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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Hey!  Parracks!  I got your message while we were on vacation, but since we didn't have any signal except digital roaming, I thought you would be OK with us waiting to call you back.  I'm going to try tonight after 7:00PM.



OK, with that out of the way...

On to other things.  I have almost finished with the laundry, which I spent all day on yesterday.  Ironing, and such.  The bathrooms are clean (and I mean CLEAN, there was an old toothbrush involved.  Not one micrometer of either bathroom escaped scrubbing), but I'm having to do some maintenance.  I just got done platering some fairly nasty damaged places on the bathroom walls.  Some of our guests (not Karen, who is an excellent guest on her frequent trips through the cities) have a problem remembering to start the fan BEFORE starting the shower.  This leads to cumulative steam damage to the walls and paint in the bathrooms...not to mention mold.

The hotel Lhotka has taken kind of a pounding in the last couple of years, is what I'm saying.  So plastering and painting and repairs are a constant thing.  You would think the rules would be simple to remember and follow:

1) Turn on the exhaust fan before you start the shower.

2) SHUT the shower door during your shower.

3) Leave the shower door OPEN after you shower so that air can circulate in the shower and dry it out, preventing the growth of mold.

4) Use the squeegee provided to remove water from the glass to prevent water spots and soap-scum build-up.

The wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom has almost completely peeled of fthe walls, so it is time well past time to finish the job of removing it, and then prime and paint the walls.  I think I'm going to try some of that special bathroom paint up there and see how that works (that doesn't get you off the hook for using the fan, though.  Just DO it.)  Also, I'm going to try to update the vanity up there by roughing up the dark-walnut stained vanity and priming and painting over it with a more modern color.

And yes, those UGLY old late-1970's light fixtures days are numbered.  I've got a plan for lighting that bathroom, and it's going to be GEORGOUS!!!  Those of you who know and like my husband might want to give him some commiseration in the next few weeks, 'cause I'll tell you now, it ain't going to be cheap.  You might need to buy him a drink.

And we need a new exhaust fan in that bathroom too.  Not that it'll do a damned bit of good if people don't USE it.  OK, 'nuff said.  No more words.  In the future, ACTION will be taken.

I mentioned taking the discolored textured plaster off the cealing as well, but Rocky turned a funny color.  Funnier than the strange orange tint of the cealing plaster.  I'm looking for a cheap and easy work-around.  Maybe I'll try a weak bleach solution.  Maybe I'll paint it.  Both have their draw-backs but I think he'll cope with that better than the mess and expense of scraping and re-texturing the cealing.

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Thursday, 23 August 2007 06:49:06 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Our turn to be on vacation with absolutely no cell signal. We'll try calling you on saturday when we re-enter the real world.
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