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Wednesday, 06 June 2007

With a power vacuum left by the steady descent of Pat Robertson into irrelevancy and senility, Mike S. Adams has made his move and grabbed the religious pundit’s position as the head of the Feminist movement.

While Adam’s move to gain control over setting the agenda was bold and groundbreaking, the agenda we can expect him to set has been  a rather tepid facsimile of Robertson’s more bold agenda.

Far from introducing anything new to a membership that has been straining to make headway in the areas of social justice, human rights, rape prevention, health care, reproductive rights and economic justice,  Adams has instead declared a narrowing of the original Robertson approach.

While Robertson declared the goals of the feminist agenda along a number of lines;

 “[Feminism is] a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Mr. Adams has, in fact narrowed the focus to simply being the murder of children.

While the membership of the Feminist movement is happy to say good-by to the mandatory socialism, lesbianism (although 1/10 seems fine with it), witchcraft (3/4 feminists don’t like touching desscated newt eye), the destruction of capitalism (nearly 1/5 say “Capitalism worked for me…why destroy it?”) and those polled asserted 100% that they were against the murder of children (+/- a margin of error of .5%), there is some disappointment that the agenda wasn’t expanded to include more practical matters germane to the welfare of women.

 There seems as though there is little reason to expect rape prevention, parity in education, economic achievement and health care to see any movement forward.

When asked about it, Adams mumbled something that sounded like;

“The membership may not like it, but what can they do about it?  After all, they’re just women.  Don’t worry, they’ll have a big hysterical moment and then they’ll get together, have a good cry in front of Lifetime with a bowl of ice cream.  After they’ve had a hot bath and a nap, they’ll be right as rain again.  We’ll have ‘em back on the streets bludgeoning school children to death in no time….and for much less money than it would cost to get men to do it.”

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