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Thursday, 09 August 2007 takes on Mike Adam’s hysterical screed against microwaves.  I’m really, really, really sorry that they had to do that.  After all, I remember when I was in grade school and our family got a shiny new microwave and one of the parents of one of my mom’s piano students told me about how eating food from that unnatural machine was going to give me cancer.

I don’t remember her exact words, in part because it was a long time ago, and in part because I wasn’t paying attention to her words.  My attention was focused on waiting to see how she would react to the fact that she wasn’t getting any smoke when she dragged on her cigarettes because we had taken them all out and poked pin-holes in them and then put them carefully back in the pack as a prank while she was in the studio with my mom visiting and writing out the check for her daughter’s lessons for the next month.

Also, I could tell that what she was saying was total bullshit.

Anyway, the anti-microwave screed got the Hoofnagle treatment, so I don’t think I need put in my housewifey two-cents except to point out that there is absolutely no possible way I could keep up with my daily coffee habit if not for my microwave.  Keeping a constant freshly-brewed-in-small-batches supply going all day would be too time-consuming, and going without is unacceptable.  No, two pots brewed daily, (one in the early morning, and one in the afternoon) and then kept at the perfect temperature cup-by-cup throughout the day by constant “zapping” is the way to go.

I’d like to turn my attention to the article where Mr. Adams puts the howler on the “corrupt” FDA for wanting to regulate dietary supplements.  He absolutely freaks out:

I've documented much of the criminal history of the FDA in my recent book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them, which suddenly seems even more relevant today than when I wrote it. In that book, I documented the FDA ordered book burnings, the raids on vitamin shops, the kidnapping of natural health practitioners, the threats, intimidation and oppression tactics that have been used to suppress natural medicine for nearly a hundred years now. And now, with this CAM Products Regulation effort, the FDA is about to deal a final, fatal blow to the alternative medicine industry, outlawing nutritional supplements, functional foods, homeopathy and natural therapies all at once.

Wow, and here I thought it was just about the prevalence of unsubstantiated health claims made by the producers of these materials or the constant and shrill demands that they be treated legally as legitimate medical treatments (sorry, regulation and FDA compliance is part of being a “legitimate” medical treatment in the U.S. You can’t have it both ways, sunshine).

It couldn’t possibly be because of the prevalence of wild variance in product quality and dosage regulation, contamination of the product by mercury, lead, and other potentially harmful chemicals that have been a common problem for the industry?

Seriously, the more I hear alternative practitioners kvetch about not being taken seriously, about the government programs not allowing their treatments to be paid for through Medicare, how their treatments are not validated by science because of  a "conspiracy" in the main-stream medical community to ignore them, how they can’t get insurance companies to cover their services and treatments as “legitimate” medical treatments…you would think that they would welcome the opportunity to prove the safety and efficacy of their products, and to have them validated by standard science.

But then again…maybe they actually know how full of bullshit their claims really are.

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