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Friday, 24 August 2007

You gotta go check this out.  I’m going to reproduce it in its entirety here, with commentary, but you should go see for yourself just to make sure I’m not changing it up on you or anything.  Because you WILL suspect me of such before the blog entry is over.  Also, although at least one of these people self-identifies as "Libertarian", I'm not going to make abig deal out of it, becasue I've just buzzed Mark enough lately and I don't think it's fun for either of us right at the moment.  Also, even most of the wacky Libertarians I know would recognize that these guys are off their nuts).

I’ll let you judge if my translations are accurate, by giving you a link to the original language (of Whoop whoop crazy talk).

Federation of States, January 3, 2005 - -  Gene Chapman had planned to martyr himself as a protest in front of  the IRS  office  in  Greenville, SC today,  but was apprehended by police and taken to a mental ward.

Gene Chapman is apparently a good man in his heart and he seemingly tries to be a Christian.  However, not only does Gene Chapman try to combine his apparently confused and misguided concept of Christianity with the Hindu non-violent starvation approach of Mahatma Ghandi in confronting civil government, but he now also admits to embracing the Buddhist idea of self-immolation (suicide) as a terroristic threat and similar to a weapon used by the Islamic (Moslem or Mohammedan) suicide bombers, except that he does not intend to kill others. 

These Eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Mohammedanism) are alien in America and a combining of some of those alien teachings with those of Christianity can result in teachings and understandings that are a corruption of the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.  These tactics smack of a form of terrorism as Chapman attempts to hold himself as hostage in an attempt to create publicity against the IRS.  Anyhow, he has been arrested and removed to medical/mental facilities where he will be treated and perhaps released in a couple of months.

(translation:  Gene, what were you thinking?  Don’t let those other religions make you crazy!  Let The One True Religion make you crazy!  What, being Jesus crazy isn’t good enough for you? Just having the faith to bash gays and hate the government isn’t good enough for you?  You want to join those Buddhist Monks with their freaky power to meditate while burning to death? Or the Hindu ability to go without food until looking at your skinny ass forces people to  overcome their human stubbornness and selfishness?  You’d give up being able to do meth and hire gay hookers and then blame it on the devil for THAT?)

Chapman’s hunger strikes of protest against the IRS and especially his suicide threat was a tragedy in the making since he should have been talked out of this loose-cannon, alien and defeatist approach to his problems.  Perhaps he was just overwhelmed with the realization of the totality of occupation and control by the Federal Empire of the U.S.A. and the evil forces behind it and maybe he had no other plan to fight it.  There are far better ways to expose the IRS and the occupation in general to gain liberty and freedom.

(I understand that you want reality to conform to the images that you confused and carefully disordered mind creates, heck, we ALL do.  Which is why I have to shake my head and make ‘tut-tutting’ noises. I realize that we’ve both completely rejected the consensual reality of our fellow humans and therefore have no real model for behavior except for a string of irrational and self-contradictory proclamations from people who had just learned how to write things down…but YOUR ambiguous and inarticulate thought-shapes cause you to act differently than mine say you should, so you’re not being rational).

Seeking self inflicted suicide for a cause is seeking martyrdom, but really amounts to seeking glory for one’s self rather than for our Father in Heaven.  Suicidal terrorism is morally wrong on several grounds and certainly was never advocated by Jesus Christ.  The difference is that Christ taught the truth and a gospel of love, charity and of life eternal.  He and His disciples taught and practiced His teachings in the presence of the bureaucrats and the corrupt civil and religious  rulers.  Jesus taught that the Father’s Kingdom shall come on Earth as it is in Heaven and, to this end, His disciples also worked.

(That selfish bastard.  How dare he be insane?  That’s just misguided.  He’s being crazy for himself now.  He really needs to refocus and give himself a good checking-over and realize that he’s a danger to himself on HIS OWN BEHALF.  And he needs to become a danger to himself on GOD’s behalf.)

It was the corrupt scheming and conspiring of evil Satan-inspired men to terminate the life of Jesus with crucifixion and it was they who were responsible for His death.  And likewise these evil men sought to kill His disciples to stop them from teaching the truth, the laws God gave unto Moses,  and of  requiring repentance and a new birth in the spirit by Baptism that they might go forth likewise with love and charity with a message of hope of life eternal for mankind.  These Christian teachings have proven to produce wonderful communities, not perfect, but still a civilized, just and peaceful society full of mostly happy people.  Such communities are a beginning of His Kingdom on Earth.

(If I could just find a country where everyone was exactly like me, I’d be so happy.  Why oh why do the people who are most like me have to be so WEIRD and MISGUIDED?  I could have been happy living with a whole bunch of Gene Chapman as my society if he just changed a little bit.  Man, back in the days when ergot poisoning was endemic, things were perfect.  Why oh why can’t things be like that again?  Damned medical and agricultural science progress.  Ruined everything.)

Christ did not ask His followers to kill themselves in some spectacular way in a useless effort to force the Roman Empire to submit.  He instead taught a Gospel of love and forgiveness, even for tax collectors.  Yet Jesus was not completely non-violent.   He over turned the tables of the money changers and used a whip to drive them out of the Temple.  

(Jesus forgave even the commie tax collectors, but he drove the evil opportunistic capitalists using religion for profit out of the temple and…wait, what was I saying?  I feel dizzy.  Did I put my keys out on the doormat and put the cat in the freezer and hang the groceries on the keyhook by the door again?  I can’t remember.  What are these pills doing on the counter?  My daughter says I have to take them, but I don’t do anything she says since that night she went to sleep without her tinfoil hat on and the Alien Jews that secretly run the government started controlling her brain with lazers.)

It is true that many of the followers of Jesus were killed by evil and conspiring men who were against their teaching of love,  charity  and forgiveness which was against their form of corrupt rule and also was alien to the various false gods of the Romans, Greeks and money changers.  Jesus did not self-immolate to make some kind of point.  While it is likely that Jesus could have avoided arrest by the corrupt authorities, He had to fulfill the prophecies and was thus arrested, falsely accused and slain by evil men so, among other things, He could show the world that death was not final nor an end of existence.

(See, where Gene got it wrong was in trying to do the deed HIMSELF.  Look at Jesus.  He did it right.  He planned it all out with God before he was even born, used his infallible and almighty power to make sure that it would happen exactly the way they wanted it to, made someone else do the dirty work, and then punished them in hell for eternity.  All he had to do was not pussy out himself, and it was all sewn up.  He had it fixed so it couldn’t fail, and then he made a constant series of decisions to not stop it, and it just happened.

Because of man’s sinful nature.

 Praise God.)

Let us not be caught up in false and divergent religious, civil or political movements.  The Confederacy was and shall again be  mostly a Christian nation.  The peaceful and political restoration and liberation of the Confederate States of America is the real answer for the people of the South.  Join us in that worthy cause and live to build a better society and do not chase after false doctrines nor tangents.

(In summation, Don’t let other Gods make you crazy.  Let the One True God make you crazy.  Don’t participate in government unless you can do some real damage.  Don’t kill yourself, let God do it.

The south shall rise again.

Here, have some wheat, I grew it myself.)

Vance J. Beaudreau

(Translation by Teresa)

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