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Monday, 06 October 2008

While much is being made of Obama serving on a couple of the same boards and being members of some of the same groups  as Ayers, and Ayers doing a fundraiser for Obama…

(Watch your associations people, just being in the room with Ayers a few times has Obama fingered as a terrorist bent on destroying America. er sumptin'  (hey Sam, big Palin-style wink attcha))

…I haven’t heard about him doing anything like, oh, say, trying to finagle a Presidential pardon for him.

In fact, he has publicly disavowed Ayers violent and radical past.

Apparently the right doesn’t care that Michele Bachmann tried to get a presidential pardon for Vennes (a major campaign contributor) to relieve him of having to have any “personal responsibility”.

If having some common memberships makes Obama a terrorist, what does it make Michele when she advocates for a drug-dealing, gun-dealing, money-laundering Christian currently part of the focus for a fraud investigation?

In my book, nothing more than an embarrassment showing extremely poor judgement…but if you judge her by the right’s measure, she would be a drug dealer , illegal gun dealer, money-launderer and fraud investigation subject.

Fair is fair, after all…

Michele, (Palin’s ideological twin and intellectual “mini-me”; has there been an interview with Michele Bachmann in the last couple of months where Palin HASN’T been mentioned?  If Sarah is the Sarahcuda, then Michelle is…uh…however you creatively meld “michele” and “remora”…Michmora? )…

…anyway, Michele has retracted the request…since it has come to light…oops!

Also, just as an aside, I hope for Palin's sake that if she and McCain DO win, and the right-wingers prayers for a speedy McCain death ARE answered, that Michele Bachmann doesn't get re-elected.  It would hurt Palin with the base to have Michele clinging to her like she did to Pres. Bush at that one State of the Union address...although a certain segment would find it hawt...while condeming it and hitting the "back button".

From the DumpBachmann site:

Bachmann withdraws pardon request that links her to unfolding Petters scandal
By Andy Birkey 10/6/08 12:51 PM

In 2007, Rep. Michele Bachmann sent President Bush a letter recommending he pardon a man who is a major contributor to her campaign even though he lives outside of her district. Last Thursday, Bachmann withdrew that letter, written on behalf of Frank Vennes, after FBI, IRS and U.S Postal Inspection officials seized numerous items from Vennes’ home in connection with the ongoing investigation of Vennes’ business associate Tom Petters.

Vennes served time in the 1980s for illegally selling a firearm, cocaine distribution and money laundering. While in prison, he became a devout Christian, and after his release he became a devout Bachmann campaign contributor. Prior to Bachmann’s election (and letter writing), Vennes contributed $14,200 to her campaign; in 2008, he has contributed $4,600. Vennes’ wife Kimberly, who uses the same P.O. box number as Vennes, has contributed another $8,800

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