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Friday, 01 April 2005

     Via Robbob’s LJ.


     The genetic basis for laughter might be older than the non-fossilized T-rex marrow found just recently.  A new study has found that rats have a special kind of ultrasonic laughter, which they emit when playing, and being tickled.  Some scientists are now saying that because the estimate is that the nearest common ancestor between rats and humans is roughly 75 million years ago, the genetic basis for laughter could be at least that old.


     So, Assuming this isn’t an April Fools prank (why do they only do science pranks anymore?), this raises a lot of important questions.


     Like, do the different kinds of rodents “get” the ethnic humor of the other kinds of rodents?  Or is it only possible in major urban centers like New York and L.A.?  I mean, can’t you just hear a fancy rat saying, in a Stanton Island accent, “I just don’t get squirrel humor.”?


     It is possible to give an ultrasonic squeak of cynical laughter?


     Do rodent comedians work “blue”?  Because the “nut and seed” jokes could get really out of hand.


     Do hamsters have to put up with being the butt of “small tail” jokes?


     Does every rodent physical humorist HAVE to do a chinchilla impression?  I would imagine so.


     Isn’t it wonderful how, in scientific discovery, each answer only brings more questions?

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