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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Or your children will suffer.  Read this, and tell me that "Christians" are the ones who are persecuted.

Now, you may rightly point out that only a small minority of Christian doctors refuse to give their patients proper medical care based on their beliefs.  But how can you tell which ones are the "good ones"?  One hint might be, that if they have the word "Christian" in the name of their clinic, they probably have a whole list of treatments they won't give you, or reasons why you might not be good enough to get treatment from them.  No way to tell for sure, of course, but there are lots of doctors out there.  Better safe than sorry.

The doctor points out that his is a private business, and if there is nothing life-threatening, he has a right to turn away anyone he wants to.  True enough, but when I decide that I'm not going to go to any doctors that advertize their "Chrstianity" because of his behavior, that's my right too...right?  I'm just exercising my right as a private individual to spend my money where I want to.

Oh.  No, I'm "persecuting" them aren't I?  One set of rules for them, a different set for everyone else.  Same old same old. 

And where in the Bible does it say you can't get tattoos and piercings?

(via Pharyngula.)

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