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Friday, 23 February 2007


The "unbiased" conservative alternative to Wikipedia!  (unbiased AND conservative.  I wonder if they have an entry explaining the unbiased conservative definition of "oxymoron?")

And they are already bragging about how they have defeated immunizations.  Lovely.

God hates public health.  What next?  A Conservapedia entry about how they managed to sabotage drinking water floridation?

So, what do you all think?  Spoof, or No Spoof?

(I'm suspicious because of how closely they mimicked Wikipedia's "look" and format, plus, they seem to have pandered to exactly the most extreme Conservative stereotypes.  And the irony meter is even higher than usual what with the "unbiased conservative alternative" angle.  I mean really, announcing yourself to be "unbiased", while making your description of your bias the primary marketing focus ("conservative")of your whole site?  Really.  Just how dumb do they think we think they are?)


(via Pharyngula)

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