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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

PZ Myer’s daughter, Skatje has a very good entry up about the Pledge of Allegiance.  I personally wouldn’t think that the Pledge is that important an issue, except that it’s yet another erosion in the separation of Church and State.  If it weren't being used to push a MORE religionist presance in the schools, I wouldn't really care.

Anyway, she makes many good points, and she’s become quite the young commentator on things religious and political.  I think I’d better blogroll her, as she is fun and encouraging to read as Frecklescassie.

Here’s my favorite thing in the entry she made, though it IS rather a footnote, it was the one thing I didn’t know before I read the piece:

"This is mostly irrelevant, but it made me giggle. The way the pledge was recited pre-WW2 was with heart over hand and then on the words “to the Flag,” the hand was extended with palm outwords. I think you might be able to guess why they changed this after the war."

There's a picture.  It's pretty funny.

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