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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

So, over at Amy's blog, in the comments, she made a derisive comment about my blog having "maybe three" comments on it.  As of that moment, it actually had about seventy-three comments on the front page...

Here's the link to the post where she made the comments.

But aside from the fact that Amy is "in error where the facts are concerned" between the difference between the numbers "3" and "73"...


I have to wonder, what are you all willing to do for comments, links, and assorted other attention?


I'm sure that anybody can get hundreds of comments by posting an article belittling a woman you don't know who died a tragic death after making numerous mistakes.  That makes an easy target.  Using insulting language against someone who is dead, and cannot defend themselves has worked for Amy.  She has hundreds of comments with people screaming at each other about whether or not it is "racist".


And then she got another thread going by "playing the racist card", crying so-called reverse racism by implying that she would not get this outrage if she said these things and wasn't refutation of which is exhibit A:  Bill Cosby.  And he was much nicer, and didn't do it by beating up on a dead woman, and comparing her children to animals.


Legitamate criticism stings hard, and there are always going to be some people who object and retaliate.  But in addition to legitamate criticism, being an officious, mean, self-important jerk and publicly beating up a dead person who wasn't even a public figure, but instead a hapless and pathetic private individual will also get you objection and retaliation.


Which seems to be Amy's desire, so I guess...good on her?


As an example, she claims I said she was racist, when in actuality, I just said she was being "ugly".  By which I assume most people would understand I mean that she was being mean and uncivil.


When I point that out, she didn't address the point, but instead lied about me only having three comments on my blog (and that is important to the subject how?). my mind, that is quite revealing.  She makes many high-minded claims at having "values".  I can see where her values lie.  So to speak.


[update:  I found her reply to my comment:]


"You came to my blog and screamed about me calling you a "racist"...which I didn't."

The truth is, you have about three comments on your blog and I didn't feel like commenting in an original way, so I just copied some stuff I wrote on my blog somewhere and threw it up there. I find you a lightweight as a thinker, and not worth my time.

You further write above: "The record stands corrected: You are a MISANTHROPIST."

I'm somebody with values, and who feels strongly that children should have daddies and all the rest I've said over and over and over again above.



Me again.  I added the emphasis in the above quote.  You gotta love it when someone who can't read a blog post and tell if they are being called a racist or not calls someone else a "lightweight thinker".


And the bit about values?  Ah yes.  She has very good values.  She denigrates the humanity of Catholic, Muslim,  random black women and rich people's babies equally.  



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