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Friday, 30 January 2009

From now on, my blog will be just made up of doofy videos that Rocky makes me watch...


Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

...well, until the republicans do something that bothers me.  :-)

Friday, 30 January 2009 17:05:15 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [7] |  |  | #
Saturday, 31 January 2009 20:13:46 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
oh no! don't tell me the the republicans aren't doing their part to bother you. look deep, you'll find something. how about lower taxes,smaller government,personal responsibility,or support for small business? nah! let's go with the super bailout. I'll be long gone before that's over with. wink, wink, nod, nod.
Sunday, 01 February 2009 11:19:38 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Lower taxes for the wealthy, increased debt for everyone else. Smaller government, may ass; it always gets larger under Republican rule and advocates greater intrusion into our personal lives. Personal responsibility? What a fucking joke. Republicans never take any responsibility for anything they do. And they shaft small businesses, like the one I work for, while whoring the treasury out to their buddies in big business. The super bailout is a good example of that; it passed because of provisions in the bill for accountability, but it turned out that the Republican-allied lobbyists who wrote those provisions wrote them to be unenforceable.

But of course, you know all that already, and were merely looking for a distraction from the boredom of your inbred relatives. I suppose it's alright; if nothing else, it gave you an excuse to look up how to spell the word 'responsibility'. Next, figure out what it means.
Sunday, 01 February 2009 12:02:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Um...Rick...I'M one of his "inbred reletives". :-)

But I have to say, anyone who thinks that Republicans have lowered taxes, decreased government spending, and decreased intrusion of government into personal lives hasn't had a good enough look around yet.

I never had perfectly innocent friends put on terrorist watch lists under a Democrat, for instance, never had to wonder if I was one of the people illegally wire-tapped as I talked to friends over-seas...non-intrusive government my ass.


When I referred to "giving up" it was merely due to a lack of time to blog, not due to a lack of material. Although, I have to say that I really think that I love the Republicans in the role of "loyal opposition". They may fight dirty, and they may do some brain-dead things, but at least they don't roll over nad beg the president to scratch their belly like the Dems did for eight year.
Sunday, 01 February 2009 20:16:52 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

Sorry. I didn't mean to impugn you.

uncaJ, whomever you are,

I stand by everything else I said to you. People who give the Republicans a free pass for their treason and hatred of America and their lies are just as culpable as the Republicans themselves for the evil they've done.
Sunday, 01 February 2009 21:23:01 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I'd also like to say that I don't understand the conservative attachment to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center as a "Clinton failure". How is it that finding, arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning the guy that made the plan a "failure"...but "W"s fruitless multi-trillion-dollar manhunt with the criminal mastermind still at large is "mission accomplished?"

And 9/11 only happened after cuts and changes to national security, and major failures to heed intelligence warnings...on the part of a REpublican administration...

And they bring this up as proof that Dems are weak on defense?

It's like they live in bizzaro world.
Monday, 02 February 2009 07:13:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
You won't have to wait long, Teresa. I'm sure more than enough Republicans will be on board for the next round of bail outs. And who knows what other boneheaded moves they have in store...
Monday, 02 February 2009 08:18:47 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

I just hope that Obama manages to force some discipline in the process, if we have to do it. The last one was like a frat party for the unaccountable...and the Dems just handed Bush everything he wanted with no strings. Sickening behavior from the supposed "opposition" party.

The Republicans in congress might not be honest brokers by-and-large...but at least they kick up a fuss, and are making it clear that they will exploit any mistakes or misfortunes for their party advantage...which at least necessitates the dotting of "i's" and the crossing of "t's".

And I wonder what the heck the Republican's are going to give Coleman that will make it worth him blowing his thin, slimey covering of remaining goodwill? After all, it can't do him a lot of good to be half-disenfranchising Minnesotans this long just so that his party can keep a Democrat from being seated a little longer.
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