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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Day three in Maine began with us running Alicia and her kids to another museum, this time in Bar Harbor.  After some minor logistical issues were ironed out, Sue, Barb, and I were on our way on a whirl-wind tour of the Harbor.  Our first stop was Seal Harbor.  We enjoyed that very much.  Seal Harbor has a very cute beach, and there are many cool rocks there, as well as a very nice view.

Sue's daughter, Panda Girl found a rock in the water, and held it up "Hey!  This looks like the Virgin Mary!"  It did, sort of.

I said "Well, if we had a Joseph and a baby Jesus, we could make a Nativity Scene."

Barb caught the fever, and we began looking for rocks.

In the end, this is what we came up with:

The green rock is Mary, the blue is Joseph bowing his head over the cradle.  You can see a shepherd and his sheep kneeling in front of Mary, and the three wise men there on the left.

An older woman and her 90-somthing-year-old father came to investigate what all the activity was about.  They were thrilled, and took many pictures as well.  We left the nativity there for others to see.  I wonder how many people noticed it, and how many figured out what it was supposed to be.  We like to do stuff like this...leave little mysteries and strange things behind us in our wake for others to make of whatever they will.

I also found a rock that looked like the Stone tablet of the Ten Commanments, but we didn't have time to do a stone diarama of Moses descending the mountain.  Also, we would probably be pushing our luck trying to hunt down a stone that looked like a golden calf.

We then caught the Bar Harbor bus and rode to Jordan Pond, where Sue and Panda Girl sang the praises of that most wonderful of places. We ordered lunch.  I had lobster stew and pop-overs.  It was delicious, but I needed to take a picture because if I died that night, I wanted people to get a good look at what killed me.


That, my friends is molten butter, floating on the top of enough hot, steamy cream to cover an entire lobster cut into chunks.  The week after this I went to the Dr. for my yearly check-up.  My cholesterol is normally 170 or lower.  This bad boy is what I blame for my much elevated score of 202.

We took a short stroll down to see the lake up close and personal.  You can see it there, in the background, and you can see what a lovely place this was to spend an hour eating pop-overs and Lobster Stew.

We had a wonderful server, who was friendly and helpful and just lovely.  She kept saying "You are so nice to serve, so simple!  So easy!"  She was delighted at our obvious enjoyment of the food and our appreciation for the scenery and the wonderful experiance we were having.  English was not her first language, so I assume that calling us "simple" was a compliment.  :-)

At one point, she brought us extra pop-overs, and Barb exclaimed "I love you!"  Our server earnestly replied: "I love you too, ma'm."

When it was time to go, she brought our check and said "Thank you for coming, I love you all."  An absolute sweetheart.

After out stroll down to the lake, we lingered too long, and found that we had only minutes to reach the bus to go on to the next site.  We sprinted up the hill, and found that the bus was a little late. some of us needed to visit the ladies room.

We moved on to Sand Beach.  That was really awesome.  Plus, I found lots of sand dollars.  We did some rock climbing.  I ran wind sprints back and forth on the beach through the surf, because I needed to do something after that outrageously decadant lobster stew.  There was also an opportunity for rock climbing.

Although, due to the rain, it was difficult and slippery.  The sand part of the beach was behind me as I took this picture.

We had so much fun at sand beach, that the 1/2 hour we had there wasn't enough, and we ended up missing the bus.  We wanted to go on to see Thunder Hole, which Barb and I had not seen.  But we were going to have to catch the next bus, and the next bus was the LAST bus of the day that we could catch and still make it back to our car.  it looked as though we were going to miss Thunder Hole, when who should come to our rescue, but a couple of young Good Samaritans.

Here's a picture of them:



They offered to drive us in their rented Saturn.  Barb, Panda Girl and I squeezed in the back.  Sue stayed behind (there wasn't enough room for her) and waited for the next bus.  Thank you very much, kind, generous, adorable Good Samaritan Couple!  Sorry for the three wet butt-prints on the seats of your rental car.  Hope that didn't cause you any problems.

Here's a picture of Thunder Hole:


As youcan see, the name comes from the loud booming noise that the water makes when it crashes into this hole here.  We got a couple of decent booms out of it, but I guess it's much more spectacular when the tides are coming in.

We went from there to Bar Harbor, where we walked around a little, had some ice cream, did some shopping, and rejoined Alicia and her kids on the last bus back to Seal Harbor, and our car.

We ended the evening with a very odd dinner of left-overs as we tried to clean up the odds and ends of our food.  We would be leaving the next day, and didn't want to have to drag a lot of food with us.

Thank you to Sue and Panda Girl, who were excellent guides, and who did a great job of getting us to the highlights of Bar Harbor in one short day!

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