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Monday, 12 November 2007

Get this, an anti-tax group in Minnesota is suing for the right to lie when fighting against bond referendums.

The money shot from this article?

You’ll love it.

Paul Dorr, the Iowa consultant who helped organize the Robbinsdale anti-referendum campaign and has helped sink dozens of school levy and bond referendums in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri and Minnesota, said he didn't think there was anything racist about the Robbinsdale campaign. But he said he distanced himself from the effort because of his involvement in U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaign.  (emphasis mine)

And you can see why he would want to distance himself from such activity:  Here’s a quote from this article

Both the literature and phone calls contained half-truths and lies, pro-levy organizers said. One accusation was that the district was recruiting minority students from north Minneapolis and paying for taxis to bring them to Robbinsdale. The literature then blamed this for increased violence, gang activity and rising special education costs.

All this is false: The district doesn’t recruit Minneapolis students and doesn’t pay for their transportation; violence and gang activity haven’t risen and special education costs have not gone up because of these students. Mack said 1,300 students from 35 districts are enrolled in Robbinsdale schools, while 1,100 district students use open enrollment to attend schools elsewhere.

However, most students from North Minneapolis who enroll in Robbinsdale are African-American. By using them on their literature, school and campaign officials say 281CARE is exploiting bigotry.


Now, you HAVE to respect his commitment to libertarian ideals.  Fighting for the right to lie to the public in his quest to destroy public education.  THAT’S commitment.  And hey the genius is, that if you destroy public education, it will be sooooo much easier to lie!  Oh yeah.  He's crazy all right, crazy like a fox.

How DID Ron Paul manage to get ahold of this guy?

[UPDATE:  But maybe I'm being unfair.  Maybe I should let Paul Dorr tell you himself.]


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