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Tuesday, 18 July 2006


See that devilish-looking guy sitting there at a desk with headphones on?  That is my friend, Conrad.

Conrad, his bewitching S.O. X-tina, and a number of his friends (many of whom worked on the soon-to-be-available Pray For Daylight), entered the 48-hour film festival.

They created a fun sci-fi/suspense short entitled Conspiracy Hour.

Go ahead and watch it.  Don't forget that it was made in 48 hours, start-to-finish.  Amazing.  It's short, it's cool, and it's finished.  In 48 hours.

Did I say amazing already?  Oh, did I mention the original score they created?  In the same 48 hours that they were assigned their film requirements, wrote/shot/edited the film?

If you don't find that amazing, you have no wonder in your soul.  Just give up.  Join the Republican party, buy a Winnebago and a sweatsuit with words stamped on the ass.  Let your soul sink comfortably into the great, somnolant multitude of shambling consumeristic zombie masses.

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