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Friday, 14 April 2006

And let's start with getting rid of Rumsfeld and putting someone who has a clue in his place.  He's constantly irritated at the "old thinking" of "old Europe" and the old thinking of the old millitary leadership...but aparently those aren't the only "old world" hold-outs holding back the progress of his new ideas.  Reality on the ground in Iraq doesn't seem to be able to align itself with his philosophy either, and that's just darned inconvenient.

Rumsfeld looks to be a mite out of touch with reality.   And he's not the only one.

When Adventure Boy mentioned that we have a cousin in Iraq...his classmates didn't believe him.  Only a handfull of close friends believed him.  They were unable to accept that someone they actually knew had a relative in Iraq.  For them, "supporting the troops" is a magnetic bumper sticker and wearing camo pants. 

But beyond that, I've talked to a few people in person, who support the war, and SAY they support our troops who absolutely deny that there are any millitary people who oppose the war...or even just oppose it's execution.

I'm willing to accept the POSSIBILITY that the war in Iraq might have EVENTUALLY become necessary (although you would think they would have been able to come up with a compelling case by now that has some tangible and unimpeachable proof behind it).  I absolutely believe that we should have gone to Afghanistan (and I think we should have stayed more focused on dealing with that a little more thoroughly)  At this time, I'm not willing to entertain any illusion that it is being handeled well...

And according to this New York Times article, neither is a significant portion of the millitary leadership.

As it points out in the article, it is extremely difficult for millitary people to criticize the decisions of their civilian bosses - as it should be.  The civilian government should be in charge of the millitary -but when they over-come that hurdle and start criticizing anyway...I think it's time to listen and maybe make some changes of WHICH civilians we choose to do our job for us.

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