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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

     On Monday, a guy I know put his life and his health on the line to give his sister a kidney, and save her life.  Skilled, dedicated surgeons and staff performed a miracle.  Last night, I heard that all went well.  Brother is expected home tonight, sister's recovery will be slower, but she is expected to recover nicely.

     Ann Coulter says that liberals are "Godless", and our sacraments are things like abortion.  Not so.  Our sacraments are actions that  take learning, knowledge, philosphy, dedication, skill, and use them to understand and work with reality.  To reconcile our lives to our given condition in a way that is helpful and useful.

     In a world where the "Godly" descendants of two half-brothers are STILL murdering each other over whose conclusions about daddy's God revelation are correct, and who gets the land, it is ever more clear to me that we would do better to chuck the old, stale, worn-out "miracles" of our ancestors, and focus on our own.

     The burning bushes and the loaves and fishes have us fighting over scraps.

     Let's get on with what's real.

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