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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

National events have me too bummed out for words.  Drilling in ANWAR…Paul Wolfowitz proposed as head of World Bank…but on the upside Bernard Ebbers is found guilty on all counts.  I guess I’m still waiting on the sentence to see if that’s really good news or not…how much should we punish someone when their greed, sense of being above the law, and possession of a position of trust contributes to seriously pole-axing our economy.


     A friend of mine has proposed televised executions – on grounds of treason.  Personally, I’ve seen enough of Ken Lay…dead or alive.  A real honest-to-God prison term for him would make me happy.  Just don't make me have to watch it ad nauseum al a Martha Stewart.


     So, I’ve taken a mental vacation, in case you haven’t noticed.


     I’m concentrating on my black belt test – which I hope to take on April 3rd.  Current sticking points are: the 25 knuckle push-ups and 25 finger-tip pushups –all to be done without pausing (except for a half-second or so to switch from knuckles to finger-tips); the abwork- 150 crunches, 200 bicycle sit-ups and 20 v-ups in less than 3 minutes; the kip-up; the splits (all 3 ways) and the fact that every single kicking combo seems to have a sweep of some kind in it.  Somehow, I am not so able to spin 360 degrees in a full crouching with one leg sticking out straight.  I can do the sweeps under some conditions: none of which are guaranteed the day of the test.


     I’m practicing every day…but there is still a lot of work to do, and time is running short.  There is nothing on the test I feel 100% about.  The above list things are merely the things that I’m certain I would not pass if I took the test today.  Ugh.

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