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Sunday, 31 August 2008

So today I went and waited in line to get signatures.  I don't usually do that, 'cause it just isn't my thing.


I know that Bob would like a signed photo of Nathan Fillion, and my kids would like to get a picture of Alan Tudik.

So I stood in line and when I got to Nathan Fillion, he looked at the slip of paper which told him who to personalize it.  He asked "Where's Bob?"

I said:  "He's in Minneapolis Minnesota."

Nathan said "Why isn't BOB here?"

I said "He's got stuff to do."

Nathan:  "On a Sunday?"

Suffice to say that Nathan kept asking questions 'til he basically had a summary of Bob's life story as far as I know it.  He wishes you well, Bob.  And there's a nice signed photo of Nathan on it's way home to you.

I told Alan Tudic the story of how Grasshopper needed to take a few minutes alone in his room to collect himself after viewing Serenity.  He was really gracious and sweet.

I expected that they would be pleasant and polite but efficient and keep the line moving.  I never expected them to take extra time to draw someone out and have a real converseation.

It was nice.

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