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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Have fun kiddies!

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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I was out running with the dog today.  It was nice.

We were loping along, not really pushing it; sort of trotting, really.  The sun was finally shining again, and the air was just the right temperature;  not too warm, not too cold.

I was feeling pretty good.  Not running to work out, just running to save time.  The dog's gotta cover a certain amount of ground in a day, or he gets neurotic.  If I run, this takes less time.

He was behaving very well, running roughly at "heel".  A Fed Ex driver came out from a house and smiled broadly at him as she got into her truck to make notes on her little clipboard. 

Half a block later, it happened.  My toe caught on a raised bit of side-walk, and I tripped.

My Kung-fu reflexes fired, and I thought that - just for a moment there, mind you - I thought that I had avoided a fall.

Unfortunately, my high-strung puppy-dog had much less faith in my alacrity.  He startled, then he jumped.  Then he dashed forward and side-ways all at the same time with his tail between his legs, and he didn't stop until he had hit the end of the leash with a *snap*.

I was done for; fell to the ground like a fifty pound bag of rice.

The Fed Ex lady was staring at me, yelling "You all right?"

Some twiggy little trophy wives out for a stroll were giggling.  The dog looked like he expected the world to cave in on him, and I tried to jump to my feet with as much dignity as I could muster.  My knee was scraped and bloody, but that was it.  I tried to be as cool as possible as I walked away...

...until the Fed Ex lady pulled up, beeped the horn, and yelled "Your cell phone and your keys are laying on the sidewalk back there!"

Doh!  Self-respect elimination, complete...your work here is done, Murphy.

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Monday, 28 April 2008
Sunday, 27 April 2008


Welcome to Sunday morning prostration.

(which, as Vala observed, is not nearly as much fun as it sounds)


Hallowed are the Ori!

Hallowed are the Ori!

Hallowed are the Ori (Bemidji is still an Ori strong-hold)

Hallowed are the Ori! (Jesus still hates taxes)

And speaking of the Ori...go take a look at this guy, and tell me he isn't one of their priors.  AllI can say is, we're in trouble when a man named Kahn allignes hiself with enemies of earth.  :-)

Kah-h-h-hn!!!!!!  LOL


[Update:  I think Ben Stein is angling for a priorship]



(Hat tips:  Pharyngula and Denialism)


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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ever have the experience of knowing several things, and finding them all interesting, but then suddenly realizing that they are all connected?

Just happened to me right now.

See, a while ago GeekGoddess posted in her blog about her experiences working for Robert Beal, a Minnesota-based Libertarian who hates taxes and loves Jesus.

I'd heard about Robert Beal, and was interested to know that Geekgoddess had worked for him.  It's one of the many remarkable facts about her.  Remarkable sort of follows Geekgoddess around and tries to bask in her overwhelming coolness.

Anyhoo, a while ago I posted a bit of snide sniping about one Vox Day, and I was aware that he's this guy on teh interwebtubenets who hates taxes and loves Jesus too.  Now, I knew that Vox Day's real name was Theodore Beal, and I knew that he bore all of the signs of an honest-to-God case of invasive God delusion...

Turns, out, the man whose hair-cut screams "vagina envy" is Robert Beal's son.

The punchline is:  Read this article.  No kidding.  This guy is an honest-to-goodness threat to civil society.  Now I know why Cassie Banning looks so convincingly cool staring down all those vampires...the lady playing her has already dealt with much more dangerous blood-suckers.

The money-shot quote:


Beale is a "member/leader" of what's known among certain groups as an extra-judicial "Common Law Court" in Ramsey County. The lengthy title of this specific "court" indicates a religious undercurrent, including a reference to "a superior court for the People, original jurisdiction under Almighty Yahweh exclusive jurisdiction in and for confederation-government United States of America."


Apparently, they were going to "take out" the judge hearing his case.  Wow.

(Hat Tip:  Geekgoddess)


P.S. Robert Beal is apparently on the Board of Directors of the WorldNet Daily...where Theodore Beal is published under thename of Vox Day. 

Some other familiar names show up in this link as well.

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I can just see it now!  Ben Stien should RUN (not walk) to get this science teacher's story to use in the next Expelled movie.

There is an atheist plot to Expell him for his sincerely held beliefs that he should be allowed to burn the sign of the cross into his student's skin.

The fax stated, "We are religious people, but we were offended when Mr. Freshwater burned a cross onto the arm of our child. This was done in science class in December 2007, where an electric shock machine was used to burn our child. The burn was severe enough that our child awoke that night with severe pain, and the cross remained there for several weeks. ... We have tried to keep this a private matter and hesitate to tell the whole story to the media for fear that we will be retaliated against." (quote taken fom second link.)

Christian (TM) Students are rallying to support the teacher and his right to "express himself"

Some Christian parents would rather he not teach his religion (in other words Christianity (TM)) to their children.

The schools position is that it is because of a larger pattern of disturbing behavior.

(Hat Tip: pharyngula)

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Monday, 21 April 2008

Someone actually referred to the "Day of Silence" as the "Day of violence"?

I mean, with their outside voice and everything?

Apparently NOT SAYING ANYTHING is now a violent act, of persecution against Christians.

So, let me get this straight (so to speak)...if a school does not break up a student-lead protest that consists of simply SITTING QUIETLY in the classroom to express their beliefs, it is an act of violence against Christians...

...but if Christians finally got their wish and passed a law MANDATING that children sit quietly in the classroom and pray, why, that's just "Traditional American values".  And anyone who doesn't like it is just complaining over nothing.

No wonder some Christians want to boycott it...they're insane.  Instead of keeping your good Christian boy or girl out of school on one day so they don't have to listen to people NOT talking about GBLT...why don't you just take them out of school and homeschool them so that they can't beat the crap out of GLBT kids on the other days?  Oh right, it would be taking away their right to free expression.


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Strongest Dog in the World

Hey creationists!  Tell me again that all mutations are maladaptive!  (really, the mutation itself is not maladaptive, but the problem with these mega-muscled creatures is that they got the mutant gene from BOTH parents.  When one of the pair is the mutant gene, you just have a creature with more muscular potential than most of it's kind.  Having both genes in the pair turn of Myostatin, and you have a creature whose musculature exceeds the capcity of it's body, shortening life-span and leading to reproductive issues.  Sort of like the genes for sickle cell anemia, where one of the pair being mutated leads to resistance to malaria, but having the mutation in both is bad, or from what I've heard,  Hemochromatosis where one mutant gene makes you resistant to anemia, but two is bad)

Learn more about Wendy, the mutent Whippet.

Here is a story about a human child with a mutation that has the same effect in humans (limiting myostatin production).  Researchers hope that this could eventually lead to a treatment for Muscular Dystrophy.

Here's a bunch of Bull. (they refer to it as a cow in the article...but...that's no cow.)


This is the sort of thing that leads to the creationist fallacy that a genetic mutation that can be damaging for a single creature (such as altruism) is proof that evolution is false.  What can be damaging to an individual can actually be beneficial to a population.

(Hat Tip:  Eric, who has no blog)

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Sunday, 20 April 2008


Grasshopper has been getting into radio plays, BIG TIME.  He's been listening to The Adventures of Ruby over and over again, for instance.

So he wanted to make a radio play, and he and Rocky are putting together some little tests to garner the skills needed.  Here is the first test.

Some of you might recognize the voice of the "damsel in distress"...what can I say?  A voice actor I'm not.  :-)

Montreus.mp3 (353.1 KB)
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For those of you who do not know, there is a growing food crisis world wide.  The cost of food is going up because the costs of producing processing and delivering it are going up.

What you may not realize is that BEFORE the gas prices really got cooking, and BEFORE the mortgage crisis, the biggest growth of demand for food shelf assistance was in the elderly (medical perscription costs cutting into food budget).

The second largest growth was in was middle class suburban families.

The current statistics say that 50% of the people served by foodshelves are children.  The demographic experiencing the largest growth is working families.

One of our favorite places to donate money is the Emergency Food Shelf Network.

I urge you to donate, if you have money that you can donate.

If you need food, and can't afford it...please go to your local food shelf and get some food.  Hey, when you get through this rough patch and back on your feet, you can always make a couple of donations, right?

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In human society, the "Wingman" courageously distracts and entertains the desierable woman's less attractive friend, so that his partner can have a chance to move in on the prize.

And the fundies say that humans are uniquly altruistic, but that's nothing when it comes to the altruism of the side-blotched lizard.

The side-blotched lizard will go out and "distract" a rival by letting the rival kick his ass.  In  the mean time, his buddy gets to enjoy the harem of females uninterrupted.

LOL!  Eat your heart out human "lounge lizards" got nothin' on the real thing!

(hat tip:  A Blog around the Clock)


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Saturday, 19 April 2008

The one of the messages of Hitler (if you've read what he actually wrote) that resonated with the people was that their real-life problems and concerns went unaddressed and unanswered by a dithering and ineffectual liberal elite so wrapped up in holding onto some slip of power, and pandaring to all comers that they neglected the needs of the people.

They were, in other words, bitter about the  lack of responsible leadership from a government which exsisted to serve the desires of the corporate interests.  So when Hitler came along and offered them guns, religion and a hatred of outsiders as solutions they...uh...clung to

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Friday, 18 April 2008

Those darned intellectual elite...

Alway putting down the plucky dissenters who challenge the academic "consensus":



"The so called 'intelligentsia' always looks down with a really limitless condescension on anyone who has not been dragged through the obligatory schools and had the necessary knowledge pumped into him. The question has never been: What are the man's abilities? but: What has he learned? To these 'educated' people the biggest empty-head, if he is wrapped in enough diplomas,is worth more than the brightest boy who happens to lack these costly envelopes.And so it was easy for me to imagine how this ' educated ' world would confront me, and in this I erred only in so far as even then I still regarded people as better than in cold reality they for the most part unfortunately are.  As they are, to be sure, the exceptions, as everywhere else, shine all themore brightly. Thereby, however, I learned always to distinguish between the eternal students and the men of real ability."

                                                                       --Adolph Hilter:  Mein Kampf (all quotes from Mein Kampf taken from this link)

"Not the smallest blame for the none too delectable religiousconditions must be borne by those who encumber the religious idea with toomany things of a purely earthly nature and thus often bring it into a totallyunnecessary conflict with so-called exact science. In this victory willalmost always fall to the latter, though perhaps after a hard struggle,and religion will suffer serious damage in the eyes of all those who areunable to raise themselves above a purely superficial knowledge."

                                                                     --Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf


And as for the materialists with the economic solutions based on facts and knowledge...don't even get him started!  That leads to atheism, and even Hitler knows that's not good!


"In proportion as economic life grew to be the dominant mistress of the state, money became the god whom all had to serve and to whom eachman had to bow down. More and more, the gods of heaven were put into the corner as obsolete and outmoded, and in their stead incense was burned tothe idol Mammon. A truly malignant degeneration set in; what made it most malignant was that it began at a time when the nation, in a presumably menacing and critical hour, needed the highest heroic attitude. Germany had to accustom herself to the idea that some day her attempt to secure her daily bread by means of 'peaceful economic labor' would have to be defended by the sword."

(also Adolph Hitler, also Mein Kampf)


And I'd love to hear a conservative debate Hitler on the traitorous nature of the liberal press in war-time:


"The so-called liberal press was actively engaged in digging the grave of the German people and the German Reich."

                                      (also Adolph Hitler, also mein Kampf)


I'm sure they would have a very nice counter-argument for how opposition to ill-concieved millitarism is a primary function of the press, a national duty, really to preserve a nation's honor and treasure.  THEY'D give old Hitler what-for!

But they'd probably agree with him about the horrors of "safe sex". (link about the inventor of the latex condom)


"Particularly with regard to syphilis, the attitude of the leadership of the nation and the state can only be designated as total capitulation.To fight it seriously, they would have had to take somewhat broader measures than was actually the case. The invention of a remedy of questionable characterand its commercial exploitation can no longer help much against this plague.Here again it was only the fight against causes that mattered and not the elimination of the symptoms. The cause lies, primarily, in our prostitution of love. Even if its result were not this frightful plague, it would nevertheless be profoundly injurious to man, since the moral devastations which accompany this degeneracy suffice to destroy a people slowly but surely. This Jewification of our spiritual life and mammonization of our mating instinct will sooner or later destroy our entire offspring, for the powerful children of a natural emotion will be replaced by the miserable creatures of financial expediency which is becoming more and more the basis and sole prerequisite of our marriages.Love finds its outlet elsewhere."

(Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf)

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They say music inspires...and whadda ya know?  They're right! 

Win Ben Stein's Ethics:  The Musical Gameshow!

And Bensteinian Rhapsody:  A rock opera in one movement.

I think there should be a movie!

Ya know, this has given me an idea about how Expelled can get out of copywrite accusasions...claim tha ttheir premise was so obviously rediculous that their Frankenstein version of "Inner Life of a cell" was parody!  >;->

(Hat Tip:  Pharyngula)

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

So, for those who don’t know about the “Expelled” movie, it’s a movie created by proponents of Intelligent Design intended to do two things.

1)      Promote the idea that God is a fuss-budget failed inventor who has to keep tweaking his creations to get them to work right rather than an all-powerful, all-knowing deity who should be able to get creation right the first time.

2)      Compare tweedy old mild-mannered research biologists to Hitler.

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

3)       Destroy materialist thought and put God back into the center of our social consciousness, and recreate the pre-Enlightenment mindset, where all intellectual effort was required to conform to the religious elite’s world-view.

Three, three things, that the movie “Expelled was intended to do…well, four…

4)      Give an artificial boost to the public persona of several academics who just didn’t have that much notoriety working within the confines of reality.

These four great goals brought forth the movie Expelled…actually, there was the noble goal of having Ben Stein appear in public wearing short-pants…

5)      Get Ben Stein in short pants…oh baby, nothing turns on an Intelligent Designer more than the aging, knobby knees of a Nixon sycophant while his Dulcet voice drones on and on, lifting your spirit heavenward on a cloud of nasal belly-aching about persecution.

Well, it seems that these five noble goals are being shredded, shredded, I say, by the other great materialist evil of our time:  lawyers.  Lawyers and intellectual property laws.

First, the materialists are upset just because we told them that we were interviewing them for one kind of movie concept, for one movie company and then took their interviews and put them in a completely different movie with a completely opposite concept, made by a different movie company.

That’s right! 

And now, these craven materialists are claiming that if you take somebody else’s idea, throw a bell or whistle on it, and then present it as your own…you are cheating!  Can you imagine?  I mean, according to their interpretation of the laws, if I took an iPod apart, built functionally exact but cosmetically different replicas of the workings, and then put it in a different case and called it something else…I’d be breaking the law! 

See, Expelled contains some animation that the Expelled producers made themselves.

It just happens to look almost-but-not-quite-exactly like an animation made by an academic group at a major ivy league university.  It’s purely an accident that the Expelled animation reproduces almost every significant feature of the materialist animation, including significant errors.

But don’t worry, the makers of Expelled are suing the people they copie…uh…independently post-replicated.  We’ll show those materialists a thing or two about reality!  They don’t think it can be bent to the power of human belief.  Boy, are they going to be sorry for their arrogance in persecuting us!  And they would have, too.

They would have persecuted us with a law suit, but luckily, we got to it first, in self-defense.  We’ll see if they back down, or if they are going to further their persecution of us by making us take them to court to defend ourselves against their court case, which we KNOW they would have done, because they are litigious, persecuting bastards.

But they won’t stop!

Now they are claiming that we should have paid money and received permission to use the “intellectual property” of professional musicians!   That’s just silly, besides, there’s no way Yoko Ono would give permission for her husband’s song to be used in a way that shows he is responsible for the crimes of Stalin.

 Disclaimer:  This post, like all of the others on this site, is an act of self-amusement by the author.  It is intended as entertaining parody of the issue, and the unfolding public drama, and is not intended to be seen as making specific charges against specific individuals or entities.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

If you read the wacky fundy sites out there on the internet, you get the idea that spunky little Ben Stein in his short-pants is giving a David-style bump-on-the-head to the Goliath "Darwinism".  The movie "Expelled" which says Darwin is responsible for Hitler, and claimes that Creationists are being discriminated against in academia is supposedly so damning that it has the "Darwinists" on the run!

But if you look at the rest of the story, you see that the analogy is more along the lines of the Creationists are trying to empty the river with a sieve.

Tying Darwin to Nazism was a HUGE mistake on the part of the wacky fundies.  Hitler praised Martin Luther as a "great statesman" in Mein Kampf.  He published Luther's work as propaganda.  He reviled the idea of evolution, and dismissed the ideas of population management and social responsibility as the ideas of a "dear little ape God" who thinks he's clever for thwarting God's plan (sounds like he didn't think much of evolution).

Read this work of Martin Luther's and tell me again how anti-Semitism is the result of scientific or atheistic thought.  Pay particular attention to Part 11 where Luther lays out the political necessity of dealing with the Jews to defend German and Christian heritage in Germany, and the means he recommends for doing it effectivly.  Warning: this is one of the works that caused me to cease to be a Lutheran.

I challenge any wacky fundy to bring me one quote from Hitler praising Darwin.  Bring one work of Darwin that even comes within a planet's breadth of the venom and hatred contained in the above link.  

And bring me the buckle of a Nazi uniform that does NOT have "Gott Mit Uns" printed on it, but instead says anything about evolution.

I will apologize profusely for this post.  Until then, expect no respect from me when you talk about a "link" between "Darwinism" and "Atheism" and Hitler. 

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Grasshopper is ten years old.

He has had a series of writing assignments meant to illustrate various grammar concepts.  The following is his response to an assignment where he was supposed to use verbs in past, present, and future tense:

The Cave

By [name redacted]


     A boy got told by his mother never to go into the Howling Cave, but one day he needed to go.  It was just too mysterious.  So he went with a little food and water and a flashlight.  Later, he didn’t know the way back.

     “I don’t think I packed enough food for me to get lost, and I already feel hungry.” He thought.

     It was dark in the cave.

     “I better turn my flashlight on.”

     Then, he saw yellow eyes.  They were bats!  They started to fly.  A few seconds passed, and he realized he could follow the bats out.

     He ran after the bats, out of the Howling Cave.  When he got home, his mom asked,

     “Where have you been?”

     He said, “At the park.”

     He had mud and scratches all over him.

     “Well, clean off for dinner.  I will find out where you really were eventually.” His mom said. 


The end.


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Or not a Real Christian (TM) with a brain all abuzz with "Sound Doctrine" (TM)...

...but you've always thought that Jesus fellow would be someone you could get behind and root for...

You'll probably like this.

(Hat Tip: The Yurica Report)

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After years of national education policy designed by Republicans, it is discovered that the American educational system is not measuring up for some students.

Somehow, years of unfunded mandates requiring schools to focus resources on bringing the lowest common denominator up to average or above average performance have managed to harm the performance of schools in urban areas where local budgets have trouble meeting the demands.

So, naturally, it's the Democrats fault.

um...what again?  

I don't know, it looks pretty simple to me.  Here we are in Eden Prairie.  President Bush pushed all sorts of requirements onto the schools, but provided inadequate funding to cover the requirements.  Pawlenty eviscerated the education budget, and pushed the bill back to local communities.

Eden Prairie raised the taxes on its upper-middle class residents, and is doing fine.  Minneapolis tried to squeeze blood out of working poor turnips, and came up dry, and they're hurting.

And it's the Democrats fault how again?

I suppose it would be the Democrats fault too, if Pawlenty had suceeded in his bid to cap the amount of money a local goverment could raise to pay for their own schools?

sure, why not?

And its the Democrats fault that Pawlenty wants to take state tax money, and instead of rescuing urban schools, he wants to "give the money back" to property owners and look like he's the big brave tax bandit giving back to the people.  Dude, our property taxes went up BECAUSE OF YOUR POLICIES, and the policies of your Dear Leader.

You'd think he would have learned his lesson when he vetoed that bill which included money to repair a certain bridge, just so he could get his "Jesse checks" out.

[update:  Minneapolis schools dispute the findings of the study, saying that many of the students counted as "drop-outs" are infact merely students that live inside the district, but attend (and graduate from ) schools outside the district due to our liberal open-enrollment policy.

here's a link to that:]

It should be pointed out that the first and biggest proponant of "school choice"  (of the REAL in, public funds spent on public schools, not private or religious schools) Was Gov. Rudy Perpich; (D).  He promoted the idea of open enrollment AND charter schools.  Guess who opposed Charter schools?  His successor, Gov. Arne Carlson (R).

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Monday, 14 April 2008

I read this review of Rush's Snakes and Arrows album in Christianty today.

I find it interesting that the reviewer reads the lyrics as hopless and empty, whereas I see them as full to the brimming of hope and meaning.

The reviewer laments the struggle embodied in the lyrics.  I celebrate and embrace it.

The reviewer hopes and prays that Neil Peart and the rest of the band will eventually succumb to easy answers and the peace of simple unquestioning, faith which will take away their striving and leave them content.

I think that is the greatest tragedy that could befall them.

I have heard this from Christians all my life:  "Stop struggling".

The deep-seated irony of those words seems sometimes to be lost on everyone but me.

"Stop struggling" to me means "stop living", "give up your dignity", "give up your self-determination"...the list could continue.

Even Jesus said he came to bring us strife.

Easy answers are for pussies.  Take your easy answers (and your sanctimonious pity, for that matter), follow where they lead you, and good riddance.

Oh yeah, and by the way "Working Them Angels" only becomes "a confession of Neal Peart's reckless living" if you don't listen to any of the other lyrics besides the refrain.  good God, who would think that "driving away to the east and into the past" has anything to do with Neil's personal history?  (though by some accounts he's been a bit of a risk-taker from time-to-time) What possible entity began it's existance in the East, and moved westward as it aged?  What entity might have it's conciousness stored simultaniously in the "heart of a factory town" and the memory of an "English winter" and an "African village?"

What entity could have possibly forged it's fortune by working "angels" overtime? (not literal angels, you dolt, but many thousands of souls long past, whose actions benifitted the future)?

If you haven't figured it out by now, you probably won't.  Go pray about it.  You still won't know what I'm talking about, but you'll feel better.


Sort of lost it there.

I can handle sanctimonous jerks OK.

And I can handle clueless people pitying others for not enjoying spiritual sloth.

And I can handle snide, talentless reviewers pontificating about something they don't understand.

All at once, and it gets to be too much for me.

Sorry again, please go about your business.

Hopefully, that business is something more productive for humanity than praying for my immortal soul.


P.S. yes, I HAVE had a bit to drink tonight, why do you ask?

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I'm still adjusting to it being spring, with the snow melted and all that.  Now I can ride my bike to the gym, or run if I wish.  Today I rode my bike, as I had already been out for a long walk with the dog.

So I arrived a the gym and my work-out went really smoothly.  I was able to put a lot of explosive power into each lift, and really get the muscles burning.  Sometimes I arrive with a sort of lackluster energy level, and can't really shake it.  Not today.  The muscles were really happy to work, and the burn felt GOOD!  In fact, I was completely wrecked by the time I finished my stretches.  I was a big pile of goo, ready to go out and get in my car and drive home for a soak and additional stretching in the neighbor's hot-tub (whish we have a standing invitation to use any time we want to, as it is out-of-doors and they're really nice people).

Yep, I'd managed to put everything I had into my work-out, and I felt really good about it.  I hadn't held anything back...

...and then I opened the locker and saw the bike helmet there.


It was only a mile-and-a-half home, and surprisingly,even though I thought I had nothing left...I made it back.



"I juggle my family" (ten brownie points the the person who gets that referance.  Hint: it is said with a crap Russian accent)

Two of my favorite machines are the hip abductor and hip adductor machines.  I like to work on explosive power on these machines, keeping the weight down somewhat, and just working on maintaining a fast and powerful, but controlled contraction through the full range of motion.  I've found that this has really helped those muscles relax later, when I stretch them, and has helped my flexibility as well as the speed of my kicks.  These muscles take a lot of abuse in the martial arts, and isolating them for a little intense, focused work makes them feel really good.

I do 145 lbs on each machine  (these machines work both legs at the same time, so it isn't as much as it sounds).

Anyway, I got on the hip abductor the other day, and the weight was set to ninety lbs.  I didn't think anything of it, there are a lot of little old ladies at the gym that time of day, and tiny little trophy wives.  They use the weight machines, but can't lift very much weight (I routinely find the bench press at 50 lbs).

I rapped off my first set of twenty, and then paused before doing the second set, and realized that the lady on the hip adductor machine next to me was openly staring at me.

I wondered for a minute if there was a green, slobbering space monster behind me or something, but then I realized that the lady had the machine set to 90 LBS.  I smiled.  She smiled back uncertainly, and then began painfully struggling through another set.

I blew through my second set, and went on to the glute machine to wait for her to be done with the one she was on.

The moral of the story is, apparently, I am very scary to suburban housewives.


"Dirty old men...kind of".

There's this little old lady that I see at the gym sometimes.  I'll call her "Carmen".  She's in her late '60's and she's just the cutest thing.  she wears a pink Nike track suit, and she works out everyday at about the same time.  I always enjoy seeing her there, because she's friendly, but I must admit that I get some entertainment at her expense sometimes.

I'm not proud of it, but I think you'll forgive me when I tell you why.

Carmen has replaced much of the subcutaneous fat that we all have when we are younger with a nice layer of muscle.  She does a lot of shaping and toning exercises, so that her posture and shape is that of a much younger woman...

...and hence the humor

You will see her working out, and every once in a while you will see an older man here or there who has not encountered Carmen yet, and he will be checking out her butt.

Then, he suddenly realizes that he is checking out the butt of a woman he must imagine is decades younger than himself, and he looks chagrined.  Then, he gets a look a Carmen's face and realizes that under that dyed red hair is the face of someone more his age, and then he gets a different expression a "I was checking THAT out?!?" expression...and then he realizes that the old lady he finds so unattractive is his own age, and he gets another facial expression, which is best described as deflated.


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Friday, 11 April 2008

I'm not a follower of Oprah's woo factory, but wow.  The Christians REALLY don't like her!



Friday, 11 April 2008 17:44:13 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [6] | #

Theocrats around the country can relax.  Even Democratic "liberal theologins" believe that atheists have no right to speak in public.  Especially if they are objecting to one million dollars in public funds being given to a religious school.

Even some Democrats are willing to stand up and scream at atheists that they have no right to petition their government, no right to speak in matters of public interest, and no right to testify before their lawmaking bodies:

"This is the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God," Davis said. "Get out of that seat . . . You have no right to be here! We believe in something. You believe in destroying! You believe in destroying what this state was built upon."

Here's an even better quote from the good woman:

Davis: It’s dangerous to the progression of this state. And it’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists! Now you will go to court to fight kids to have the opportunity to be quiet for a minute. But damn if you’ll go to  [court] to fight for them to keep guns out of their hands. I am fed up! Get out of that seat!

I laughed and laughed about this, because Lord knows, the NRA is full of atheists.  That's why they had Moses for their president! LOL! 

Of course, she apologized.  She apologized, and explained her behavior by saying that she was upset because another Chicago school child had been killed.

And that makes sense how?  How are atheists responsible for school children getting guns and killing each other?

Sounds like someone needs to educate herself about an issue or two, her prejudices are showing.


Friday, 11 April 2008 05:45:44 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #
Wednesday, 09 April 2008

This fanvid is for anyone who ever fell in love with someone who made them want to be a better person.

And, for that matter, for anyone whoever fell in love with someone who knocked them off their high horse, shook them out of their complacency, and completely robbed them of their equalibrium.

I give you:  Daniel and Vala.


Pssst...don't look now, but I may have somehow become a Daniel/Vala 'shipper without realizing it. It took me even longer than it took Daniel! LOL.

What can I say, if you really love something, you're willing to let it go.  :-)

Wednesday, 09 April 2008 12:07:03 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] |  | #

He-who-must-not-be-named has a post up about how theocrats aren't so bad...they just want the right everyone else has to have their religious views inform their public activities.

um...dude, do you know what Theocrat means?

Theocracy doesn't mean a nation of people who are predominantly Christian making public policy decisions informed by their religious beliefs.

Theocracy means that the relious beliefs of the most powerful group become the law of the land, denying other people their right to freely exercise their own concience.

This is the goal of Theocrats.

Of course, there aren't really that many of them, so they have to get others to do some of the heavy lifting.  So people like Ahmanson fund groups to get the results he wants, and a lot of nice, earnest Christians who are not interested at all in Theocracy sign on and help.

The confusion comes in when earnest Christians are duped into serving the purposes of the Theocrats.  You might not be a theocrat, but trying to make theocrats look like fluffy bunnies just because some of them serve on the boards and make huge contributions to your favorite organizations is a fools game.


This is theocracy:

"In winning a nation to the gospel, the sword as well as the pen must be used" (Gary North, Christian Reconstructionism, p. 198).

"The long-term goal of Christians in politics should be to gain exclusive control over the franchise. Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant - baptism and holy communion - must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel. The way to achieve this political goal is through successful mass evangelism followed by constitutional revision." Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism, p. 87

"As a tactic for a short-run defense of the independent Christian school movement, the appeal to religious liberty is legitimate. Everyone who is attempting to impose a world-and-life view on a majority (or on a ruling minority) always uses some version of the liberty doctrine to buy himself and his movement some time, some organizational freedom, and some power. Still, nobody really believes in the whole idea. Politics always involves establishing one view of the 'holy commonwealth,' and excluding all other rival views. The Communist Party uses the right of free association to get an opportunity to create a society in which all such rights are illegal. The major churches of any society are all maneuvering for power, so that their idea of lawful legislation will become predominant. They are all perfectly willing to use the ideal of religious liberty as a device to gain power, until the day comes that abortion is legalized (denying the right of life to infants) or prohibited (denying the 'right of control over her own body,' after conception, to each woman). Everyone talks about religious liberty, but no one believes it.

"So let us be blunt about it: we must use the doctrine of religious liberty to gain independence for Christian schools until we train up a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God." Gary North, "The Intellectual Schizophrenia of the New Christian Right", The Failure of the American Baptist Culture, pp. 24-25.


(And incidentally, Gary North wants you to Vote Ron Paul)

Wednesday, 09 April 2008 09:00:02 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [8] | #

There is a list of traits where, if that was all someone knew about me, they would assume I am an eighty-year-old grandfather.

The fact that I love licorice is one of them.  I'm not a fanatic or anything, I just like me some good licorice once in a while.

Found a new brand.  The best yet:

Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gormet Black Licorice.


Wednesday, 09 April 2008 06:39:29 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [1] | #
Tuesday, 08 April 2008

One of Sixty-six blogger’s buddies had a crappy experience in Bemidji.  There’s nothing new about having crappy experiences in Bemidji, but this one was notable because his buddy was one of his Iraq war buddies, and he was given the finger by an anti-war protester because he was in uniform.

From the description on Sixty-six, the veteran was just passing by the protest, so I assume he didn’t say or do anything to provoke the finger.  These guys spent over a year in a hostile country controlling their behavior around people who showed their hostility every day.  That kind of professionalism doesn’t just usually go out the window because of a couple of signs.

My cousin was there in Iraq with this guy, and the idea of anyone giving the finger to someone in uniform who served in good faith ticks me off.

If you want to protest the war, good on ya.  I for one am very grateful for every soldier who is willing to defend this country and everything it stands for.  And I am also damned proud of every person who is willing to ask if the sacrifices our country demands from the soldiers is worth it.

When you join the military, you commit yourself to doing your job, and you give up many of your rights to question what that job should be.  Your job becomes to do what you are told.  You don’t get to dither about whether this job is worth risking you life and limb, or if that job is something you think will be effective.  It is the responsibility of every citizen to pay attention and take responsibility for the lives and well-being of our soldiers.

Will war in Iraq make our country safer?  Are the decisions of the leaders of our country and military sound and wise decisions that will lead to this conflict being as short, effective, and as bloodless as possible?  Did Saddam Hussein have anything at all to do with the events of 9/11?

I haven’t seen anything to convince me that the answers to these questions is “yes”.  If there is such evidence, it is the responsibility of our government to prove it.  They haven’t.  Last I heard there was nothing in the Constitution that said I have to take “just trust us on this” as a final answer from my damn government.  The fact that the administration has not proved its case is not the fault of those who doubt the case.  Even the vice president is on record claiming several times in public that the administration never claimed the things that were supposedly the rationals for going to war in Iraq.  We’re not supposed to think there’s something amiss about that?

To me, if you think that our government may have sent our troops into a war in Iraq on a purely political adventure, screwed up the mission by neglecting Afghanistan and the capture of Bin Laden, and pursued a disastrously incompetent administration of the war over the objections of experienced military leaders, then you have an obligation to say so, and to demand accountability from the administration.  If any veteran would like to “curb-stomp” me for saying that (a desire expressed on the sixty-six blog), I assume you are just using hyperbole, because you of all people should remember what country this is.

That said, if you’re protesting the war, for Pete’s sake, leave the soldiers alone.  Sure, the administration is far away, and you’re probably a punk-ass kid who wants some immediate feed-back that your protest is noticed.  Get over it.  Write a letter to a Democrat and tell them you want them to do something besides issue non-binding frickin’ resolutions.  Direct your anger appropriately.  You think YOU’RE pissed because we have wracked up a monumental national debt over-paying private contractors connected with the administration for a political war that you have no reason to believe has helped the security of our country one bit?  How do you think you’d feel if you watched your friends get killed for it?  Lost a leg or an arm for it?  Received a permanent brain injury because of it?  And then came home and had to take the finger for it from punk-assed kids?

Until we find out that some guy who lost his job while he spent 16 months in Iraq dodging bullets was the cause of the decision to invade Iraq, keep your middle finger to yourself.

Tuesday, 08 April 2008 07:39:26 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [5] | #
Monday, 07 April 2008

Gen. O'Neill: [smugly] My, this is an occasion. You know that bitter taste in your throat? It's kind of wrapped around your uvula? That's what's left of your pride.


                                         --Stargate SG-1



I like to help.  So when Eric called and said that he and his friend Chris had removed a wall of his three season porch, and would I like to come over and help move his ginormous hot-tub out through the de-constructed wall, naturally I said "Sure!"


The event started out with the usual planning and plotting and disconnecting and unwiring and lifting and prying, and tweaking and situating...and culminated in a concentrated push across the floor, down a carefully constructed ramp, and onto some improvised skids in the yard.


In between, of course, was the part where we started to push, and got the thing going REALLY well...and my foot slipped in a puddle of water, causing my face to slam chin-first into the edge of the hot-tub.


There is no visible bruising, but the area is quite tender.  The tip of my chin and a small, puffy bump on my lip that you can't even see on the outside, but I can feel with my tongue on the inside.


Thank God it didn't get ugly and purple.  I teach class tomorrow, and I don't want to scare the parents of the children I teach by showing up with my arms all covered in bruises (most hidden by my shirtsleeves)  AND with my face all banged up.


I left them to put the wall back together, and get the space ready to recieve Eric's incredible new piano.



Monday, 07 April 2008 20:41:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [4] |  | #
Saturday, 05 April 2008

Had a great time at Kung Fu today.  One of the other second degree black belts and I mixed it up with some old-school grappling/strikeing/take-down/groundwork stuff.  It was fun.

I got to show off the superior core-lower-body strength of women fighters.  Men like to think that they have the upper-hand because of superior upper-body strength, but in the end, all that does is put you at risk for letting yourself get put off balance.  Don't get me wrong, upper-body strength is great for climbing trees and chucking spears and stuff, but when it comes to throwing your opponant over your hip, I'll take a nice, low, girlie center of gravity any day. 

I also got to show how rabbit punches (sorry, meant rapid punches.)to the body, comined with knees to the solar plexus and elbows to the jaw can short-circuit a lot of standard wrestling moves.

And yes, I pretty much got powned after my opponant drove his shoulder into my chest, and knocked me into the wall. I wasn't even thinking when he went to back off and I put him into an elbow lock, but I didn't hit him.

Normally, I hold back quite a bit because I am sparring lower-ranked people and it is my responsibility to make sure that neither of us gets injured, and to make sure that they improve and learn.

What's great about this, though is that even thought it LOOKED like we should have been completely wrecked after the fight (knees to the solar plexus, elbows to the jaw, trips, throws, etc. - neither one of us had even a minor injury.

I get more bruises from a tepid sparring match with an intermediate student. 

I got rocked pretty good when my break-fall didn't completly keep my head from hitting the ground after a leg-trap-take-down, but it cleared right away.  No worries. 

 I'm happy endorphine girl now.  It's been a while since baby's been able to play.


Saturday, 05 April 2008 18:25:41 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [4] |  | #
Friday, 04 April 2008

Feeling a little down after so much time with no new "The Show"s with Ze Frank?

My friend Eric (who mostly limits his comments to e-mail) sent me a link to a new important news source:




Now, there is no excuse for being ignorant about current events.  You've got the Daily Show, and "Unlce Jay" can you lose?

Friday, 04 April 2008 12:19:58 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [3] |  | #
Thursday, 03 April 2008

So I am at the Doctor today, waiting to get the anti-biotics that will help me kill the projectile lung crud that always takes over my body this time of year and makes me not able to run. (Point of interest, even with said projectile lung crud, my peak-flow at the athsma Dr. last week was 550, which I damned impressive, if I do say so myself)

Anyway, I got there early because the errends I planned to run on the way didn't take that long.

So I pulled my old Algerba book out of my back-pack and started working some problems.  I'm brushing up so I can help Adventure Boy put in some extra study time.

The nice lady in the headscarf across the room, gets up and says "What are you studying, can I see?"

She's all jazzed, "I love Algebra, it is my favorite subject!"

We start working problems together, and I try some Arabic on her.  Turns out, she doesn't speak Arabic, so I assume she must be from Iran.  I never learned any Farsi.

But we don't get too far when the nurse calls her in for her appointment.  :-(


Who knew you could make friends doing Algebra in the doctor's waiting room?


Thursday, 03 April 2008 17:50:18 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #

Once again, I would like to urge you:

If you live in Minnesota, and your child recieves comprehensive sex education, please call or write your local school board and thank them.

The above link will take you to a story that credits Florida's abstinance-only education for the spread of such myths as:

Mt. Dew and Marajuana prevent pregnancy, and a capful of bleach prevents HIV/AIDS.


Thursday, 03 April 2008 16:22:44 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] |  | #
Wednesday, 02 April 2008
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 20:03:25 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #

It occurs to me that I have not linked to Conrad Zero for a while.

It’s not that he hasn’t had anything worth linking to.  After all, I enjoyed his entry entitled “No, I never Slept with Diablo Cody” enough to comment on it.

It’s probably mostly because I am mortified that I am sometimes described as “the first fan of Jagged Spiral who is not married to them or related by blood”.  Yet I have not been to a single solitary one of their live performances.


Mostly because they keep having them on nights when I have to work, and my husband is out of town, and I’m tired afterwards, and someone has to go home and make sure the kids are still alive and check their homework, and get to bed early enough to wake up at 5:30 AM make them a hot breakfast and get them to school on time.

You would think I’d be able to excuse myself with the above reasons, but I can’t.  What kind of “first fan of the band to DEFINE the genre of northern gothic epic rock” begs off because she has to check homework, she’s too tired, and she has to get up early?

But I finally have to admit it.  I’m a fraud.  Don’t get me wrong, I like their music a lot, and I find their personalities and personal details very fun and compelling, but those are just the beginnings of fandom.

Fan is short for “fanatic”, after all – and a “fanatic” would make it out to a bar on a weeknight and leave the kids a bottle of Jack Daniels and a book of matches to amuse themselves with for another couple of hours.

I DID vote for them numerous times on “Rock the Dash” (and you can too.  The Band is Jagged Spiral.  The songs are "Let it out" and "Not Enough Bullets" You can vote once per day).

But I’m afraid it’s too little too late.

Well, there.  Now THAT’s out of the way.  I feel a great sense of relief, and though it was difficult to come to terms with it, I think my energy that was previously directed toward denial will be more useful in overcoming my enduring sense of shame and loss.

And I think I can begin to link to Conrad again from time-to-time.  Now seems like a good time.

Conrad has re-defined his war on emo.  He now defines it as a war on emo music, not a war on emo kids.  Because having a war on emo kids would be lame…and he’s right, of course.

But as someone who has passed difficult passages of time sustained only by The Cure and (naturally)  Gary Newman, I really feel that I must speak up in defense of Emo (and yes, Screamo) music.

I’m reminded of a prim little English teacher who once pontificated that vulgarity was the last refuge of the illiterate.  In other words, if you couldn’t find words to express yourself appropriately, you resorted to vulgarity.  I didn’t raise my hand an point out that there were, in fact situations for which there WAS no appropriate vocabulary except vulgarity.  Mostly because I wanted to nip out for a smoke on a pilfered bathroom pass, and figured that calling attention to myself would be strategically counter-productive.

But I have long since stopped smoking, and Conrad can’t send me to the principal’s office, so I’d like to just raise my hand here and say that there are some days where you just can’t find a better way of expressing your feelings than to flop onto the couch and play a ten-minute spot of Bright Eyes…or slip on the gloves and work the heavy bag to a half album of Lincoln Park.

It might not be the best choice, or the socially acceptable choice, but sometimes it’s just plain the only music that does the job.

Wednesday, 02 April 2008 09:26:00 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] | #
Tuesday, 01 April 2008

There ought to be a law against doing that with an image of Eugene Scott, though. And to cleanse the pallet:


OK, I'm sorry too:

Tuesday, 01 April 2008 18:58:10 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [0] |  | #
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