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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

I've been given permission by the the Germans ...a German ... an American living in Germany to boost Eden Prairie "One of America's ten best places to live" as the eventual new home-town of a young New York couple.

Danny and Nina are going to let people vote on where they will live for the next year.

Due to the efforts of a German blogger, this young couple looks to be sent to Plano, TX.  This is terrible, since Danny says he likes swimming and skiboarding.  He wants snow and water.  That's Minnesota, baby.  Nina wants bike trails, and you just can't beat Minnesota for bike trails.  Nina wants theaters and culture.  You can't hardly spit without hitting a theater or museum in the Twin Cities metro area.

Don't let the bad German man send these nice young people who like snow and lakes and rivers and culture and natural beauty to Texas!

Vote for Eden Prairie! (If everyone who reads this votes for Eden Prairie about 300 times per day, we MIGHT have a chance to show up on the big board.)


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