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Monday, 04 April 2005

Via Oliver Willis, this link to Think Progress, who got it from America Blog.


     It is interesting to hear a Republican Senator explaining the motivations and root causes of why some right-wing nut might fly into a rage and assassinate a judge.  You see, when it’s one of theirs, it’s an understandable (although unfortunate) eventuality.  It’s an outgrowth of that person’s world view, what they’ve been taught, and how they feel about their whole way of life being ignored, ridiculed, attacked and marginalized.  But when a tortured teenager shoots up his school it’s because Maralyn Manson is of the devil, and when an impoverished, frustrated, Muslim whose seen one too many friends and family die joins the insurgency in Iraq, it is because he hates freedom.


     You may not see how all these situations and people are so different…but that’s just because you’re a hapless victim of the double think that is the leftist conspiracy that somehow manages to promote “secular humanism” (which results in individual-stifling Communism), and “unbiblical Romantic Individualism” (which results in the ungodly elevation of the individual, and the destruction of our God-ordained communities).  If it weren’t for this, you’d understand their logic.  Don’t be fooled, liberals promote both of these equally evil ideas of communalism and individualism.  Neither one are Biblical, you know.


     Now, let me explain this to you so you won’t be confused by those drug-addled intellectual elitists who want to take away your Freedom Fries.


     Judges are not supposed to make unpopular decisions.  They are there to simply rubber-stamp what the legislature says the law is, and how the executive branch decides to enforce it.


     Now, these activist judges have somehow stretched the meaning of “interpreting the law” to mean that they get to look at the history of law in this country, including the constitution, and decide what the laws mean, and decide which ones get the most weight, and decide how they should be applied, and even (gasp) decide if they are in line with the constitution!


     Even worse, they think that just because they have studied the law and have been trained in the law, and have worked in the law, they are more qualified to “interpret” the law than the legislators who took office and started writing laws yesterday!


     And, worst of all, they think that they can “interpret the law” just because the constitution somehow made them immune to the capriciousness of politics, that makes them unanswerable to the current whims of the voting public, and the current fashions of political expediency!  They act like they are some sort of built in mechanism for consistency and stability or something.


     The gall of these intellectual elite, activist judges.  Is it any wonder why patriotic, hard-working Americans might want to up and murder a judge’s husband and mother, or a judge directly?  I mean really, the judges just bring this on themselves people.  As long as they keep “interpreting the law”, rather than just doing what they are told to do, they’re just going to have to keep getting shot at.  It’s their decision really.

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