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Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Any of you remember Gilligan's Island?  Remember the depictions of simple native "Polynesian-ish" people brought to a roiling frenzy over the violation of some randomly rediculous "sacred object"?

Remember how silly and funny you thought it was when you were little?  Remember how (if you're a liberal) you later felt a little squeemish over someone representing an entire ethnic group as being so stupid and backwards? 

'cause nobody would really assault someone over a simple representational object.  I mean, there's no "primitive", cannabalistic cult on the earth that actually thinks that representational fetisches are their physical God, right?

Wrong.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

That said, I don't have a lot of sympathy for Webster Cook either.  Come on, every good country kid knows, you walk past a hornet's nest, you just keep on walking.  You don't put a stick in it and smash it around.  If they fly into your house or come and sting you, you smash them.  Or if they try to build in your barn, you break out the wasp spray...but you don't go into the woods where they have a perfect right to be, seek them out and stir them up.  That's just dumb.

I know that some are saying its a protest against having public money going to hold a Catholic mass on campus.  But that's not good enough.  I mean, I haven't heard anyone say that Catholics are the ONLY ones allowed to have mass on campus, and I hadn't heard that the group was trying to influence the administration or functioning of the college in any way, nor that students were required by the university to attend the mass.

Also, as one poster pointed out on line, if he wanted to show the Eucharist to his friend and explain it's importance, he should have just ordered a box of wafers online.  Then, he could crumble them up into his bathtub and roll around in them if he wanted to, and nobody would know.

(Hat Tip:  Pharyngula)


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