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Tuesday, 03 January 2006

Highlights of the trip to Bemidji:


1)     Hanging out with Sue and her mom most of the weekend, and discovering Nut Goodie Bars that you can make yourself (already threw a batch together...less than 24 hours from getting home.)


2)     Visiting with my cousins at my aunt and uncles house, and the next day, lunch with cousin Jon and his wife Amanda at T.Juans.


3)     My cousin Ben and his friend Derek came to the hotel and we visited by the pool while the boys played in the pool.  We traded stories of brawls, outrageous road-rage scenarios, practical jokes involving smoke bombs and vehicles and dangerous drinking exploits.  Oh yeah…and explosive stuff.  The kids up here LOVE the ka-fucking-boom.  It’s a hobby.  Get some bored Bemidji kids together with enough beer, and you will be entertained for hours.


Anyone who says there’s nothing to do in small rural towns just has no creativity…or has an over-developed sense of personal preservation.  If making things that go boom out of acetylene, ether, Ziplock bags, soda bottles and spark plugs (to name a few) while drunk isn’t your idea of a good time, you just don’t know the meaning of “making your own fun”.  Bonus points if you do it when you’re supposed to be at school.  There may not be a lot in the way of huge shopping malls, massive Cineplex’s, or many of the other lures of the big city…but we’ve got gravel pits, and we know how to use them. (Actually, there’s a LOT more to do around here in the way of what’s generally considered wholesome entertainment than there was when I was a kid)


Anyway, we’re all grown up now, so that stuff is in our past…we survived a very reckless and not-boring childhood, and now we tell stories.  That’s entertaining too.  The kids were in the pool, had water in their ears, and were yelling so loud they heard nothing but themselves, so it’s all good.


4)     Big slumber party for all my high school friends at Barb’s mom’s house.  Barb’s mom has been asking for Barb to throw a slumber party for years now, “I miss laying awake and listening to you girls talk and giggle in the other room.”  When we were kids, we used to stay awake talking about boys and giggling until all hours of the night.  This time, we laid awake talking about boys until all hours of the night.  There was no giggling.  Apparently, boys are not as funny as they used to be.  Anyway, in the morning, Barb’s mom made pancakes…and there WAS giggling during the Apples-to-Apples game.


5)     For some strange reason I have to add that you haven’t experienced true confusion until you’ve sat in the breakfast lounge of a hotel in Bemidji listening to three rednecks from the Iron Range discussing the relative merits of Dunn Brothers, Caribou and Starbuck’s coffee.  It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, and will no longer be allowed.  I have spoken.

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