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Sunday, 25 November 2007

While I'm sympathetic to this guy's anti-war views...

And I'm all about putting anti-establishment bumper stickers on your car...

WHO THE HELL carries a digital audio recorder in a pistol case in their vehicle?  Why would you do that?

Not that there is anything WRONG with doing it...I just don't understand why you would.  It seems like it would just not work as well as, oh I don't know...a digital audio recorder case?

I realize that I'm just a dopy liberal who can't even understand something as simple as why you would want to gather together a large group of fundies to stage a revolt to turn South Carolina into a theocratic republic...

But it just seems odd to me.

But at least they're not alone.  Ron Paul understands them.  And is willing to take arrows for them.

Thank God for Ron Paul.

Thank God the poor misunderstood Americans who understand that we have to destroy America to save it have SOMEONE to go to bat for them.

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