I got into a “fight” with a republican.

No, not really.  It was fun for both of us.  It all started when I left our table in the pleasant back garden to find somewhere else to be.

We were having a great conversation when a guy standing right behind me launched into a diatribe about how the press was burying the “Johhny” Edwards story, and this was proof of a liberal bias in the press. 

What?  First of all, it was all over the place, and if they didn’t have Olympic coverage to run, they’d still be riding that horse until we ALL wanted to scream.  Secondly, if the press DID cover it to their satisfaction, they’d make it into a complaint about how he’s such a pretty-boy media whore he’ll even use an affair to get attention.  Seriously, John Edwards was so far out of the news until this erupted that they were practically on different planets.

So here’s a general drift of the conversation.  I don’t remember it exactly, but its my best recollection”

Rep. man #1 “What do you think of this Johnny Edwards situation?”

Rep. man #2 “What a slime-ball he fathered that baby AFTER she was sick again with cancer.”

Rep. woman:  “What is his WIFE still doing with him?  Doesn’t she have any self-respect?”

Rep. man” 1:  “She doesn’t have any choice, she’s not going to live much longer.  She’s stuck.”

(Just an aside here, does anyone actually believe that Elizabeth Edwards could be forced , by circumstances or anything else, to do something that she did not want to do?  I mean, wasn’t the Republican line on her that she was a brazen hussy who wore the pants in the family, feminized her husband, and didn’t know her place, or when to keep her mouth shut?  Like, wasn’t that just a few weeks ago?  And I would also like to point out that when Democrat women stand by their philandering men, they have no self-respect, but when Republican women stand behind their philandering men, they have family values.)

Rep. woman:  “They won’t let him speak at the convention now”

Rep.  Man#1:  “Oh, they MigHT.  How do you know they won’t?  You never know what they’ll do.”

Rep. woman:” Ugh.  He’s such a slime-ball.”

Rep. man #1:  “And they’re not covering it at all!  If it were a Republican, you know they’d find out everything and we’d hear about it, believe me.”

I DIDN’T get up and point out that the reason Republican affairs have gotten more coverage recently  is:

1)      Larry Craig was an out spoken homophobe (in other words, someone expressing unreasonable fear of homosexuality) who worked tirelessly to link homosexuality with pedophilia, libeled homosexuals as a group relentlessly, and pretty much made “traditional values” his calling card.  That made him a story.

2)      He broke a law in trying to solicit sex.  There was an arrest, and he pleaded guilty hoping to keep it quiet and avoid public consequences, then regretted and retracted his plea when there were public consequences.

3)      He was the latest in a long string of prominent homophobes caught in the act of engaging in the behaviors that they attribute to the homosexual community at large. (public sex, prostitution, drugs (Haggard), pedophilia  (that one senator in the page scandal), etc.

4)      Craig was arrested, and there was an arrest report, so the media could jump all over it.  The Edwards story was broken by the National Enquirer.  Running a false lead from the National Inquirer is probably a lot like getting duped into publishing false papers involving the President…a career killer.

5)      Craig was arrested on a slow news week, the Edwards thing blew up in the advance of the Olympics coverage.

I’ll cut out a few minutes of topic jumping and complaining about how rich Edwards is (I thought Republicans admired rich people),taxes and how the Dems just want to spend willy-nilly on all of these “entitlements” and things that don’t do us any good…the one that made me have to get up and leave was this:

Rep. Man #1: ”Just think about typhoid and diseases like that.  I just saw a show on it, and can you believe how many people they used to kill?  I mean, wow.”

Rep. woman: (awe in her voice) “Yeah.  Wow.”


And then they lapsed into profound silence.

*groan*  Yeah…”wow”.

But I guess the Fox News commentators that write all of their lines hadn’t put any words into their brains to describe things like robust public health infrastructure,  reality-based policy decisions, evolution-based genetics research that allows for analysis of mutations in diseases to create new vaccines to keep up with the rapid evolution of viruses.

I got up and left, ‘cause I was having trouble not saying anything, and these were not people you could talk to.  They were possessed by John Gibson.  Total Fox-bots.

And our host immediately introduced me to his “Republican friend” and left.

And one of the first things the “Republican friend” said was that the Dem’s didn’t provide funding for the 35W bridge, but were trying to blame the collapse of the bridge on Pawlenty.

Me: “Actually, there was funding specifically to brace those girders in the budget, and Pawlenty specifically vetoed the roads and bridges line item in the budget that would have provided the funds to fix the bridge, until it could be rebuilt”.

There ensued a lively and intelligent conversation where the guy didn’t dismiss my facts out of hand, while still challenging me to support them, and it was fun ‘cause he wasn’t a Fox-box idiot.

Thank God for the occasional Republican who is not a Fox-bot idiot.  Cause talking to people who only agree with you can get boring, but talking to idiots is self abuse…and not the fun kind.

One of his points was that it was possible that bracing the girders would not have prevented the tragedy.  Which is true enough…but IF everything that could reasonably have been done, HAD been done…and if Pawlenty hadn’t stood in the way of reasonable preventive action, I would merely disagree with some of his other policy decisions…but as it is, he DID stand in the way of reasonable action to prevent the tragedy, and a tragedy DID occur, and he is trying to somehow make it the fault of the congress.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Fundraising MEME for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.

Directions: Go to my personal 3 Day web page:
Click to donate.

Enter information and fundraising amount (keep in mind I have $1000 still to raise by August 20, so my best friend Sue, recent breast cancer survivor, won't have to walk 60 miles alone without a tenting buddy).

Next comes the fun part:
Type in your name,
at least one profiling characteristic about yourself, &
"dedicated in honor of..." (list an opinion you hold that appears to contradict your profiling)...


For example,
"Sue, Single Mom, Confirmation Assistant, dedicated in honor of Okay with Obama, but Can't you people find someone better than Franken??  $25.00"
"Joe, Fried-Chicken Eating Fundamentalist Southern Baptist, dedicated in honor of the Simpsons and Gay Pride." $100
"Amy whatsherface, white priveledged, racial critic, dedicated in honor of her sweet bunny Fluffernutter and Saying anything for more Exposure".  ($5)

Then, post a copy of this meme on your blog, along with your profile and dedication.

I get updates on every contribution, so I will create a post featuring my favorites.  If you e-mail me a link, your feature will include a link to your blog.

No freebie posting response on my blog; please post on my 3 Day website instead- it's for a worthy cause. Thank you from Teresa;

Wacky-Fundie Bashing Evolutionist, Kung-Fu mom, dedicated in honor of Freedom of Religion, and Anthropomorphizing our pets, even though it is rediculous, because it is fun.  Whose a goooood little Jay-dog?  It's Yooou!  Yes it's yoooouuu!  You know exactly what Im saying don't you, you're the ONLY one who really understands..."

 NOTE!  The people below are people who have already contributed and have blogs.  So they should get a link even though they might not want to participate in teh meme:


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Here's a really good lay-man-level run-down about how some cancers can be caused by viruses.

HPV is used as an example.

Very short, and very easy to understand, yet very informative.

Now, you've educated yourself a little bit so now you should reward yourself with something fun, yet frivilous:


(I can't embed it, because embedding has been disabled for this video. Just trust me, you'll enjoy it.)

(Hat Tip:   Sue)

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

The other night I heard from an old friend.  A blog-friend that has disappeared off of the internet, and  who I feared was gone forever.  He sent me an e-mail, and after a few turns of e-mail he told me he wanted to voice-talk.

So we got the Skype going, and just chatted.  It was a fun conversation that leapt from tree to tree…politics, science, literature, childhood stories,  exotic weaponry, etc.

I don’t remember when I informed him that I was using Google.  I think it was something to do with the latest research showing that people who are HIV-resistant have resistance to other diseases endemic to the human population. ..but he stopped dead.

“That is so cool!”

“um…it’s what I do.”

I was a little non-plussed, because actually, I was using Google as a brain-augmentation to keep up with him.  People who know me have been known to say that I remember everything I read.

That’s not true.  I remember bits and pieces and drips and drabs of everything I read with vivid clarity.  Enough to remember it when I am in a conversation and then want to use it, but not with enough completeness to have it actually be useful if challenged or queried.  Google is my friend.  I remember enough of something to craft a good search term, and Google and skimming ability provide the rest.


My friend thought it was enormously cool that here I was, sitting there, Googling our conversation topics, hunting down facts for clarity and accuracy and to add to the conversation.  Sort of a mind-meld cooperative grok session.

I had to stop and realized that it WAS enormously cool.  See,  I have other friends that I do this with.  Karen and I will sometimes (when we have time at the same time) have what I shall now dub “multi-media conversations” that include phone, e-mail, Google searches, etc.   Before I dropped IM, we used to have that as well.

Our friend Eric and I will sometimes spend an hour or so on the phone with household tasks running in the back ground and Google at the ready.

But the coolness of it had sort of slipped my mind due to the habitual nature.

Its true.  Its cool.  The feeling of talking to someone and being able to really tear into a subject…even if it is a frivolous one.  To chase down a fact and e-mail the URL to someone rather than just say “I read it somewhere”.  It adds a dimension and flavor and intensity to conversation that you can’t get any other way.


‘course, some people are annoyed by it:

“Why can’t we just talk”?

I suppose the intensity can begin to feel more like a data-download than a pass-time, but I guess that’s also what makes it so cool.

Most people don’t do it that way.  Most people don’t like that sort of thing, and I suppose that it might not even occur to many people to have a conversation that way.

You know, that really IS cool.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

So, over at Amy's blog, in the comments, she made a derisive comment about my blog having "maybe three" comments on it.  As of that moment, it actually had about seventy-three comments on the front page...

Here's the link to the post where she made the comments.

But aside from the fact that Amy is "in error where the facts are concerned" between the difference between the numbers "3" and "73"...


I have to wonder, what are you all willing to do for comments, links, and assorted other attention?


I'm sure that anybody can get hundreds of comments by posting an article belittling a woman you don't know who died a tragic death after making numerous mistakes.  That makes an easy target.  Using insulting language against someone who is dead, and cannot defend themselves has worked for Amy.  She has hundreds of comments with people screaming at each other about whether or not it is "racist".


And then she got another thread going by "playing the racist card", crying so-called reverse racism by implying that she would not get this outrage if she said these things and wasn't refutation of which is exhibit A:  Bill Cosby.  And he was much nicer, and didn't do it by beating up on a dead woman, and comparing her children to animals.


Legitamate criticism stings hard, and there are always going to be some people who object and retaliate.  But in addition to legitamate criticism, being an officious, mean, self-important jerk and publicly beating up a dead person who wasn't even a public figure, but instead a hapless and pathetic private individual will also get you objection and retaliation.


Which seems to be Amy's desire, so I guess...good on her?


As an example, she claims I said she was racist, when in actuality, I just said she was being "ugly".  By which I assume most people would understand I mean that she was being mean and uncivil.


When I point that out, she didn't address the point, but instead lied about me only having three comments on my blog (and that is important to the subject how?). my mind, that is quite revealing.  She makes many high-minded claims at having "values".  I can see where her values lie.  So to speak.


[update:  I found her reply to my comment:]


"You came to my blog and screamed about me calling you a "racist"...which I didn't."

The truth is, you have about three comments on your blog and I didn't feel like commenting in an original way, so I just copied some stuff I wrote on my blog somewhere and threw it up there. I find you a lightweight as a thinker, and not worth my time.

You further write above: "The record stands corrected: You are a MISANTHROPIST."

I'm somebody with values, and who feels strongly that children should have daddies and all the rest I've said over and over and over again above.



Me again.  I added the emphasis in the above quote.  You gotta love it when someone who can't read a blog post and tell if they are being called a racist or not calls someone else a "lightweight thinker".


And the bit about values?  Ah yes.  She has very good values.  She denigrates the humanity of Catholic, Muslim,  random black women and rich people's babies equally.  



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There is a four-way tie between for top contributers to my Susan G. Komen Walk for the cure.

Supposedly, all of these people are part of what is going to ruin our society and bring it to its knees.

All four are non-religious.

One is a gay married couple in Mass. (also, they were my first contributers)

One is a family with a head-of-household on a TSA terrorist watch list. (my second contributers)

I have plenty of donations, many of them quite generous from religious people too...don't get me wrong.  And I think one of my conservative fundie friends might put up a little plug for me on his blog.

I guess what Im saying is, the only reason I can see that we can't all live together happily, peacefully, and productively is that there are a few bad apples out there always stirring the pot and libeling groups that make up our society, causeing division and conflict.

I just have to say, though, that if you were to profile the best members of society based on contributions in this sense, there is this one guy who contributed $100 to me, and $100 to Sue....which makes him the biggest contributer to our team.

He's a quiet, single, non-controversial accountant who never talks about his opinions on anything, and mostly just listens to other people, spends his free-time doing photography, SCUBA diving, playing MAGIC: The Gathering and computer games and role-playing games...and once got so into a MUD that nobody heard from him for weeks, and eventually, one of his friends drove down to check on him and make sure he hadn't died in his apartment with the phone off the hook.

Not sure if that means anything, but there you have it. 


Wednesday, 13 August 2008 05:38:42 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] | #
Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Last January I had a mammogram.

The found *something - probably nothing*.  So I went back and they looked at it again.  Definately something-probably nothing.  So they did a Sonogram.  Nothing showed up on the sonogram.  So it was probably nothing...

...but come back in six months, just to make sure it isn't something.

So I went back for another mammogram.  There it was:  Something (probably nothing) but bigger and brighter.

Another series of mammogram shots, and there it was in all of them - something.

So they did another sonogram - nothing.  The doctor did an examination.  Nothing.  Probably.

Come back in three months, we'll take another look.

It could be worse.  It could be DEFINATELY something.

Mood:  Cheerful and not worried, but somewhat annoyed.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 16:07:06 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [5] | #

Dear Amy,

God don't like ugly, and honey, that's just an UGLY way to talk.

It would be better if all people were able to consistantly make good decisions for themselves.  It would be great if people chose not to have children they can't support.  It would be lovely if all women could avoid hooking up with crappy men...

But there is a way to say that, and a way not to.  AFFIRMING the humanity of someone while critiquing their choices is generally the way to go.  Although, goodness knows, Ive screwed up a few times myself on that point.

You have a perfect right to talk about black women "sqeezing out litters" and you have a right to blame the victim when she gets shot by police...

...but other people have a right to point out that you are just being plain ugly.

You know, most people at some point in their lives say something ugly and when it's pointed out to them, they regret it and apologize for it.

Just a thought.



Tuesday, 12 August 2008 11:22:34 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] | #
Monday, 11 August 2008

I was reading this article over at Pharyngula, and I was shocked!  Shocked It say!  by the callous disregard for pre-implanted persons.

Did you know that an estimated 40% of all blastocysts do not implant in the mother's uterus?

I demand to know what steps the pro-life commuity is going to take to ensure that these pre-implanted babies get the life they deserve as human beings.


Monday, 11 August 2008 11:55:37 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] |  | #

Announcing P.O.M.M

Inspired by partisan pundits everywhere; and equally as meaningless, but also equally as entertaining!

Heres how it works.  Next Monday, I will come up with a fictional outrage-filled blog entry.  I will tell you the parts of speech you will need in the intro-box, and then have the news story below the fold.  You pick the parts of speech first, then click on the "read More" button.

Copy-paste the story into the comments, and then fill in the blanks.  We'll see how this works out.  If it is fun it will become a regular feature.

I am also going to copy John over at Total Transformation, and award a feature entry advertizing the blog (and of course a link to the site) of the person with the most entertaining results (decided by our panel of experts).  If the winner doesn't have a blog, or doesn't care if they get featured, they can choose a site for me to feature and link to.

Monday, 11 August 2008 06:58:41 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] | #

If you don't think that it's a big deal that the government can seize lap-tops, books, magazines, or any other information media from people when they are traveling, and don't need a compelling reason to do so-

-I assume this might be because you don't travel and won't be inconvenienced, or you think you have nothing to hide.

If that's the case, I'd just like to point you to, were they point out that your doctor probably travels - and he could possibly have some of your private information on his laptop. 

Monday, 11 August 2008 05:13:03 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [1] |  |  | #
Sunday, 10 August 2008

Mal himself is an excellent argument for the Libertarian view of life as a personal philosophy.

The universe he lives in is an excellent argument against actually having it become a matter of social policy.  :-)

This video captures both beautifully.



(Hat tip:  Bob Wagner)

But if THAT doesn't convince you...what sort of a world is it, where THIS is allowed to happen.  :-)



Incidentally, I think I know where Steven Colbert's "Canton debacle" is going to end...



For those of you who don't know, Colbert has been "insulting" a long string of towns named Canton...calling them crappy basically, and then apologizing and saying he meant this OTHER town named Canton...and then apologizing to that one and moving on. How muc do you want to bet that the LAST crappy town named Canton will be a fictional one? :-)

Sunday, 10 August 2008 09:15:56 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [9] | #

I need a new irony meter.

My old one just exploded.

Check out this Michele Malkin post where she brags about defending a "communist" holiday from the Muslims.

That is one very confused woman, people.

A REAL conservative would have demanded that Labor Day be scrapped too.  AND would remove May First from the Calender...just to be sure.

Although I have to say that Tyson Foods kind of deserved a smack-down for trying to replace one holiday with another.  Some might say that they were allowing "political correctness" to run amok.

Actually, "political correctness" (or, what I like to call, "not being an offensive jack-ass") is supposed to LOWER the amount of sectarian offence and conflict in society.

Taking a holiday that a bunch of laborers see as "theirs" away from them and giving it to a group that they have been primed to believe are "taking away" everything they have...well...THAT'S not "politically correct".

That's bone-headed political tone-deafness.  Yeah, way to fan the flames of ethnic conflict there.

Sunday, 10 August 2008 06:38:56 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] |  | #
Saturday, 09 August 2008

Happy Hour Benefit for the
3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer

Monday, August 11th

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Billy’s on Grand (in the Café)

857 Grand Avenue
Victoria and Grand in St. Paul
(651) 292-9140


Live music by The Fabulous Retreads


Complimentary appetizers

(generously donated by Billy’s on Grand)

Happy hour drink specials

Suggested donation $10 per person
All in-person donations will include a raffle ticket for a prize drawing.

Please come support team Beautiful Feat in our goal to raise $8,800 for the fight against breast
cancer. On September 19 – 21 we will be walking 60 miles through the Twin Cities with
thousands of other men and women in order to raise funds to support breast cancer research
and education. To find out more about the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer, go to

Team Beautiful Feat is: Susan Grove (breast cancer survivor and team
captain), Susy Andert, Leslie Dwight and Teresa Lhotka.

If you can not make it to happy hour, but would be willing to make a contribution,
please go online to: • Click on “Donate Now” • Click on
“Search for a team” and enter “Beautiful Feat” as the Team Name • Click on the
team name which will appear below • Team members are listed at the bottom of
the team homepage - click on a member (preferably the one currently furthest from
their fundraising goal) and follow the directions to make a donation. Or if you
prefer, e-mail for the mailing address to send a check. Thank
you for supporting the fight against breast cancer and us on this incredible journey!

All donations are tax deductible!

I case you have any doubts about Susan G. Komen, here is their Charity Navigator rating:

Saturday, 09 August 2008 08:57:19 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [1] |  | #
Friday, 08 August 2008

I know for a fact that at least one of my readers has sent money to John to help with his dog, Kane's surgery.  Thank you!  Between those who have contributed to my Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure (I still have about a grand to go, and I need to raise it by Aug 20th, so if you have been waiting to contribute, now's the time.), and those who donated to Kane, I am really pleased with our community.

Those of you who wanted to donate to Kane's surgery and haven't yet, there is a new development:

Kane's cause has come to the attention of a Doberman-specific charity group, and they have set up a tax-deductible fund.

Here is the announcement at John's blog.

If you want to donate and haven't, you can donate here, and it will now be tax deducible.

If you can't donate, then you can still click on that link and get a look at Kane's smiling face.

No one can give money to every cause every don't feel bad if you can't.  Those of you who are keeping afloat, and taking care of your families, and keeping to a tight budget so you can take care of you and yours...that's noble as hell.  Keep up the good fight.

I don't put these things up here so that people will feel bad if they don't contribute, but instead so that people will have the opportunity.

Friday, 08 August 2008 05:27:48 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [1] | #
Thursday, 07 August 2008

I read about this in Think Outside the Cage...but I wanted to know more before posting it.  Now, I have read more from Erudite Redneck.

Picture this, you are the mayor of a upright citizen.  An unexpected package addressed to your wife shows up on your doorstep.  You bring it in, and BAM!

A bunch of guys in full battle rattle rush into your house, subdue you and your mother-in-law, shoot your two dogs, and seize the package.

Turns out, some drug dealers had the bright idea of mailing drugs to unsuspecting people, and then stealing them when they reach their destination.

Frickin' unbelieveable.

Worse, according to this article, the cops didnt have a no-knock warrant, but still burst into the home without warning.

But us liberals are always criticized for not reporting the "good news"  So here goes:

One thing you gotta say for these drug-cops is that they don't play favorites.  They'll treat a mayor as crappy as any other schlub.  Minor elected officials rights dont count for any more than the rest of us.

So good going jack-booted swat guys!  You're a great example of the *new* American Egalitarianism.

(Hat Tip:  Erudite Redneck and Think Outside the Cage)



Thursday, 07 August 2008 14:22:14 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [43] |  | #

While I'm at it, I'd just like to say, to Fairview Eden Center...

...your "hold" music on your anwering service makes me want to kill innocent little puppies.

I'm just sayin';  tight loops of the climax of lesser known Vivaldi works:  Not good for the nervous system after about ten minutes.

Good thing the test you want me to come in for is for my thyroid...not my blood pressure.


Thursday, 07 August 2008 11:08:16 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #

You really DO think we're stupid, don't you?

Or did your high-priced marketing experts miss the fact that if you are selling over-sugared deep-fried confections as an actual meal...and you are featuring your coffee...

...just a thought here...

...maybe focusing an ad around the phrase "helping you clean up after an all-night blow-out" isn't the most savvy marketing decision ever.

Hint:  I write good copy and I work cheap.  Call me.  And yes, my grammar and spelling ARE better when I am getting paid.

Thursday, 07 August 2008 09:52:02 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [1] |  |  |  | #
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

I recommend taking this interview with Ray Comfort with a little Comfort of the Southern kind.


For me, the highlights showing the mentality of ID supporters:  The guy who claims that animals don't have any sense of morality, because all his dog cares about is avoiding getting beaten.


And this isn't the case with people?  Take a person and raise them in that dog's situation where someone thinks that the only way to motivate them is to beat them, and see how different a human being is from an animal.  If you are raised in a situation where the person in charge thinks that all you can understand is beatings...then I guarantee you, that your primary motivation for doing or not doing something will be whether it makes you more or less likely to get a beating.  Given a different situation, you might be able to rescue yourself...but as long as you are in a situation where the only people in charge think you can only be motivated by will spend most of your energy avoiding beatings.


And this proves Intelligent Design?  Sheesh. 


I also liked the bit where Comfort denies the assertion that dogs can't percieve color as humans do.  In order to deny that, he has to call into question our very understanding of the basic functional mechanics of the eye.  Of course he doesn't bother, he just waves his hands and says "In order to believe that, you'd have to trust the scientists".  No, we don't have to trust the scientists.  We can bring challenges and questions to them, and they have to answer them.  It's what they do.  'course, the creationists seem to believe that the scientists should have to answer the same questions over and over and over...without anything being added to the questions....and then call it "elietist" and "Censorship" when scientists point out that their valuable time is being wasted.


Also, Comfort is asked to support Intelligent Design.  So his argument can be summarized as "The Universe exists, it's complicated, and it  Eh?  See what I mean?"  Uh huh.  But ID tells us nothing of HOW the universe works, how we can defeat cancer, how we can send Ray Comfort's voice through the air on radio waves...ID gives us nothing.  "And then God makes it work" would make ANY scientific Hypothesis "valid"...and the explination for why it doesn't work is already provided "God said "no" this time.  The complex descriptions of how lift is generated could simply be replaced with "God made an exception for airplanes".  Crashes? Signs of God's punishment.


Later, he is asked about the whole point of ID again, and his response is to launch into his prostelitizing schtick.


Once again, evidence that it is impossible for an ID proponant to take about ID without it turning into a prosetilization. 


Now, to cleanse the pallet...there will be a follow-up interview with Prof. Myers.  I'll provide a link to that as soon as I find it.

Wednesday, 06 August 2008 11:03:24 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #

While it's more fun to believe this.


I'm afraid I believe this.

What I don't get is why the tone of the first link is so hysterical.  I mean, its pretty obvious, isn't it...that even if their "theory" is correct (Teach the Controversy!)...half-decomposed racoon monsters from dimension (or should I say demention) X can't handle salt water.

Problem solved.

Or maybe it was the secrit Gubmint Toxic Rainbows that killed it.

Or maybe it was thrown from the UFO and the body flew all the way across the country

Wednesday, 06 August 2008 05:17:47 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [4] | #
Tuesday, 05 August 2008

The Album "Days From Evil" by the band Jagged Spiral  is available for free or for download and donate...if you just want to look (but you should really buy it if you like it and keep it).  You will eventually be able to order the CD.

I played the cello in track 2:  Monsters.

I'm not really used to playing rock-type music.  Im certainly not used to the unusual rythems and the different playing conditions involved.

But Conrad and Co. were patient.

Sad to say...I was asked to do cello music for differnet album by another group...but it was during a time of severe stress, (home renovations, MIL in-and-out of hospital, 4 people and a dog from extended family as long-term houseguests, insomnia, new puppy, etc.) and even though they had a few idea to make it easier for me,  I just couldn't pull it together well enough to work out for them.  :-(  They were nice about it, though.

But I DO have this one track on this one album, and it's really cool.

My favorite, though, is #7  Not Enough Bullets.  I mean, who hasn't woke up feeling THAT way at one time or another?  Can I get a Hallelulia?


Not Enough Bullets:


There's a fire inside that's lighting my way. It's a torch for something that was taken away, and it's burning me up, but that's OK. There's a fire inside...and it's lighting my way. There's a voice in the darkness that's calling my name. There's a path before me, and I can't turn away, like a moth drawn into a candle's flame. There's a voice in the darkness...and its calling my name.

There's not enough bullets to put out the fire.
Not enough bullets to set things right.
Not enough bullets to fill my desire.
Not enough bullets for my guns.
Not enough bullets to kill all the pain.
Not enough bullets to set things right again.
Not enough bullets in the whole wide world.

Not enough bullets for my guns.

And I won't stop, each one I put down brings back another piece of this godforsaken town, another piece of my life that I can't live without, and I wont stop...until the fire is out.

But we can certainly try, if that's what you'd like - one at a time, get in line...and die.


Tuesday, 05 August 2008 21:36:45 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] | #

I have a friend who reportedly once sang "The Rainbow Connection" for Karoke; as if it were being sung by a paranoid schitzophernic.

I had thought that he was just a comic genious.  Now, I know that he is in fact a brilliant intuitive, who saw into THE TRUTH.

Maybe it's that teh gays have already taken over the government, and this is their evil plan.  Maybe it's that the Leprechan agenda is more advanced than we thought.

Maybe Rainbow Bright was just a beachead in our perceptual matrix.

It could be a My Little Pony plot.


Somebody call Michele Bachmann.  Im sure SHE'LL know what to do!  (off topic, but speaking of idiots, Michele Bachmann, who is a Republican politician, and a Minnesotan, can't seem to remember that the Republican Convention will be held in St. Paul.  This is one of the people leading our country...but at least she's a "fool for Chirst"...right?)

[update:  I don't know what's going one, but if you are here and you don't see a video underneath this update, click on the title bar for this post, and one will appear.]

Here's a link straight to the video:




Tuesday, 05 August 2008 06:45:07 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [4] |  |  | #
Monday, 04 August 2008

I hope this wasn't arson as well.

Let's get this straight:  Arson is really bad.  Political arson is about as dangerously uncivil as you can get. 

Yes....even if they are stirring up hate and encouraging, inciting and celebrating murder.

Even if they insult honorable millitary service, and publicly abuse the bereaved families of service members.

Even if they preach hate and intolerance.  Even if they abuse children by brainwashing them into a cultish mentality that makes it impossible for them to function in a modern society

You might argue that they deserve to ge their compound burned down.  And that may be, I don't feel qualified to decide what people deserve (although I will occasionally use the word in a case of hyperbole).

But if someone DID set fire to the Phelps compound in the dead of night, they should ask themselves these questions:


1) What lack of self-respect do you have that you have to go to your enemies in the dark of night and set fire to their property while they sleep?  Don't you have the courage of your convicitons?  For God's sake stand up and be counted.  Don't act like a worm.


2)What will it accomplish?  Do you think it will change what the Bible says?  Do you think it will change their belief that it is the word of God?  Do you think that somehow this will deter them from demanding that the government kill homosexuals? Do you think it will frighten them?  They're religious zelots.  Their religious beliefs are more important than their own lives, the lives of their children, their well being, and their mental health.  They've already sacrificed everything they are including their own sense of their own self-worth to their religion.  All you will do is further entrench them.  They have a mission from God to make the country comply with Biblical law.  Do you think a scorched garage is going to deter them?  No.  It will only harden their resolve, and encourage them into thinking they have hit a nerve.  It will rally them to more viggerous action.

Their religious beliefs have wired them to be REWARDED by "persecution".  That's why they seek it out, happily recount every instance, real or imagined, that they can find.  They invite it because it validates them and tells them they are on the right track.  They celebrate it because it makes them feel special, and they recount ever instance of it they can find because it binds them together in a community of the "special persecuted rightous" brotherhood of the Godly.

In other words, if this was arson, you are helping them.  Stop it.


3)  What so you think this does to our country and the current state of discourse?  You know...all you're going to do is make them objects of sympathy to their religious bretheren.  People who currently sympathize with them, but were on the side-lines are likely to finally throw in and come to their defense.  You would be making the problem worse.


4) If you are a Christian "defending" your religious beliefs...God help you.  You just became the other side of the same coin.


(Hat Tip: Pharyngula)

Monday, 04 August 2008 07:42:58 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [7] | #
Monday, 04 August 2008 06:54:34 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #
Saturday, 02 August 2008

Started off the day with a 15-mile walk with Sue.  We were going to walk the "chain of lakes" except we got lost going from Lake of the Isles to Cedar Lake and then we accidentally walked around Cedar lake that added a lot of milage...then we missed where the cars were parked on Calhoun and ended up walking even more.

We walked for six hours.  Assuming a 3-mile-an-hour pace (which I bet we walked at least 3.5), that's at least 18 miles.

I drove home and soaked in a hot bath and stretched out, and went to Kung Fu.  I was late for weapons class, so I just did open-hand class and sparring.  I got my butt kicked in sparring.

You might ponder why I took a bath before going to work out some more?  Well...I brought a half-gallon canteen of water with me on the walk.  I drank all of that and filled it up again.  Then, I drank all of that,and filled it up again.  Then, I drank some of that...yet when I got home, I weighed two pound less than I had when I left the hous that morning.  That's a whole lot of sweat.

Then Geekgoddess swung by and we car-pooled to dinner, and then she and I went a-fringe-ing.

We saw "Bonnie Prince Charlie".   The directing and acting was very good.  The singing ranged from more than adequate to very good.  The story was mostly full of senseless death and dimemberment.  It was well done, and it is the sort of play you find youself glad you saw...without actually enjoying it very much.   

Then we went to 'Fringe Central" and hung out with Sasha and Chis.  GG and I drank coffee.

On the way home, Geekgoddess and I saw a group of bikers.  Our conversation went like this:

Me:  They're all wearing birth-control glasses.

GG:  Yeah.

Me:  That one guy has sun glasses on.

GG: Hey, he wears his sunglasses at night.

Me:  He also has a weird bike seat.  It cradels his butt.  (miming butt-cradeling with hands)

GG:  He has a butt cup.

Me:  He has an ass-letic supporter.

Then I casually asked what was going on about with a mutual friend and I learned something about someone that I really like which drug up feelings related to someone I really hate.  Now they are all confused and mixed up and I don't like it very much.


Then Rocky came home and Im going to go cuddle him now.

Saturday, 02 August 2008 23:36:39 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #
Friday, 01 August 2008

If we could undo just one part of the legacy of The Heritage Foundation's Contract on America, and Newt Gingrich's  "Republican Revolution"...this would be the one I would root for:


Because the other things that would need to be changed would follow soon after.  Evidence-based policy is good policy.  And no, I'm not saying we should have a technocracy.  I'm just saying that if you are making a decision based on ideology in the face of scientific evidence, then THAT should be clear.

(Hat Tip:

Friday, 01 August 2008 13:20:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [4] | #
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