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Monday, 24 April 2006

Here’s a little bit about the incident where a college professor was beaten by a couple of red-necked thugs for being critical of Intelligent Design,  and organized fanaticism masquerading as religion.


I think most of you know that story, but if not…you can catch up here.


But back to the original link.  Read the comments section.  Some people assume that because there was no evidence found, it proves that the professor made the whole incident up.  Others assume that because there was no evidence found, the cops weren’t doing their job because they were Christians who don’t want to find anything.


Honestly though, if someone just has some bumps and bruises and it’s an isolated incident, the cops have other more urgent things to work on.  They’re not going to waste tax money and resources trying to find the culprits if they have nothing to go on…no matter who the victim is.


But as for the “Christians” assuming that the incident is made up…it’s clear to me that if you are for reason and truth, you have to stand on your own.  There is no reason to expect any decency, compassion or justice from them.  The only defense, safety or security you can expect is what you provide for yourself.


If you cannot defend yourself, expect to be assaulted, mocked, and slandered.  If you are hurt, expect that people who call themselves “Christians” will take delight, amusement and entertainment from your pain and fear.


So, if you don’t want that…don’t speak up.




Learn how to defend yourself.  Give as good as you get and if you are hurt don’t grimace, and if you are frightened, don’t flinch.  And Just. Keep. Talking.


One thing I DO know, is if someone tries to run me off the road, hits me and threatens me with a pipe, a couple of over-worked police officers will be the least of their worries…and the cops won’t have any trouble figuring out who they are. 

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