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Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Via Think Progress and The Daily Kos as well as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:


     So we are to believe that George “Dubya” Bush has cut short his vacation and rushed back to the White House to sign special legislation to “save the life” of a middle class white woman because he “values life” and deplores our “culture of death”.  Evidently, it is the “culture of death” that makes Terri Schiavo’s husband want to terminate life support; not intimate knowledge of her, her personality and her expressed statements of her wishes on the matter.  It certainly isn’t the certain knowledge that she has no higher brain function and isn’t ever going to regain it.


     And the reason that he signed a bill in 1999 that allows a health care provider to terminate life sustaining treatment for a patient over their objections and based on inability to pay is because he values life above all other concerns.  Because life is the most important value to promote…above all others.  Like profit, for instance.


     This law was recently used in Texas to end the life of a five-month-old black baby – over the objections of the mother.  Bush can’t even drag his Presidential butt out of his office and down the hall to the press room to talk about that case.  He sends Scott McClelland out to make a bald-faced lie about the content of the bill, and then washes his hands of the matter.


     I think we see the values here very clearly.  A patient has a “right to life” if their story can be harnessed to some sort of political gain.  But if they are just a poor baby and a poor distraught mother; screw ‘em.




     The Florida courts have ruled on this.  Whatever happened to Republicans being the party of “states rights?” 


     Whatever happened to their defense of the “sanctity of marriage”?  Isn’t it Michael Schiavo’s right and duty as a spouse to make these decisions for how to best care for his wife when she cannot care for herself? 


     I thought that Republicans were supposed to be all about “getting government off our backs” and “out of our lives”.  Or is it <feigned shock mode> just code for deregulating industry and big business so they can screw us more deeply?


     Isn’t it ironic that the one path of medical exploration that could possibly help women like Terri in the future is so limited by law as to be essentially useless?  Yes, I’m talking about embryonic stem cell research.  It is the only line of inquiry we have the might provide a chance to regenerate brain tissue.   This research is proscribed by the same “Biblical morality” that keeps that useless body strapped in that bed with a feeding tube.


     The Republican leadership have a tiger by the tail in the form of the radical religious right.  We can only hope that it keeps them dancing like this and shows their hypocrisy and lack of true values to everyone.

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