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Sunday, 15 October 2006

I read this article in the Agape Press, reviewing a book about how the Public School System is trying to destroy America.


Can you believe this is actually going on?  And I quote:


The author discovered that teachers often use open-ended questions to cause confusion in the mind of a child”


Oh my God!  If you ask open ended questions and cause confusion in the minds of a child, what next?  Will they start thinking for themselves?  Will they start believing stuff because they thought it through and tested it against the real world, and know that it’s right rather than relying on authority figures to provide them with pat easy answers?  We can’t have that.  What did they do to the last educator convicted of that sort of behavior?  What was his name?  Socrates? (you know, the guy many consider to be the father of western thought?)  Anyone remember what they did to him?


Oh wait.  I apologize.  I’m asking questions.  I might cause confusion.  Pardon me.  I’ll just make an unequivocal moral statement.


They made him drink hemlock, that’s what they did.  He was asking open-ended questions, causing confusion in the minds of young people, and so he had to be killed.


End of story.


But wait, you say?  We don’t have the proper political and social climate necessary for us to get the public to poison hundreds of thousands of educators?


No problem.  Just pull your kids out of public school, teach them moral absolutes, and make sure that they have complete revulsion for birth control, and no idea how the reproductive system can be managed at all.


After a couple of generations, of home-schooling and uncontrolled breeding, we’ll have the mob, and the mob mentality to go with it, and then…then…we start poisoning teachers.


We have to play the long game, but it’s OK.  God is on our side.


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