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Saturday, 04 August 2007

It’s time to meet some of the more well-known boosters of the Constitution Party.  Just my little helping hand to Mark…who seemed a little grumbly about having to look into it more deeperer on his own.

Of course, being a free-thinker, Mark will also have to double-check the information that I provide*…but  hey.  It’s just the cost of being a responsible member of society that you find things out for yourself.

So, without further ado…let’s take a look at today’s profiled Constitutional Party booster:

Devvy Kidd is a writer writer and speaker.  In addition to an apparent fondness for randomly doubling consonants, she seems to be an advocate for the Constitution Party.

Quatloos!  Featured Devvy Kidd on their website, focusing on her apparent insistence that the 16th Amendment is illegal.

The World Net Daily seems to believe her.

Somehow, the Courts beg to differ (below copied from the Quatloos website link provided above):

Miller v. United States, 868 F.2d 236, 241 (7 th Cir. 1989) (per curiam) - the court stated, "We find it hard to understand why the long and unbroken line of cases upholding the constitutionality of the sixteenth amendment generally, Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Company . . . and those specifically rejecting the argument advanced in The Law That Never Was, have not persuaded Miller and his compatriots to seek a more effective forum for airing their attack on the federal income tax structure." The court imposed sanctions on them for having advanced a "patently frivolous" position.

United States v. Stahl, 792 F.2d 1438, 1441 (9 th Cir. 1986), cert. denied, 479 U.S. 1036 (1987) - stating that "the Secretary of State's certification under authority of Congress that the sixteenth amendment has been ratified by the requisite number of states and has become part of the Constitution is conclusive upon the courts," the court upheld Stahl's conviction for failure to file returns and for making a false statement.

Knoblauch v. Commissioner, 749 F.2d 200, 201 (5 th Cir. 1984), cert. denied, 474 U.S. 830 (1986) - the court rejected the contention that the Sixteenth Amendment was not constitutionally adopted as "totally without merit" and imposed monetary sanctions against Knoblauch based on the frivolousness of his appeal. "Every court that has considered this argument has rejected it," the court observed.

United States v. Foster, 789 F.2d 457 (7 th Cir.), cert. denied, 479 U.S. 883 (1986) - the court affirmed Foster's conviction for tax evasion, failing to file a return, and filing a false W-4 statement, rejecting his claim that the Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified.

(copied from the Quatloos! Website)

Check out Devvy’s reading list for becoming an informed citizen.  Of course, when you are done, you will believe that the Illuminate are out to kill you…

Devy Kidd endorses El Doroado Discount Gold, Inc.  You can count on an internet sales site like ElDorado Discount Gold inc.  Especially if someone as sane and well-balanced as Devvy endorses them.  After all, she’s one smart cookie.  She isn’t fooled by the Shriners’ helping treat all those kids with disabilities.

Devvy Kidd was the Freedom Drive Manager for We The People; a grass-roots organization determined to defend honesty, integrity and legality and….uh…


Oh yeah, if your head is still spinning from her insistence that the 16th amendment isn’t legal, how about her apparent insistence that the local county sheriff can legally refuse to enforce Federal laws?

And check out this jeremiad. If America’s schools were ACTUALLY anything like Devvy describes, I would want to abolish the Department of Education too.  Of course, if schools were as bad as Devvy says they are, it would also explain the lack of focus and coherence in her essay.  But when my kids come home and I say “What did you learn today?”…they have never answered “Sodomy, Communism and America Hatin’!!”

Sigh.  Oh well, at least I can go to bed tonight secure that Devvy Kidd is out there fighting tirelessly for my right to join an armed compound with my Sheriff’s support, make sure my kids have a ignorant terror that gay people will convert them, and selectively decide which constitutional amendments I’ll observe.  Vote Constitution party!

*         You should be aware that this is a capriciously written narrative intended to connect the dots of various things I’ve found on the web, and is NOT intended to inform you in anyway about Devvy Kidd.  The “facts” are unchecked.  As is always the case, the commentary provided by me is intended to entertain (mostly myself) rather than inform, and the conclusions drawn are not necessarily carefully considered.

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