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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Christians win the right to attend a school for homosexual students.


     In a revolutionary new ruling, courts have found that the cultural standard of support and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle has been defeated!


     Now, the oppressed minority of law-abiding, drug-abstaining, patriotic, Christian, I-would-join-the-millitary-and-fight-in-Iraq-if-it-weren’t-my-patriotic-duty-to-stay-home-and-drive-a-Hummer-with-a-“support-the-troops”-bumper-sticker-on-it” crowd has finally won an important victory.


     They can attend a school that says they can’t be harassed for being gay AND WILL INSURE THAT THEY ARE NOT HARRASSED FOR HATING THEMSELVES!!


     Yep, the children of fundamentalists have won the right to attend a gay school. 


     Bully for them.  I mean, it’s not easy to be just a normal, healthy, well-adjusted gay school child in this day and age and culture…but can you imagine the hell that this world presents for the self-loathing gay fundamentalist Christian child?


     This ruling assures that self-loathing, gay fundamentalist children have a right to attend this gay school, irregardless of their sick, demented, self-hating, sex-denial kink.


     The law now assures them that they can attend a school filled with self-assured, confident, fulfilled, and optimistic gay student body, without discrimination.


     In other words, they can attend this gay public school, no matter how vociferously they deny being gay,no matter how much they hate other gay people, and no matter how much they hate themselves for being gay, and no matter how uncomfortable it makes them to be around healthy gay people.


     In fact, I bet this liberal, activist court would even go so far as to say that it is the duty and obligation of the healthy gay people to make the self-hating gays comfortable, and accommodate their “identity challenge”.   Further, I bet the court will even exempt the self-hating gay people from acting in a civilized or even rational way in relation to the open gayness of others...due to their cultural disability.


     Thank God for Activist Gay Liberal, Intellectual Elite Courts that demand such tolerance and forbearance on the part of the Ruling Gay Intellectual Elite.

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