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Saturday, 25 April 2009


"Chrisitanity is the foundation of our morals"


Yet it seems like a foundation that fails as often and as spectacularly as any other.

Everytime I hear about how religion makes people better, and how humanity would be so much worse without religion, and how all the world's ills are due to a lack of religion, or not enough religion, or whatever, I think of stories like this.

I get tired of hearing pompous and sanctimonious harping on how religion is a magic wand that makes us better people.  Obviously, it isn't.  If it helps some people, then it helps some people, but forcing children to pray in school, or taking taxpayer's money and giving it to churches, and having Godly symbols in our public places will clearly not help us improve society one bit.  There are good and bad religious people, there are good and bad non-religious people.  They happen at roughly the same rate and rank. 

So can we ditch the foundation argument already?  If it helps you, great.  I'm all for it.  Have at it.  But can I stop hearing about how I'm eroding the foundation of our society's morals by not believeing any number of magic fairy stories? 

Tell you what...

If you ever find me using a position of power and influence granted me as a privilaged member of a secular organization to murder a disabled person for insurance money...I'll be willing to re-open the discussion.  Until then, I'm not buying it.

(Hat Tip: Pharyngula)

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