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Thursday, 23 August 2007

So I went to the store today to buy some paint for the upstairs bathroom, which has had the wallpaper removed and the walls washed down with vinegar water, scraped with a putty knife to get the residual past off, and then wiped down again with the vinegar water again.  The only way to be sure, short of nuking the site form orbit.

I cut myself three times with the putty knife.  The vinegar water stings pretty bad when it gets in the cuts.

"But putty knives don't have sharp edges" you say.

"I know," I answer.  Yet here I am.  Three putty-knife cuts on my hands.  I am able to apply quite a lot of pressure to a putty-knife, apparently, and when it slips, there is badness.

So I go to the store and I pick out my colors, a pretty bright blue and a nice browny-green that, while coming from two comletely different sets of Granamal-style color-grouped chips, complement each other well.

I bring it up to the paint-mixer lady, and she exclaims over my selections "These colors are PERFECT together.  Oh my God!  They're absolutely perfect, they just make me want to go paint something."

"OK", she says, scanning the chips and setting the machine, "Prussian Blue, and..."

"Excuse me?" I ask, blood turning cold in my veins.

"Prussian Blue.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes.  What?  Is there something wrong?"

" ahead."

So I go home and I'm painting and my friend Barb calls me on the phone and I tell her that the name of my color is "prussian blue",and it's all wrong.

"Why?  not a good color?"

"No...It's a fine color, perfect It's just...first of all, it's kind of Robin's egg blue...a little lighter, but close, and Prussian Blue is..."

"More like Cobalt"


Then, I tell her about how it is also the name of the teeny-bopper Neo-Nazi pop band comprised of Lynx and Lamb Gaede.

"So.  you have a neo-nazi bathroom?"


Then, I held the phone out from my ear as she lets out peals of unrelenting laughter.

"You know I'm going to be calling this your Neo-nazi bathroom for the rest of your life right?"

"Sigh.  Yep.  I know."

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