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Friday, 09 February 2007

There's this guy (icanplainlysee) I've run into on a couple of blogs.  We don't agree about anything, and he's pretty vocal about his beliefs, but able to have a reletively civil discussion.  We've traded some gentlepersonaly fisticuffs about all sorts of things, but say "Hey" when we see each other and generally try to be polite.

We were arguing about birthcontrol over at Frecklescassie's blog and some kid breaks in with this:


ELOphan Says:

Aw, isn’t it sweet that Teresa and ican’tseeshit gather here for their tea party. How precious! Do you also get your opinions off each other’s zippers? Glad to hear you support the right wing gas bags. NCMEC just kicked O’Really to the curb! HAHAHA! Face it, the sheeple are fed up with your ilk and your phony moral step ladders. The fact that you won’t answer a few simple questions, while demanding answers from someone else, proves the level of paranoid hypocracy your pied pipers have marched you to. Perhaps it’s their zipper you get your talking points from. Hurry! Better run! Chase down the falafel and oxycontin carts for your superior officers! They must be running low on something! Don’t like what I’ve said? Tough! Suck it up punk! Go find something else that’s none of your damned business and spin it into some imaginary threat against your slave-based EMPIRE.


Have we really gotten to the point where people who are nominally polite to each other are mistaken for being in agreement just because they are civil?

That's sad.  But also a little funny.

[Update:  I think, after all this time, I actually might have found a "liberal" who is part of the much-vaunted "hate America first crowd".  I thought they were a conservative invention, but it turns out, unlike the unicorn, they are not the product of entierly depraved minds.  I would prefer to find out that unicorns are least they purify water.]


  1. ELOphan
    Posted February 10, 2007 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    Teresa - I’m not sure if you’d think a 38 year old woman is “young”, but I have done extensive reading of our nation’s history. Believe me, I knew the fairy tale was over years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a dad, and a high school history teacher, who weren’t afraid to speak the truth that this country only got where it is today either by oppression or at the end of various weapons and bully tactics. It was supposed to the the mirrored opposite of what they fled, but it seems we traded one anarchy for another, except this one has no single payer health system, and state sponsored college is out of the question too.

    In so far as our founding fathers, I did expect them to abolish all the things they hit the shores here bitching about, not let them continue. In the absence of stopping these things, I certainly would expect them to feel deep regret, not look for pats on the back. But back then there were new fortunes to be made, new land to be stolen, and new “heathens” to put in their place. We soon employed the same strong arm measures we felt we had to flee. We snatched the olive branch we were extended from the hand that offered it to us, and promptly began to use it to beat our path of domination in the new world. I refuse to be a hypocrite and condone the founding father’s crimes, while at the same time deploring the crimes of the chimp at 1600 Penn.Ave.

    Furthermore, I never said you ever attacked Cassie. Perhaps you should take your own advice and read what’s been written. As I’ve tried to explain before, my only bone of contention with you is your willingness to forgive the violent birth of this nation with the rationale of they did the best they could. We know why people like Hank think it’s fine, because it promotes the new EMPIRE. Most Liberals are embarrassed by their actions and offer no apologies for them. I don’t believe in this “don’t speak ill of the dead” bullcrapery. I was absolutely beside myself with anger when after Gerald Ford finally kicked the bucket and all of his apologists were out in full force, saying how his full and unconditional pardon of a crook helped “heal” a nation. My ass! But for the actions of Gerald Ford and the GOP, we could very well be having impeachment trials right now. My point is, is that when we start overlooking monstrosoties merely because someone is dead, we tend to give blind pass to the horrors right under our nose.

    Finally, thanks for providing your blog addy. I certainly intend to read it over someday. In so far as civility goes, you continue to stroke Hank’s ego by excusing his attacks on someone as young as you must know Cassie is by being civil and not saying a word, and I’ll continue to defend her honor by being less polite.

[Update II:  This is my reply:


I would love to have you visit my blog, although I’d appreciate it if you can refrain from making unwarrented and demeaning sexual implications about me in the future.

It’s kind of a liberal chick thing. We don’t appreciate it very much.

If you don’t think it would be too much like stroking my ego to do so, of course.

Also, I DID defend Cassie once, but rapidly found that she is perfectly capable of defending herself (or haven’t you noticed?), so I thought that I would allow her the honor of doing so.

As for “tag-teaming” her, I have not, and those were your words. tag teaming. It sounds to me like you were trying to imply that I was ganging up on her with Hank…

…but maybe there is some new meaning to the words “tag team” that I have missed?

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