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Thursday, 13 April 2006

A conservative school board member sustains and defends the sepration of Church and State!

via Pharyngula.

This is an attack on Pastafarianism.  It's just plain blatant anti-pasta hate disguised as seperation of Church and State.  Before you know it, kids won't even be allowed to bring Chef-boy-ardee in their private lunch boxes and eat it quietly in the corner of the caffeteria.

Some of us want to raise our children right, and believe that grains are an imprtant part of a healthy diet, and pasta is clearly the purest form and is endorsed for our consumption by the FSM.  Next thing you know, they will eliminate all pasta from the schools, and force our children to eat their inferior communion wafers.

I WANT VOUCHERS so I can take my kids out of this den of depravity and send them to a chef school in Italy.


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