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Friday, 03 October 2008

Here is something written my my team-mate Leslie to all of her sponsors and supporters.  I liked it, so I'm putting it here for you to enjoy as well.


Thank you for supporting my participation in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. It was an incredible 60-mile journey starting on Friday, September 19th. I survived the walk pretty well, walking the entire 60+ miles. My feet were sore, though!

After the Opening Ceremonies on Day 1, we left the State Fair grounds, made our way through St. Paul’s midway area, into downtown, along Shepard Road, and up the bluff to Swede Hollow. We went through Indian Mounds Park to the Bruce Vento Trail, around Lake Phalen, and then continued along the trail to our campsite at Maplewood’s Harvest Park. After 21.5 miles, we arrived at the campsite, put up our pink tents (imagine hundreds of little pink tents set up in rows), had dinner and a hot shower before lights out at 9:00 p.m. (very possibly the BEST hot shower I have ever had in my entire life!).

On Day 2, we left the campsite at 7:30 a.m., heading north and west through Vadnais Heights, Shoreview and Roseville. Along the way, we saw many beautiful parks and lakes, and walked on the Gateway and Bruce Vento trails back to our campsite in Maplewood. It was a grueling 22.7 miles that day, the hardest day for me. A foot massage in camp made my feet feel much better, and a good night’s sleep got me ready for the third and final day.

On Day 3, we walked west and south out of Maplewood and then swung around into St. Paul, walking through beautiful Battle Creek Park, Indian Mounds Park again and into Downtown, ending at the Capital after 17.3 miles of walking. The Closing Ceremony was a moving tribute to cancer victims, survivors, walkers, and the volunteer crew who supported the event.

There were many memorable moments along the way:

In St. Paul’s Midway area, being cheered on by a pre-school class and their teachers, one of whom had her head covered and was very clearly going through chemotherapy.
The words of a young mother, going through breast cancer treatment for a second time (and told by her doctors that she would probably die from it this time), about why she walks – for her daughters, ages 5 and 12.
The many family and friends of Breast Cancer victims, and the Breast Cancer survivors, who cheered us on along the way and offered water, candy, snacks, even Kleenex and sunscreen – anything to make the walk a little bit easier. “Thank you for walking for me (or for my mother, my grandmother, my daughter, and so on) was often heard as we slapped hands with supporters.
The supporters who cheered us along at multiple stops along the way. One family who had lost a wife/sister/mother a few years ago brought her couch out to the walk, letting walkers rest in her couch, the same couch that she rested in while going through breast cancer treatment. The “traveling couch” would show up many times a day in the most unlikely places, carted around by her family in an old van. Others created informal cheering stations, such as the “Boogie for a Cure” group (lots of loud dance music).
The support of the amazing volunteer crew that supported the 3000+ walkers in camp, at pit stops and lunch, and along the route.
The “characters” that came out to cheer us on. Many dressed up in pink or in goofy costumes, decorated their cars, carried signs, and brought music or noise makers. Our favorite was “Mullet Pig,” a man who wore a pink pig face with a sparkly tiara, and a hot pink mullet hair piece. He was a volunteer safety crew member and so helped us cross busy intersections, and while waiting for traffic lights to turn would often entertain us with acrobatics and other antics. We later found out that his mother is a Breast Cancer survivor and he has lost both his grandmother and aunt to Breast Cancer. He comes out every year to support the walk.
The response to our team name and slogan, which we wore on matching gray and pink shirts: “Oh dear God, my feet, my feet, my feet….. My Beautiful Feat!” People loved the sentiment and the focus on a DIFFERENT body part (you can guess which one many team names focused on!).

I could go on forever, but most of all I want to thank you for supporting this great cause. Because of your generosity, and the support of all of my donors, I raised $2200 to help end breast cancer. There were over 3000 walkers, and the event raised a total of $7.3 Million! For more information about the 3-Day and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, visit

Thank you so much for making this possible.

Warmest Regards,


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