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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

     Last night I went over to Tony and Kristi’s for some fight choreography.  Sasha was there as well. 


Escape velocity was very difficult to reach.  Grasshopper needed to be picked up from orchestra about the same time I was supposed to be there.  No problem I’ve got a neighbor who, for some reason, thinks she owes me a million favors (she doesn’t, but I’m not above exploiting that perception when necessary).  Her son went and picked Grasshopper up, and hung out with the kids for the evening.


So I made dinner for the kids real quick (did you know they have dinners in bag you can throw in a casserole dish and pop in the microwave for 5-10 minutes and viola!  Instant dinner?)


Normally I’m all about the big, many-item dinner made from scratch where the main ingredients are love and implied passive-aggressive guilt trip (you better enjoy this, I worked and slaved….yadda yadda yadda).  But you gotta love a meal that almost cooks itself.


Anyway, grabbed a power bar for myself and it was off to Maple Grove.  Once escape velocity is reached, I always like going to Tony and Kristi’s house.  I think they welcome everyone with shouts of their name and big, wide-armed hugs and all…but you do feel special, anyway.


Their dog, codenamed, “nerd hound”, will not be dissuaded until he gets his doggy massage.  There was the admiring of the new carpet in the basement and general improvements going on there due to recent flood caused by a previous owner who was an inept do-it-yourselfer.  (Don’t ask).


And we got down to work.  This movie has been really cool.  I’ve worked almost exclusively with Sasha, Kristi and Tony on the fighting for this movie, and the energy is great.  Sasha is physically a natural talent with movement.  Kristi is a trained martial artist.  Tony is vocally appreciative of  beautiful women gifted in movement fighting with each other.  Positive energy feedback loop ensues.


Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of false starts.  A lot of times I come up with stuff that just doesn’t work.  Sasha and Kristi and Tony let me know when that happens.  This great comic moment developed last night in the fight we were working on.  I think it was Kristi that suggested what we actually went with…but it was building off and idea that Sasha had and Tony ran with it.  Then I tweaked it a little by changing the height of the techniques, and viola!  Unabashed cheesy Kung Fu movie homage done Stone Soup-style right in the middle of a semi-serious fight scene.  It even worked with the dialogue as written.


We also sketched out some of Tony’s hopes and dreams for the big, climactic fight scene at the end…and one small fight where I get to be an extra and get dispatched summarily by Cassie Banning in just three moves.


It practically wrote itself, and was more about hanging out with friends than anything.  Unfortunately, the basking in the glow of intense creative activity had to be short and sweet.  I needed to reach escape velocity again, and get home.

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