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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Just let them have the damned papers already.


Yes, it's a fishing expidition.  Yes, even if you haven't done anything wrong or embarassing, they will find something that they can make into something they can use (and who really thinks you got where you are by being a saint?).


But either turn the damn papers over or drop out of the race.  Didn't you learn anything from Bill's debacle?


Stalling doesn't help Democrats.  When a Democrat does it it is seen as weak and sneaky.


When Republicans do it, it is strong and decisive.


Because of the liberal media.


If you don't address whatever it is now, people won't be tired about hearing it by election time.  If they don't have something by election time, they'll do like they did to Kerry and make something up, and it'll be too late to disprove it.


I wouldn't care how it affects you either way, but all the talk is splashing over onto any candidate whose not a Republican.


And besides, any papers about the public's business should be available to the public.

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