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Friday, 25 March 2005

So last night my friend Rick called and told me the news.  A T-Rex thigh bone that was fossilized such that only the outer layers of bone were fossilized, and the inner layers of bone and SOFT TISSUE were preserved, encased in the mineral deposits of the outer layers.


     Holy mother-fucking shit doesn’t even begin to cover it, although apparently this is the second time that this sort of thing has been discovered…but the first time there were some problems with the sample, and this one is more intact yet than the first one.


     I’m totally jonesing on this thing.  I’ll be listening to MPR Science Friday today, you can count on it.  I just bet this is going to be the topic of the day.


A word from Rick’s LJ :


Intact soft tissue recovered from 70 million year-old Tyrannosaur thighbone...
... and the news barely noticed. A seven-second long blip (seriously) on CNN, nothing on Faux News. The CNN blip, by the way, was immediately followed by a thirty-five second video clip and voice-over about the fact that sharks eat fish. I should be kidding, but unfortunately I'm not.

Maybe the headline should be "Cloned Tyrannosaur, wearing black trenchcoat, goes on shooting rampage at northern Minnesota high school while pulling out Terri Schiavo's feeding tube." Yeah, then people might pay attention.

Fucking mundanes.


     Back to me:

     It’s true that this is frustrating.  Not only are the Terri Schaivo case and the Red Lake Shooting distracting from the intolerable DeLay ethics violations, but they are eclipsing real news of public interest like this.


     What is it about people that they are more interested in pursuing a voyeuristic obsession with the private pain of individuals that in actual news that advances human knowledge and affects us all?

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