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Thursday, 12 October 2006

Addendum to previous post.



My favorite comment so far?  #39


Earth2moonbat writes:


"But the Metropolitan Airports Commission said the public response was overwhelmingly negative, and some taxi companies feared that people opposed to the system would switch to other forms of ground transport instead of cabs. ... "

Egad! Perish the thought that consumers avail themselves to alternatives in a free market.....


OK, back to me now.  My response?  The most viable and attractive alternative likely for people to choose over Taxis leaving the Twin Cities Airport?

THE PUBLIC LIGHT RAIL SYSTEM.  Heh.  Built by public money.  Operated by the public for the public good.  Bwaaaa-hah-haha-ha. 

The next most attractive “free-market option?”  The public bus system.

Free markerteers are so funny.

Earth to moonbat indeed.

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