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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Weird relation to a news story.

When I was a kid, I used to come home from school in the winter and strap on my cross country skis.  I would then hit what my family referred to as "the Pipline trail"...a long strip of clear-cutting that ran over a pipeline route that went past my house.  The stretch we lived on was between Cass Lake and Bemidji.

Apparently, the Enbridge Energy Pipline exploded near Clearbrook, causing oil prices to rise.

The explosion happened nowhere near my childhood home, and nowhere near the stretch where I pushed myself to cover our little loop through the woods, down the pipeline, and back through the woods to our house, in less and less time every day; pushing myself to physically burn up the frustrations and stress of a day in High School.

It's strange when you actually know the place where the news on CNN is happening.  I just wish that sometimes it could have something to do with something other than schools getting shot up, guys in my graduating class blowing away helpless kittens on school grounds, or stuff blowing up.

Hey CNN!  Can't you go to the area to do one of your feel-good puff pieces?  Our area has sent lots and lots of soldiers to Iraq, and many of them are wholesome, hometown kids.  ONE of them must have done something inspirational and heartwarming.   Just a thought.  We've got a lot of wonderful social service NGO's at work up there.  I'm sure you could find someone for your Heroes segment.

Do it for me...K?

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