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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Ever go to a kid’s hockey game?  Not the little kids who can barely stand up on their skates, but the kids who know the skills, and know the game, but don’t have the maturity for a lot of discipline yet?

If you know hockey, you know that everyone  has a job to do.  Some people are there to keep the puck from getting to the net, and some are there to catch and send passes to move the puck forward, and some are there to skate up the middle and score.

Sometimes you have a strategic job to do, the coach will say “watch that guy, and stay on him”.

Anyway, if everyone does their job, the team works like a charm.  But there’s always those kids.  You know the ones I mean…the puck chasers.  They aren’t worried about where they are supposed to be, or what they’re supposed to be doing.  They chase the puck.  Where it goes, they go, their mind is on following the puck, not on doing their job.  Rather positioning themselves where they know they’re supposed to be, and doing their job, they are always in just the wrong spot to be of use to anyone but themselves.

I think Hillary Clinton is a puck chaser.

Barak Obama?  I’d like to see him get a little more time off the bench first.  I like him, but on the other hand, he's gotten Sue to read a political book.  So it MIGHT be that he is the Anti-Christ after all.

I’m thinking about taking a real close look at Edwards and Richardson.

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