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Sunday, 06 May 2007

Taking a page from a certain High School English teacher, who used grammar exercises to promote his conservative political opinions, I have come up with a little activity for any of you who wish to attempt it:

 Identify the similes and metaphors.

1)       I’d be all over that like Michelle Malkin on a new justification for the Japanese-American internment in WWII.

2)      The air was as thick with tension as Rumsfeld’s press conferences are with folksy affectations.

3)      With the rainfall and precipitous drop in temperature, the road became as slick as Wolfowitz’ comb.

4)      Dinesh Dsousa’s writing is a thundering rain of self-serving incivility.

5)      Hubris fills the holes in Wolfowitz’ socks.

6)      The flaws in the pre-Iraq justifications were as apparent as Ann Coulter’s knobby shoulder bones.

7)      The Discovery Institute is an actor that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Sorry Bill.  (Shakespeare, not Dembski)

8)      The sentiments in Ann Coulter’s columns are a confusion of angry bees in the middle of an episode of Colony Collapse Syndrome.  Each buzzing off in its own direction for no apparent reason.

9)      Knut is like the whole question of man’s impact on the environment.  One we can feel slightly guilty about, and yet embrace with warm fuzzies at the same time…and then let someone else worry about it until we need to blame them for the outcome later.

10)   Bill O’Reilly is the “eccentric” uncle at the family picnic that everyone secretly waits to see what he’ll do next, but nobody wants to talk to.

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