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Sunday, 10 August 2008

I need a new irony meter.

My old one just exploded.

Check out this Michele Malkin post where she brags about defending a "communist" holiday from the Muslims.

That is one very confused woman, people.

A REAL conservative would have demanded that Labor Day be scrapped too.  AND would remove May First from the Calender...just to be sure.

Although I have to say that Tyson Foods kind of deserved a smack-down for trying to replace one holiday with another.  Some might say that they were allowing "political correctness" to run amok.

Actually, "political correctness" (or, what I like to call, "not being an offensive jack-ass") is supposed to LOWER the amount of sectarian offence and conflict in society.

Taking a holiday that a bunch of laborers see as "theirs" away from them and giving it to a group that they have been primed to believe are "taking away" everything they have...well...THAT'S not "politically correct".

That's bone-headed political tone-deafness.  Yeah, way to fan the flames of ethnic conflict there.

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