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Thursday, 17 April 2008

So, for those who don’t know about the “Expelled” movie, it’s a movie created by proponents of Intelligent Design intended to do two things.

1)      Promote the idea that God is a fuss-budget failed inventor who has to keep tweaking his creations to get them to work right rather than an all-powerful, all-knowing deity who should be able to get creation right the first time.

2)      Compare tweedy old mild-mannered research biologists to Hitler.

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

3)       Destroy materialist thought and put God back into the center of our social consciousness, and recreate the pre-Enlightenment mindset, where all intellectual effort was required to conform to the religious elite’s world-view.

Three, three things, that the movie “Expelled was intended to do…well, four…

4)      Give an artificial boost to the public persona of several academics who just didn’t have that much notoriety working within the confines of reality.

These four great goals brought forth the movie Expelled…actually, there was the noble goal of having Ben Stein appear in public wearing short-pants…

5)      Get Ben Stein in short pants…oh baby, nothing turns on an Intelligent Designer more than the aging, knobby knees of a Nixon sycophant while his Dulcet voice drones on and on, lifting your spirit heavenward on a cloud of nasal belly-aching about persecution.

Well, it seems that these five noble goals are being shredded, shredded, I say, by the other great materialist evil of our time:  lawyers.  Lawyers and intellectual property laws.

First, the materialists are upset just because we told them that we were interviewing them for one kind of movie concept, for one movie company and then took their interviews and put them in a completely different movie with a completely opposite concept, made by a different movie company.

That’s right! 

And now, these craven materialists are claiming that if you take somebody else’s idea, throw a bell or whistle on it, and then present it as your own…you are cheating!  Can you imagine?  I mean, according to their interpretation of the laws, if I took an iPod apart, built functionally exact but cosmetically different replicas of the workings, and then put it in a different case and called it something else…I’d be breaking the law! 

See, Expelled contains some animation that the Expelled producers made themselves.

It just happens to look almost-but-not-quite-exactly like an animation made by an academic group at a major ivy league university.  It’s purely an accident that the Expelled animation reproduces almost every significant feature of the materialist animation, including significant errors.

But don’t worry, the makers of Expelled are suing the people they copie…uh…independently post-replicated.  We’ll show those materialists a thing or two about reality!  They don’t think it can be bent to the power of human belief.  Boy, are they going to be sorry for their arrogance in persecuting us!  And they would have, too.

They would have persecuted us with a law suit, but luckily, we got to it first, in self-defense.  We’ll see if they back down, or if they are going to further their persecution of us by making us take them to court to defend ourselves against their court case, which we KNOW they would have done, because they are litigious, persecuting bastards.

But they won’t stop!

Now they are claiming that we should have paid money and received permission to use the “intellectual property” of professional musicians!   That’s just silly, besides, there’s no way Yoko Ono would give permission for her husband’s song to be used in a way that shows he is responsible for the crimes of Stalin.

 Disclaimer:  This post, like all of the others on this site, is an act of self-amusement by the author.  It is intended as entertaining parody of the issue, and the unfolding public drama, and is not intended to be seen as making specific charges against specific individuals or entities.

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