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Monday, 06 August 2007

Continuing the trend of Constitution Party boosters who have needlessly duplicated consonants in their names:

Meet Mary Starrett.

She is anti-choice.  Read the whole article.  I like here answer to the question if abortion could be allowed in the case of rape and incest.  She answers that an innocent child shouldn’t have to suffer for the sins of the father.

Of course, the woman is another story.  It would be interesting to hear what sort of rights a woman has in their world view if a group of cells have more rights because it might one day form a person.  A woman can suffer for the sins of another because she has fewer rights than something that isn’t even a person yet.

Mary Starrett is very cute, smart, educated and articulate.

Why oh why can’t we have Mary Starrett instead of Ann Coulter?  She’d SAY equally entertaining bat-shit insane things, but she’d say them in a way that was actually clever and she’d be easier to look at.  Also, one look at those adorable little grandma chipmunk cheeks, and you KNOW she’d be nicer.

 After all, I think a wholesome, girl-next-door wife, mother and grandmother is more qualified to talk about how important is for women to recognize their proper “place” than a jaded-looking, dried-up, underfed, crabby bitter spinster.

Here is one of Mary’s opinion pieces.  Here is a list of more titles.

Video!  Whose and adorable little conspiracy theorist?  You are!…yes you are…ah-boo-boo-boo.

It weirds me out a little bit that it averages two-to-four sentences on almost any new topic before she gets to a point where I remember she’s lost her mind, though.

For instance, the “fact” that the BBC reported the fall of WTC 7 twenty minutes before it actually fell.  What I find interesting about the conclusions they drew from that, assuming it’s even true and not an urban legend, is that there were TONS of things reported that turned out to not be true.  We had a report of a car bomb on The Mall.  I remember a report of a bomb going off somewhere in Washington, and fires that turned out to be false alarms.  It doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to me to have a report of something happening that turns out to have been a false report, or a report that was prepared ahead of time, knowing that near-by buildings had been damaged (which was mentioned before the collapse of WTC7)  and got aired prematurely, and then the event happens.

 It doesn’t mean the government did it.  Why would 9/11 be an inside job, as Mary says she believes?  What possible reason could they have for doing it themselves when, as anyone in the Clinton administration could have told you it was only a matter of time before something happened.  Were the Republicans poised to take advantage of the tragedy? Oh yes, it would appear to be so.  But why would your orchestrate your own tragedy when it was so clear that one would eventually be provided for you, even if you put your best efforts into preventing it?

I’m sure some of Mary’s fans are a little disappointed at her balking at validating the Zionist Global Conspiracy Theory.  She stopped just short of it, and wouldn’t be budged or nudged into anything more than a polite non-comment.

And I have to say I am a little disappointed that there was no mention of the alien captives in area 51.  Still, we can’t have everything.  But really, a good-old fashioned call for the government to ‘fess up about what REALLY happened at Roswell would have rounded out the roll-call of where-the-fringes-of-the-right-and-left-wings-meet conspiracy theories very nicely.

About her theories on Waco:  It might be that the Branch Davidians were all about peace and fluffy puppy love…but read up on Jonestown sometime.  Read up on the lovely, intelligent, talented, giving people who were members of Jim Jones’ cult.  Read about what a caring and visionary leader Jones himself was.

 Nobody who was in his church in the early years, or who knew many of his followers would have predicted the sudden shift in paranoid militantism, the sexual abuse, or that those people could be convinced to hold down their fellow cult members, plug their noses, and force cyanide-laced Kool-Aid down their throats at gun-point.

Sorry, but given the various histories of cults like this, like the Hale-Bopp cult as well…I am more likely to believe the government line that the cultists preferred to take their own lives and the lives of their fellows rather than be arrested.

Not because I inherently trust the government, but simply because in this case, it seems more consistent with reality than that somehow the government just decided to butcher a bunch of people for no reason.  Nobody has ever given me one good reason why the government would take the actions they are accused of taking.

There is a certain pattern to government malfeasance that just doesn’t fit the Waco conspiracy theories, whereas the pattern of a cult gone to the point of self-destruction because it’s ideology has reached a point of madness where they realize they can no longer exist within the confines of reality is much more consistent with the facts.

Had the government done nothing in Waco, I think we would have had another Jonestown…only this time it would have been on American soil, and do you know WHO people would have blamed?  The government, of course.

But this is the essential fact I see in the Constitution party’s platform.  The government is to be shrunk down to where it has no power at all, and the church will move in to fill the gaps.  ‘Course, what they DON’T say is that the church, being the most powerful civil institution, would pretty much be able to put whoever they want into the government as well.

And do you think the big business guys that they complain about will miss a beat?  I don’t think so.  Just look at all the money they unload on religion already.

The third-largest party in the U.S. is rooting for a theocracy, buttressing their arguments with conspiracy theories that have long ago passed the dead-horse stage, and arguments of inference and paranoid over reason.

God help us all if this is our best “alternative”.

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