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Friday, 02 September 2005

This is why Fandom is right about looking up to and idolizing our heroes.


Via Wil Wheaton’s Blog.


Larry Dixion and Mercedes Lackey have opened their home as a base for temporarily housing and eventually relocating refugees from Katrina. 


Larry Dixon has a lot of experience as a volunteer firefighter, wildlife rescue worker as well as storm spotter and CERT experience.


Those of us in Minnesota Fandom can tell you that they are warm, open, caring and very directed people.  This is what makes us one people:  The warmth, the generosity, the knowledge that when some of us are suffering, the rest of us are there to help.  They are generous, and kind people, whether they are taking a few minutes to encourage a child to pursue his creativity, or opening their homes to people whose lives have been destroyed.


Their contact information is in the third link…so if you know someone who needs a place to stay…get the word out to fandom.


To quote Mr. Dixon’s open letter:


We are all family because of our passions. Possibly the most valuable thing that gamers, fans and pros can give each other in these times is a gift beyond price: the knowledge that in tragedy as much as in joy, their fellows are there for them with open hearts and open arms.

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