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Thursday, 10 May 2007

I came across this little gem at Pharyngula:  Fox news is trumpeting the happy news that a study shows that religious kids are better behaved than non-religious kids.

I looked across the table at Grasshopper, who was stuffing his face with cereal for his after-school snack before diving into his homework.

Me:                    “I should have made you go to church when you were little.”

Grasshopper:   “What?!?”

Me:                     “This study says that you would be better behaved if I raised you with religion.”

 I read the article to him.  He listens intently, a puckish grin growing on his face as I read.

Grasshopper:     “Well…”  he shrugs in an exaggeratedly careless way, “Too late now.”

Me:                       “Yeah.  Guess I’m stuck with you the way you are.”

Grasshopper:       “Yep.  Now, what can I start on fire?”


Theist kids may tend to be better behaved, but non-theist kids tend to be more entertaining.

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